Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 24, 2006 on Syfy

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  • HI everyone

    I loved
  • Downloaded

    Downloaded was a very interesting and intriguing episode of Battlestar Galactica because it had a great story and seeing things from the Cylons point of view was awesome. I especially liked how Caprica Six and Sharon both had some trouble adjusting to their new Cylon lives and how their experiences may have made them more human. It was great to see Lucy Lawless again in this episode! The President takes drastic measures to secure Sharon and Helo's baby. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • FINALLY!!!!

    It's about time, I have been feeling that this show was starting to go downward... but this episode pulled me right back into it.

    I liked seeing the cylon's side of it and seeing that the "good" part of Baltar was tormenting the cylon that he loved.

    I was wondering what would have happened to the Sharon that was in love with the chief...
  • my favorite episode so far :-) (spoiler ahead)

    I really really liked this episode. The way the story was told from the Cylons' point of view (on Caprica) was well done. Oh, and of course there was the birth of Hera, the Cylan-Human hybrid child from my favorite couple in the show which gave the episode some extra points (also for not killing her).
    One thing that made this episode so interesting to watch was Caprica-six, who (and I find this very intriguing) has visions of Gaius just like he uses to have visions of her. Her conversations with Boomer-Sharon were great and I loved the scene when she smacked the Three with the stone over the head and killed her. Especially Samuel's "wft"-look. I almost forgot he was there while the three Cylons were debating about god, religion and the genocide of the human race.
    Plus: great acting (as always). So this gets a 10. Yay. :)
  • Life is short, but the next one's not.

    Oh those sneaky bastards, just when they've made me think, "Maybe Roslin isn't so bad." they go and make her a baby snatcher. And unlike her controversial decision in the last episode, I can't see the percentage behind this one. Even if the ruse does fool the Cylons, is it worth it to turn an ally(even one you don't fully trust) into an enemy? Is trusting that word won't leak out worth giving up the security of Galactica? And even if I'm wrong on both those counts, there has still just got to be a line, and stripping a baby away from her mother has got to be crossing it. If only because it sounds exactly like something the Cylons would do. The irony of it all is that Hera would be the perfect name for Roslin. While I will say I hate her, I don't hate the show because of her, if you get my meaning. I'm actually compelled by Roslin to keep watching, in the hopes she either gets, what I feel, is coming to her or just to see if she can top her last act of cruelty.

    I don't think I've ever been more behind Baltar's incorporeal Six, as I was when she was threatening Baltar with the wrath they would face for murdering the baby(yet another reason to just let Hera stay with Sharon). I loved how she trailed off into a whisper as she bit of each word with contempt. That was my favorite or second favorite scene. As I also like to think, though I may be just fooling myself, that Baltar wasn't just shedding tears in fear of the retribution he would face for not saving Hera, but also out of genuine remorse.

    The scenes on Caprica were...well they were something alright. You know how in mystery shows(or shows with mystery plots) whenever you think you are about to get a bunch of answers, you somehow end up with even more questions? Well as of this episode BSG has gotten that down pat. I guess my main one would have to be; what the hell is Caprica six doing with her own incorporeal Baltar? Getting a very different taste of Six was interesting. Second guessing herself and as Sharon said, showing fear, were not things I imagined from her, even after meeting the captured copy on Pegasus. Seeing how the Cylons reincarnate was eerie and again left me with more questions than answers(which may be a good thing). As I've said before, I'm not crazy about the real heavy sci-fi elements, but I think they handled it well.

    While I was confused by how Six was seeing Baltar, I stuck with it enough to enjoy their dialogue together, mainly on Baltar's part as obviously Six's character couldn't offer him much in the way of back and forth. Including what was my other favorite scene or moment, when Baltar told her she would share the same fate as Sharon, getting "boxed." Some really good lines in there. Lucy Lawless as Three also impressed me with some pretty good, and really creepy physical acting. Her crazed-eye smiles and the way she gets right next to Sharon and Six when she speaks to them(bit of a close talker) added something to the character.

    Most of the questions I had were sort of forgotten in wondering what changes Sharon and Caprica Six would try to make to the Cylon's game plan. The irony of that while they were questioning how they Cylon's were treating the humans, on their part the humans were giving the Cylons a brand new reason to hate them did not go unappreciated. As ever since Galactica's Sharon brought it back up in Resurrection Ship, I've been wondering myself if they are "worthy of surviving."

    My favorite episode since Resurrection Ship Pt. 2, Anders brought it down a little for me, but he served his purpose.
  • Very Interesting Episode.

    This storyline is an interesting break from the usual storyline we are used to seeing in the first season. In this episode we get to Six on Caprica. She is the original model which seduced Baltar into giving her access to the Colonial Defense Networks that resulted in the destruction of the colonies. This happened all the way back the original pilot episodes. For her actions she is now heralded and named Caprica Six. What also great is the Sharon model that shot Admiral Adama is also in this episode. We get to see what the cylon perspective on the war and how the cylons are living in their conquered territories. What neat is how there is a Baltar Imprint on Caprica Six the same way Six is talking to Baltar on other episodes. It's a change of scenery but really worth watching as there is a few surprises.
  • Overall, this shift of point of view was a great idea.

    ***This review details –» this is a "I" perspective, based in what I like and recognize to be good or interesting, this is not a "god" where the guy thinks what he thinks is the true or the "you" perspective where I know what you will like and what you don´t.***

    And with only 3 episodes left, it is interesting how an episode can be so interesting, mainly because we finally were able to take a look of some of the models Cylons point of view.

    Presentation Phase - » (10/10) begins perfectly, was interesting to see that even the new six body was also in some way affected by Gaius mind, interesting.
    Complication Phase - » (9/10) for the first time, we follow two Cylons points of view (Caprica Six and Sharon) after they were downloaded, very interesting, also Sharon in the fleet have a problem that she don't now, which is the President decided to take her baby,

    Climax Phase - » (8/10) Six, Sharon, Three and Sanders in the same place, was interesting, and filled with high tension,
    Ending - » (9/10) very interesting closure,

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (9/10) great progress, this will affect Cylons actions and attitude,
    Time and Scene Management - » (10/10) couldn´t identify filler scenes,

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10) fine,
    Storyline -» (9/10) very interesting, since we saw Cylon point of view,

    Drama - » (9/10) well constructed Drama for Sharon's and Caprica Six,

    Overall, this shift of point of view was a great idea.
  • The most interesting episode so far. Tunred the whole series on its head. (spoilers)

    The most interesting episode so far. Turned the whole series on its head. (spoilers follow)

    What a set of amazing ideas! Lucy Lawless\'s Cylon character manipulating and essentially lying to other Cylons Six and Sharon. Baltar in Six\'s head on Caprica just like Six is in Baltar\'s head on Galactica.

    What I\'ve been trying to figure out is how that latter relationship came about. Presumably, when Six died in the bombing of Caprica and her consciousness was downloaded to a new body, some of Baltar\'s mind accidentally came along with it and now lives in her head.

    But it is still unclear how EXACTLY the same thing could have happened the other way round -- how some of Six\'s mind would have ended up in Baltar\'s head. Baltar\'s consciousness wasn\'t being moved anywhere.

    Or was it? How DID Baltar survive the explosion that killed Six? Is he another \"sleeper\" Cylon like Sharon, who doesn\'t know he is one? Was his body killed and his mind downloaded to a new body at the exact same time as Six\'s, creating the opportunity for a technological glitch that caused part of each\'s mind to cross symmetrically over to the other?

    It seems barely possible. It is unlikely that a Cylon Baltar would have been under such deep cover that Six would have had to be deployed to manipulate him into something he could simply have been compelled to do.

    Perhaps Baltar was originally human, but was cloned by the Cylons and then his consciousness transferred to the new Cylon-manufactured
    body after his \"death\". Would there be any reason for them to go to all that trouble? It\'s hard to say at this point.

    But since the Cylon leaders on Caprica apparently don\'t realize that part of Baltar\'s mind exists inside Six, do any of them know that part of Six\'s mind lives inside Baltar on Galactica?
  • What happens when cylons download? This episode centers around Caprica Six and Boomer as they become "heroes of the cylon" Meanwhile, on Galactica, Sharon gives birth to Hera.

    This was an episode I had been waiting for. BSG had great stories up til this point but very little done from the cylon point of view. There were always small bits on Caprica during the Helo/Sharon storyline but it was nice to see the show get into more detail.

    How resurrection works and the consequences of reawakening with all of your memories make this one of my favorites. I found it interesting that as Caprica Six and Boomer were embracing a more human approach that Roslin was forced to go a more cold and calculating approach with Hera.

    Great twist with Six having a head Baltar. I'm hoping that at some point we learn the real purpose of the "head" characters.
  • A different point of view...

    I love the way this episode had a totally new point - the whole Cylon in Carpica thing - "our" Sharon not giving up her old life and still believing.. It was great to see and Number Six - having her ghost as Gaius has his ghost. What a great twist.

    And when those two - cylons who really were different met and what happens - I have no idea what they two will do but whatever it will be, it will be amazing.

    And then things on fleet - Sharron's baby is born and president makes decision what is logical- and how they all took it..
  • My Favorite Episode.

    This is actually my favorite episode of the series. Baltar and Six are my favorite characters and this episode is so pivotal in the developement of both Caprica Six and Sharon. The paranoia with the possibility of Sharon being boxed. The pure delicious evil of D'anna (#3 I think). The very beginning of the Neuro-Baltar. Notice how real Baltar is the first one to be vocally against Roslin's plans for Hera. This is the first real picture into Cylon life and the first time that we really see that Six did come to love Baltar. After the destruction of the Colonies all we have known is the Neuro-Six and she was, to understate, not always focused on showing Baltar love. Very suspensful episode and one that I have gone back to watch repeatedly.
  • What the hell is going On?

    BSG is getting more strange and irratic as it goes along. I mean it IS good tv-But how did the Cylons get Sooo human. The way six was acting in the garage when she was hurt was just Too human for a Cylon. Also, you see Six's leg when they snapped it back into place? It looks like all wires and machine. So if they are STiLL THaT mechanical. How can they be SO human-like as to be able to bear CHiLDREN?! I mean, are there NO mechanics inside? Of course there are, so they are not THaT advanced as for a human child to be born and be able to grow. Thats just going too far for me. I know we are supposed to go with the flow but.....I mean, look-I thought that when they die, their memory goes into another copy, but in this episode, they show that they actually are in-a-way, REBoRN! Like that body they tranfer to was never used before. See when Sharon died on the Galactica, the other Sharon on Caprica already had the memories from Galactica Sharon. So it's like they abandoned that idea and opted for a more sophisticated process-but it just isn't consistant to the first method. Even if they try to say time went by, it CoULDN'T be THiS Sharon because she took so long to let go and Caprica Sharon when she FiRST encountered Helo, was still working towards the Cyclon's plan. It's all just confusing and in the end, doesn't add up. Also, even if Gaius is Six's conscience, how can she even IMaGINE him in that way seeing that he was NEvER even remotely that Suave and Sinister acting. I liked it MUCH better when I thought that Six did something to HIM to stay in HIS conscience. But now that it goes BoTH ways, it just doesn't make sense. And if Six on Galactica is Gaius' conscience, how did she become real at one point on Galactica to set Gaius up and then how the hell did she disappear again and back into his conscience? They are trying to go in too many different directions and the show is getting waaay ahead of itself and out of control. It's like they are having a fight in the studio and everyone gets a crack at how they would like the story to unfold and so they pick numbers and everyone gets a shot at an episode to cram as many of their ideas in. I know everyone gave this episode a HiGH rating and it IS a good story but at this point, it has no boundaries and is taking WaaaY too many left turns too fast. Finally, this is supposed to be all-out-war between the humans and Cylons. If Adama and the President think this is indeed a Cylon plan(and we ARE lead to believe this), then why would you let that baby out of your sight?!! She's gonna be chillin' with some foster parents? Give me a break!!! Especially when they STiLL have no 100% method for Cylon detection. Damn that list, don't trust ANYoNE. They could have just handed the baby over to a Cylon and don't know it. And even if not, maybe THaT person will get tricked by a Cylon and have the baby stolen. I know it is supposed to be secret and the Cylons are supposed to believe the baby didnt survive but how can they be sure? I mean, it's all getting a little ridiculous if not a lot. Of course, I STiLL watch the show and all but...damn. I hate always having to make excuses to myself for things just THRoWN at me and accepting them just to move on and stay with the show.
  • This is the best episode of second season...

    This episode is focusing on Cylon-occupied Caprica. There, Caprica Six - now the war hero - and the original Sharon - Boomer, are trying to adjust to life with Cylons: Caprica is fighting with her love for Gaius, and Sharon with her guilt.

    The most suprising moment of this episode, for me, were when Caprica saw Gaius next to her. I mean, talk about connection! It's so frelling romantic, he sees her, and she sees him. I was really happy to see Caprica - I kinda missed her ever since she died in first episode. That image in Gaius head, and Gina never really did it for me. Real Caprica is Master of her arts, just like Gaius, and I can completly see why their are chosen - simply cause they are the best. The thing that I loved the most, is to see how Caprica relies on Gaius image, the same way he relies on her image (or whatever she is), back on Galactica.

    Sharon is also having a nice moments in this episode. This is the one Sharon I remember from the movie - Sharon who wasn't afraid all the time, or trying to hide a secret. It's really interesting to see how neither of "Heroes" is feeling good amongst Cylons, they have both seen and expirienced to much. Sharon still loves Tyrol, but in the same time she knows she can't feel, cause she's a machine, and that's making her really mad. Which is much better then trying to kill herself, but I guess she learned her lesson.

    Anders is also in this episode... He blows up a Cylon building, but stays caved in - with Caprica, Sharon and D'Anna - Number Three. This is when you can best see how Caprica and Sharon have changed. They just don't belong anymore. So, they save Anders and let him go, but they kill Number Three.

    The best line in this episode: Gaius's image: I have never loved you more...
  • Great episode.

    Number Six gets downloaded to a new body, same thing happens to Boomer. They start to deal with a new reality confronting them at Caprica. The human resistance at Caprica continues their hit and run attacks on the cylons. This is a special episode, we get to see the Boomer that died and the Number Six cylon that we saw at the start of the series. Even though we know that the actors playing them are the same, their acting abilities make us think that they are completely different people. Grace Park and Tricia Hilfer did a good job making former roles reappear on screen, it's awesome.
  • OMG!! Baltar is a Cylon!

    Oh, I see, he's not really a Cylon, he's just in her head the same way she's in his. That's kind of weird. I guess when a robot falls for a human and then tries to kill him in a nuclear blast strange things can happen. Or perhaps there's another force out there, using these images to guide "Caprica" Six and Baltar to some greater destiny. How else could Baltar have known about the baby?

    Next we learn about boxing, which Six helpfully explains is when a Cylon consciousness is kept in storage after their death rather than put into a new body. I guess that's one way to go; counseling and medical seem to rate somewhere below planting trees among the Cylons' list of priorities. That's kind of peculiar, that a race so adept at manipulation and mind games wouldn't know how to take care of their own fragile psyches. Physician, heal thyself, I guess.

    That kiwi chick sure has a mean streak. "Humans don't respect life like we do." Sure, Xena, whatever. You should probably wait at least an hour after saying that before you kill anyone. And speaking of respect for life, how many dead babies have there been on this show? I count four. Why do the gods hate babies? Although I guess this one was some kind of fake, and that probably beats the alternative of throwing the thing out an airlock. Stupid baby, causing all of that trouble for everybody. So, this episode was a little different; most of it was from the Cylon perspective, Baltar got to be the cool for once, and Starbuck and Apollo were nowhere to be seen. I can do without baby Adama, but no Kara? Are you kidding me? I suppose they needed a break after all that fighting last week.
  • A Whole New World, Welcome to Cylon Caprica!

    Originally the writers/producers had planned to use this episode as one of those flashback/clip installments. Fortunately, that plan fell through and instead viewers are treated to a rare glimps in to the world of the Cylons.

    This episode succeeds becuase it doesns't try to hard. Using their traditional subtlety and understated writing; exposing a sliver of the Cylon Psyche.

    While many SciFi shows have attempted to create one foreign world. This episode proves that BSG has successfully create TWO !

    While most shows rely on fancy gimmics, BSG uses dialogue and matters of emotional relevance to engage the audience. In all the episode succeeds brilliantly where the majority (Space: Above and Beyond and Earth: Final Conflict, for example) have failed miserably.
  • We see what the human side of Number 6.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. We see Caprica 6 and Boomer downloaded into new bodies in Cylon-occupated Caprica. However, there is something unusual about them. For Number 5, she refuses to give up her human idedity as Sharon. For Number 6, she has regreted her job for the fall of the Colonies. In fact, it is revealed that she has an inner Baltar! I loved seeing this reversal because this halusination is not a suducer but more of a consience. (Took this description off of wikipedia) I hope to see more of these two. I just hope they won\'t be \"boxed\"!
  • Boomer is my favorite so maybe I'm a little prejudiced but...

    I view this as one of the best episodes the series has come out with yet, on par with Flesh And Bone, even Home (pts 1&2). Though not nessecarily a huge plot advancer Downloaded is a classic character episode featuring Boomer(formerly of Galactica), Sharon (formerly of Caprica) and Six.
    Boomer, completely displaced in Cylon HQ is forced into her role as 'hero of the Cylon' kicking and screaming. Her rant about love to Six in her apartment was one of my favorite moments in the episode.
    The absolutely delicious symmetry of Six hallucinating Baltar provided some of the funniest and most emotional moments in the ep. particularly when Six is afraid she is dying and Baltar teases her about her inability to die and love and feel guilt.
    Also an interesting look into Cylon society as a whole.
    The baby storyline was incredibly sad, though shouldn't have been as much of a B-story. Incredibly good acting on Grace Parks part the entire episode, as well as Tricia Helfer.
  • Great Episode

    This was a great episode that showed us a little bit of cylon society. I mean until now we knew they kept attacking, we knew they were cruel and they transferred their minds from body to body, but I could not visualize them living and dealing with each other, and this episode helped me see it. I loved the plot of the episode because we could see there are different opinions among the cylons and we know that they do suffer from transfering their minds. Watching this episode makes me expects so much for season three because of how many angles it open, now we have so much more to look forward to. Not only in the human side but also on the cylon side.
  • Meat on the Bones of Season 2

    This is perhaps the most outstanding episode to date in Season 2, and the first time a segment from the current season has topped Season 1.

    What amazes me is that no-one here seems to have picked up on the one point that has been bugging me since the original 2003 mini-series - a point I've raised on other bulletin boards (notably during Season 1), but for which I had little support.

    It's this: plain and simple: Is Baltar on Galactica a human consciousness inside a Cylon construct?

    Consider: At the time of the Cylon attack, Baltar is with Six. A nuke strike relatively close by. He has absolutely NO cover or anything with which to protect himself and can only cower behind Six's legs at the command, "Get down!" We know her body was destroyed.

    Does anyone seriously believe that a pair of Cylon legs could have protected Baltar from death when the shockwave from the nuke hit the house?

    Consider: At the point of "death", she rest her hand on his head. Is this purely an act of affection - or is she ensuring his consciousness is somehow "uploaded" with hers?

    Consider: In the early days of their "relationship" Six-in-Baltar was largely condescending toward him, reminding him of his guilt, his complicity, playing to his weakness. In Downloaded, Baltar-in-Six mirrors this behaviour: he is codescending, ever stabbing at her. Could it be that Six-in-Baltar is actually an echo of her "original" personality, that when they were uploaded, their mental essences somehow combined, and the Cylons were only partly successful in separating them? Thus, Baltar-in-Six is a fragment of Baltar's mind, as it was immediately prior to his "death"?

    Consider: Baltar's ego is supreme. He'd be the last person to even consider himself a Cylon - ergo, it is very probable he never took his own Cylon test; faking the results would be a given for him.

    Consider: Six-in-Baltar may sway from the apparent course of the other Cylons, but she keeps him largely working in parallel with their aims. Is what is left of her aware of his status as a human mind inside a Cylon construct? How better to manipulate him...?

    It will be interesting to see how things develop.

    The other interesting set to this was obviously Sharon's baby. It's hard to say how this is going to pan out - but the ramifications down to the line for the Colonials (assuming the child doesn't undergo "rapid growth", and the series stays the course) could be remarkable - and I don't mean through all the intrigue that is bound to follow at one point or another should the Cylons in the fleet and/or their sympathisers discver the truth.

    Watching this episode, one is reminded of Walt Kelly's famous line (itself a twist on a comment by Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry): "We have meet the enemy, and they are us." Who exactly is the enemy here - for both sides? Are the humans really such an abboration to the Cylons? Are the Cylons really such an implacable foe? Or is it a matter of ingrained racial hatred within both Human and Cylon social structures that is the real foe?

    All-in-all and outstanding piece of drama that has again left me slavering for more and (again) wishing that season 2 had at least tried to reach this level of storytelling must sooner in its arc.

  • One of the best of the 2nd half of year two

    This episode set mostly on Caprica and the previous one with the Pegasus Engineer turned Captain restore my belief that this series could join the original Star Trek and Babylon 5 among some of the great Sci-Fi series of all-time. Now I'll admit I'm a huge fan of the Ridley Scott/Philip K. Dick Android themed Blade Runner so an episode like this seems to have a taste of that classic in it. I think Rutger Hauer should do a guest turn at some point. The great writing has returned and guest star Lucy Lawless is terrific.
  • What a geat insite into the Cylon psyche

    Wow. Was anyone else shocked at the apperation in Number Six's head? What in interesting concept. Since a cylons consciousness is downloaded into a new body, I suppose it would stand to reason that cylons with different experiences could wake up "changed". Boomer thought she was human and a Number Six fell in love. That would have them changed from the models who hadn't "lived" those lives. Awesome.
  • Simply Amazing.

    Not many shows can rip you out of your seat and place you smack dab into the middle of a back story. while some attempts to do this make for bad sotry fillers. This is one of the strongest stories I have seen in this series.

    The play between Sharon and 8 are incredibel. This idea that these cylons have been infected by the human race with the emotion of love and that love is what drives us to be the swarthy race that can not be destroyed is great.

    The only problem I found with this episode is it seemed a little rsuhed at the end. Almost as if things had to be cut becuase they saw this episode becoming a 2 parter.

    Lucy Lawless brought her spin into the show and I have enjoyed her addition to the show. I am glad she can break loose of the method acting and find a place within well written strong shows.

    I hope people take heed that rumblings of moving this show to NBC will kill it! Please do not make the move!
  • Want to know who the Cylon are? This episode will tell you.

    This is a singularly excelent episode. Little has been shown to help the BSG fan learn who the Cylon are and why they are what they are. This does a lot to show that Cylon are both more human than they understand and less developed.

    The two main characters in this episode are the Sharon Valeri who was murdered on Galactica and the Six who was killed in Dr. Baltar's home--both reincarnated.

    The interesting wrinkle is that both of them have been seriously altered by their deep relationships with humans. Sharon feels exceeding guilt and even self loathing over what she was an unknowing part of. Six is haunted by a lasting love for Baltar.

    Take your time and watch carefully. The "enemy" is about to become more complex, nuanced and sympathetic than you ever expected.

    A top-notch episode.
  • Finally! Something I have been waiting for ever since the ‘death’ of Galactica Sharon.

    I have been wanting and waiting to see what happened when/if she got downloaded to a new body. At last we get to see that, and also get an insight into Cylon society. Caprica 6 is having trouble coming to terms with the guilt of what she did. And surprisingly she has a Baltar in her head, much like the real Baltar has a #6. Galactia Sharon is having trouble re-integrating into society, so # 3 (Biers) sends Caprica 6 to talk to Sharon before they need to ‘box’ her (put her memories in cold storage). When Sharon reveals to Caprica that Baltar is still alive the two begin to suspect Beirs has an ulterior motive: To box them both. They’re heroes and they are dangerous. They want a better life, and they want the killing to stop. Meanwhile Caprica Sharon gives birth to her baby.

    This is my favourite episode so far of the season. I especially loved the Baltar in Caprica 6’s head. An interesting twist that, and I cannot wait to see what happens when the real ones meet up again. The episode ends with Sharon and Caprica uniting. Their voices count, and they are going to use them. Thus this may be the beginning of a whole new war: Amongst the Cylons.

    This was an episode that really stands out, especially since the series was starting to wane. I cannot wait to see how these new developments play out. Here’s hoping they don’t disappoint.
  • This was a truly exciting episode.

    Wow! This episode rocked. My only gripe was there was no Lee or Starbuck. The cylons have alot of problems with their human/cylon kin. Maybe I have missed something I dont know, but the Caprica six somehow seems like she cares much unlike the conciousness in Baltars head. Also, it was nice to see the Caprica resistance again even though I really dont want to see Starbuck with the leader.
  • This is a great example of why this show rocks.

    There is very little about this show that I don't like. None of it appeared in this episode.

    Almost a week later and I can't get it out of my head. The twists, the turns, and the return to exxsquisite storytelling that make this show phenomenal.

    Six and Baltar at it again...only, different. Wonderfully different. A return to the broken and searching Sharon we knew in the first season. Innocent and lost. And of Course, Lucy Lawless returns in delicious little role.

    What keeps this episode from scoring higher is that I expected more about the cylon culture. However unexpected what it gave us was still an amazing episode that gripped me and made me remember why this show rocks. And...well, I guess that's really what I expect from BSG.
  • Amazing episode that served to ratchet up the tension and set up the season finale. I'm gonna miss this show over the next few months.

    Almost the entire episode is from the Cylon POV and boy is it a doozy. Lots more information on how Cylon resuurect and why that still has its costs. A peek at the fatal flaw that may just stop the Cylons before they can bring their plan to fruition. Set up for next week's episode and the rumored 'Peace Plan'.

    But the most satisfying thing was to see the humans so fully play every Cylon (we know of) and Cylon sympathizer but shifting baby Hera out of sight. Could end up biting humanity on the collective hind-quarters, but it's a risk President Roslyn had to take.

    I can't wait for next week!
  • Almost the perfect hour of television

    It's hard to imagine a more perfect hour of television. Battlestar Galactica has its share of masterpiece episodes, but this one takes the cake.

    I don't know where to begin.

    Ok, let's start with the devilishly clever move of reversing the roles of Gaius Baltar and Number Six. Watching James Callis in his more mannered and sly characterization of Baltar was a thrill. It was obvious he enjoyed it too, given his zealous effort in this episode.

    Let's move on to the acting. Tricia Helfer and Grace Park both gave their best performances of the series. Both played damaged characters with convincing effect. I thought Helfer was especially on fire. I think it's amazing how well she has characterized so many different "Six's". Each one has its distinct qualities, and Helfer has never lost focus of each individual's nuances/quirks. It is an absolute joy to watch her work.

    And Grace Park continues to improve. Except for the slightly unbelievable scream at the beginning and the somewhat melodramatic throw of the picture frame to the wall, Park was superb in this episode. Her performance as BSG Sharon was especially haunting. Ooh, what fun to watch.

    And my dear old friend Lucy Lawless. What a joy to watch. What a great moment for the series: Biers says, "God loves me!" And then Caprica Six decks her with a concrete block. Oh, the symbolism!

    But even better than the acting was the atmospheric storytelling. One of BSG's many themes this year is the trend of making Cylons softer and humans harder. And given all the circumstances, this evolution makes perfect sense. One of the Cylons' flaws is their immortality. They remember everything. It is clear this is beginning to wear on them, and (of course) this is most noticeable on Caprica Six and Boomer.

    Meanwhile, the human rebellion against the Cylons is reaching a fever pitch. President Roslin is now in a "no-holds-barred" rule -- who will not risk anything to save her people. Roslin is on a crusade now, and this has made her somewhat hardened and certainly ruthless.

    With the birth of the human-Cylon hybrid, we have found these disturbing evolutions/realizations and have been dealt the full force of the fallout. We realize to what lengths Roslin will go to save humanity. We realize the unbelievable fear and (strangely) admiration each side has for the other. We now understand the effect of creating immortal machines.

    It is now apparent that the flaw of the Cylons is that they have tried to imitate humans. What they have learned (at least, some of them) is that the more you try to imitate humanity, the more human you become.

    Downloaded shows us a world on the brink. This is the perfect episode to set in motion dramatic events that will no doubt be forthcoming in the final two episodes of the season. What a fantastic episode this is, one of the best ever committed to television screens.
  • I think this episode could become one of the most revealing turning points in the series as it suggests some new possible plotlines. Very informative and intersting. Great new twists on already well-established characters and on the ones we had almost for

    I think this episode could become one of the most revealing turning points in the series as it suggests some new possible plotlines. Very informative and intersting. Great new twists on already well-established characters and on the ones we had almost forgotten. This one is definatly a must-see! Check it out!
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