Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 3

Exodus, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Exodus, Part 1

    Exodus, Part 1 was a perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character development as Helo's Sharon was instated as a Galactica crew member, number three or D'Anna Biers had some interesting visions, and a traitor close to the resistance is discovered. It's really fun to see more of the Cylons and how they act, question and reason. I have to say I'm impressed with Grace Park, especially shooting Lucy Lawless in the knee caps! What a great scene full of intense emotion and information. There were some good action scenes. Seeing Kara and Casey together was touching and makes you think about the implications of her existence. I look forward to finding out what happens in the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • First two seasons of BSG are flawless and television at its best: character-driven drama that is constantly challenging the viewer and keeping us hanging on every moment with excellent writing and top-notch acting and visuals; first 3 eps of S3 fail...

    The first mistake of Season 3 actually started at the end of Season 2, with out of character decisions made to create this occupation by having the president and admiral allow Baltar to become president and the colony to settle.

    The admiral left behind thousands of civilians to die early in the first season, deposed president roslin over a stolen ship yet renders the fate of humanity over to a suspected cylon aide?

    the whole point of good television is challenging writing, and this is using post hoc rationalization to create a situation which the writers will assume breed good television by having an occupation.

    this spirals out of control with a plotline of the cylons changing their mind and trying to control the human colony and this flimsy plotline is supported by unoriginal and played out concepts of citizens joining the cylon policing ranks, as more unoriginal and predictable, formulaic rescue of the 200 humans marked for death by the chief et al., the betrayal of the exo\\\'s wife, etc.

    moreover, the transformation of apollo is unconvincing and fails to serve a purpose. the only noteworthy subplot is that of kara being coerced through the use of a child. not the most riveting drama, but an interesting development and a sign of hope. also, baltar, one of the most enigmatic and interesting characters on the show, has been reduced to a boring, typecast role of \\\'under the gun\\\' leader; lets hope once the crew escapes his relationship and role take on a more demanding form.

    this episode and the opening three aren\\\'t bad, it\\\'s still moderately entertaining; however, in contrast to the prior flawless dictation of the last two seasons this is a far cry from what BSG is in my mind, much like Godfather 3 is to the first 2 classic movies.

    let\\\'s hope a return to familiar ground aboard the BSG brings about the top-notch writing and drama we\\\'ve been spoiled with in the past.
  • Still they will remain.

    -I wasn't crazy about basically rewatching the same scene of Sharon and Anders reunion or how Cally ended up running in that direction, but the action in the first few minutes made up for it. Chief and Seelix teaming up was giving me flash backs to their time on Kobol.

    -I guess Three's dream proves androids do dream of electric sheep, or half electric ones anyway. I enjoyed her scene with the Kamala junkie(good use of Amanda Plummer), I like those half nonsensical, half prophetical ramblings. I also liked Three's scene with Dr. Cottle. The prospect of the Cylons getting their hands on Hera, despite Roslin's best efforts, pleases me greatly. If only for it proving how wrong Roslin was for taking the baby off Galactica.

    -I also enjoyed Three's confrontation with Sharon when she was getting the launch keys. Sharon expressing her trust in Adama was sort of bittersweet, as I'm still not sure where I want her loyalties to lie. But that faith combined with her love of the uniform confirms she's made her decision. Her learning the truth should make for an interesting day though.

    -Ellen selling out the resistance to save Tigh was a good way to take the character I think, as her storyline in season 3 is the only time I've been interested in her during the series.

    -The two battlestar crews saying their goodbyes was a moving scene as was Apollo's moment with Adama before his departure from Galactica. The Admiral's final words to the crew before they jumped for New Caprica were inspiring and well written as well.

    -Not quite up there with the last two episodes, but it had it's moments. Beyond my immediate reaction to the storylines though, it just didn't generate enough thought to really flesh out this review.
  • Starting the rescue...

    So, Adama is coming and finally there is hope they will get off this planet.

    First we get quite a lot those actions we saw very end quickly in last episode but now we get much larger picture and see what was really going on.

    Ok - what else happened. Sharon got the information and there was the great storyline digged up - Hera is alive and Sharon does not believe it yet but when she learns the truth - that will hurt her trust badly. It just looks so much that she has come around..

    Anyway, much hopes for second part of this story..
  • Riveting.

    I am surprised the occupation didn't last more episodes. Even thou this is a two part episode it is full of action drama and suspense. The preparations for the rescue is extraordinary. What I didn't like it started with a flashback. It started with the list and the firing squad. I did like the sequences of the night vision are the masked men. The editing work on those sequences are amazing, you really get the fear those policemen are trying to instill. The torture techniques the Cylons use are very convincing on Starbuck. Unconventional but then again that what this show is all about.
  • Excellent episode.

    Sharon gets her flying wings back and she takes the oath to serve and protect the Colonial Fleet. Sharon becomes a trusted member of the Galactica. Her character becomes interesting as she appears as another type of Sharon in New Caprica. Tyrol learns that Cally is listed to be executed by the cylons, he races against time to save her. Number three gets strange dreams about the temple. This episode shows a lot of interesting stuff, the story goes deeper and deeper, it reflects the things that took place in occupied France during World War 2. It's a really interesting mix between real life themes and fictional storytelling.
  • A fine conclusion to the story begun in last season's cliffhanger. Stirring, shocking, well-written and exciting to the last moment.

    This will be marked as a watershed episode for the series. Adama's inspiring last-minute speech to his troops and Tigh's gentle, anguish-wracked handling of the execution of his wife Ellen for treason make the show worth watching all by themselves. And Lee/Apollo's brazen disobeying of his father's orders to ride in to the old man's rescue at the last minute ("Galactica, this is Pegasus. How 'bout we take some of this work off your hands?") was a priceless moment of heroism. And the broadening of D'Anna and Baltar as characters shown in this ep also underscored the already amply-made point: this ain't your daddy's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. An excellent job all around.
  • This episode possessed all the greats that made this show what it is today. I was expecting of course for Laura to live, and was happy to find out that she did indeed live. Gaius sinks further into depression...

    Battlestar Galactica continues on New Caprica where Laura and Baltar\'s campaign manager are about to be executed by the human Cylons due to actions taken by the resistance. Shockingly, or rather unshockingly, I grew to hate Gaius Baltar more, because of his actions in signing the order to execute so many people. For an attempt to integrate into society, the Cylons are sure doing a damn good job of it (/sarc). They elect human collaborators (otherwise known as the New Caprica Police) who have gone around arresting human collaborators in an attempt to crack down on the resistance. Unfortunately, the resistance only gets more enraged. I was not happy to see Starbuck in such a state. I felt sympathy for the character, although I rarely, if ever, feel sympathy for her. Last season made me want to wish her dead. I felt sorry for the Cylons that realized that what the Priests wanted to do was horrible, as they were ignored, one being shot. I loved the interaction between Sharon and Adm. Adama. What an awe inspiring moment to see her back in uniform. The episode ends when Galactica prepares to launch an operation to liberate the people on New Caprica.
  • Sounds like the humans..."have a plan"...

    The intensity was turned up during this episode that's for sure. Things are certainly moving towards a make-or-break scenario for both sides. Chosing Sharon to help lead the human's planning for escape was a bold move on the part of Adama. It was also one that was almost very short lived thanks to the actions of Col. Tigh's wife, who hasn't been the most helpful person (or Cylon?) in the world. She revealed to the Cylon's the location of the meeting point between Sharon and the resistance.

    This whole experience has a very large real-world political feel to it. A hostile take over of an existing population (humans) with a new government (Cylons) has decided Iraq/USA feel to it. The difference is this is being depicted the other way around. Here we seeing the side of the population that feels opressed instead of the supposed opressors. We see how far they are will to go - suicide bombers anyone?

    It can be a safe bet that the humans (or most of them anyway) will escape from New Caprica, but the real-world scenario is not scripted and could have decidedly different ending.

    What is the full plan the Adama has in mind for freeing the human race from New Caprica? Who will survive? Tune in next week kiddos!
  • President Roslin, I presume?

    Ellen Tigh, what were you thinking? You must have known that even if you didn't get caught by your own people that the Cylons would never live up to their word. And now you've been found out by Anders. Something tells me that fella doesn't take too kindly to treachery.

    It's nice to see Laura Roslin back in command. It's been a long time since she's really dealt with a crisis - she was solid in the miniseries, and then the cancer kicked in and she went all religious, then not too long after she got better she was out of office. Now she's in nominal command once again, and making the hard decisions. Or is she? She kind of dodged those questions about Ellen and what to do if it looked like the baby might get captured. Maybe she isn't the leader she's cracked up to be.

    Right, so, Lee's had four months to lose some weight, and he's still pigging out. Not even trying to shed the pounds. What gives? And why is he back to being a dick again? And does anyone really think that Pegasus is going to sit this one out? Stay with the fleet my ass. Put down the bon-bons and get back in the fight, boy.

    Oh, and that whole thing with Tyrol running to save Cally? Give me a break.
  • Found the "one hour earlier" plot annoying but otherwise I give this episode top marks.

    The build up to the big fight is reaching its height and the tension is definitely rising. I have great hopes for the next episode and I´m looking forward to see how all of this plays out. The resistance and the cylons have each on their own schemed and made plans that promises to be interesting to watch. Mind you that I´m posting spoilers now. One thing did bother me if not totally annoy me. The rescue of those 200 so called terrorists. First of all that "one hour earlier" plot of showing how the resistance found out about the execution and deciding to rescue them pissed me of. I did not believe that the people were executed at the end of episode two since the execution was not seen, only gunshots heard. Besides, two many important characters would have been killed of that way. I was hoping that the NCP members would have shown a hint of humanity and decided to betray the cylons at that point, therefore rescuing the prisoners. Showing that something happened earlier that resulted in them being rescued is to much deus ex machina to me. Another annoying thing to me about the same thing. At the end of the second episode and again at the beginning of the third we clearly see Kelly, after being rescued, running downhill through af forest, trying to avoid the execution. However as the events unfold again she is now running uphill and on a rocky surface with no trees, bushes or a hint of vegetation around. Am I allowed to say wtf now? Despite this rant of mine I still held utmost respect for this episode and I loved Adama's speech.
  • Hes really going to take on 3 basestars by himself?

    A cliff hanger
    i hate cliff hangers but i love this episode
    The farewell between the commander and the admiral the ending speech
    the reading of strangely accurate prophecy from thier holy book.
    The reaction of the already slightly insane tigh when ellen admitts her guilt.
    and all being set up for big finish.

    A dunkirk style battle in which 10 of thousands must retreat from the enemy

    i cant wait
  • Apollo: "18 hours. Try no to be late." Adama: "I'm getting old and a little slow, but I'll be there."

    In true BSG form, the episode starts off with a flashback to reveal more about that pesky cliffhanger from last week. I really was enjoyably surprised that everybody survived; I had prepared myself mentally for an unpleasant death. The only problem I had is that last week we ended with Cally running through the woods, and this week she's running across a barren plain. I know, trivial nit-picking.

    What’s so important about Hera, other then her being "the shape of things to come"? She's not the first cylon-human model is she? Casey certainly appears older then her. The theory that Casey isn't truly Starbuck's daughter and that she is a cylon model is starting to catch on, although really, why would they cylons want a toddler model? Then again why would they want an aged priest? Neither of them are very useful in combat.

    I found it interesting that cylons dream. In D'Anna's dream she saw a crying baby, a desolate village, and dead bodies (possibly foreshadowing a casualty-heavy battle?). The Oracle interpreted the dream, and also revealed to D’Anna that Hera is alive, saying that when D’Anna held Hera she would finally know what true love feels like (which was also a nice parallel to what Six said to D’Anna last week about love). I wonder if D’Anna will try and kidnap Hera now.

    Apollo and Adama's chat before they separated was touching. Their relationship was horrible at the beginning of season one and it has nicely developed. I really liked Adama telling Lee to not make him cry on his hanger-deck.

    And Galactica is off for New Caprica. This was a good set-up episode, and I can't wait for the rescue mission next week.

    Final Notes and Quoes

    - Starbuck appeared to be getting into her role as mother, and it looks like she's beginning to love Casey (holding Casey's hand, having long private talks). Color me surprised.

    - Brother Cavill described his experience of re-downloading to "download city" more painful each time. He even stated that "It's not worth it. None of it is worth it."

    - Ellen was discovered as the mole from last week. Tigh looked pissed.

    - D'Anna looked at Hera strangely as Maya passed by with her. Can cylons sense other cylons?

    - Zarek: "It's been awhile since I've had a woman throw me to the ground. Not quite as fun as I remember."

    Final Rating: 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • The OLD MAN has it all. The guts and know how to make things get done. He is the one keeping the human-race alive and still kicking. The episode was really good. I can't wait to see this next Friday\'s episode.

    Excellent blend of tension between toaster to toaster, and between human and human.
    I love the fact that the toasters are upset with one another. The toaster cannot create a UTOPIA anymore then mankind can. Toasters cant\'t be more enlighted than humans because they don\'t have a soul,they just hope to have one. They are not made by God/Gods. They are goiing to be very depressed when they come to the realization that they have no here-after and that all is for not.
  • I really hope we'll see some development in the next "half" of this episode! SPOILER ALERT

    Usually when you see a double episode you would expect for a cliffhanger at the end of the first half, but the sensation i had watching it is, as the title of my review states: Nothing happened!
    As you could expect Laura Roslin didn't die(well big surprise), but she wasn't even shot.
    I know and i truly believe BSG authors can do really better than this season 3 beginning, and i hope we'll start seeing the real action from Exodus part 2.
    I honestly wonder how the colonials, even with the help of Adm. Adama, will be able to get out of New Caprica without being held by the cylons. I'm really interested in knowing why the child half human and half cylon is so important, but i don't understand the ratings this episode gets.
    Do you really think this first half is so amazing? Come on! We know why we love this show...maybe it is necessary to do this kind of episodes, but i believe we're all waiting for the real "awesomeness" of BSG!
  • Seeds are being planted. I expect flowers by the end of the season.

    Only a little bit actually happens in this episode. Even so, seeds of many many things are planted here, most of which is the Human/Cylon hybrid. The big question I have is this, why would the Cylons care about that baby more than Starbucks? Isn't she a Human/Cylon hybrid too? We also learn the fate of the people on the death warrants. YAY Chief Tyrol! Way to save your wife's bacon, not to mention the "former" (but in my opinion still true) President and her political opponent. After all, you can't just kill the old Apollo. You can, however, make the new Apollo all soft and mushy, especially around the midsection. Love the new look Lee!
  • A necessary set-up episode

    After a powerful two-episode premiere, the writers jump right into another two-part tale, ramping up the tension for the inevitable rescue attempt on New Caprica. Because of the pacing requirements, the episode is largely transitional in nature. Such episodes are necessary, but they are rarely the most exciting installments of a serialized story. As a result, this is probably the least impressive episode of the season thus far.

    That’s not to say that the episode misses the mark. It does exactly what it needs to do. The pieces are in place for the rescue attempt, with Adama and the insurgency working together towards a common goal. The Cylons are on the verge of a violent reprisal, but their own concerns and agendas continue to get in their way. D’Anna, in particular, is distracted by a revelation that will, most likely, complicate the rescue attempt in the next episode.

    That aspect of the episode fascinated me, because it has a great deal of potential. Cylons have looked down on the pantheon and mysticism of the Colonials since the very beginning of the series, but now D’Anna is having visions, telling her to meet with a Colonial priestess. If D’Anna’s dream was in fact prophetic, then it would imply some kind of connection between Human and Cylon, an overlapping of their unconscious awareness. The implication is fairly obvious: the divisions between Human and Cylon may be more artificial than natural.

    The series introduced the idea of this overlapping when they introduced the humaniform Cylons. While there are aspects to Cylon mechanisms, like relatively simple resurrection, that seem completely alien and inhuman, the distinctiveness of personality and the apparent similarity of biology (close enough to mate, in at least one case) are hints of commonality. Even if the 12 biological Cylon models are copies, their personalities appear to evolve from that common origin. Taking Caprica-Six and Sharon as examples, there is a clear nature vs. nurture exploration at work.

    This is also reflected in Roslin’s comments about Hera. Once on the fence about the existence of the hybrid at all, Roslin is now fiercely protecting the child, possibly above all else. She has proclaimed Hera as the “shape of things to come”, whether for good or evil. From my perspective, this suggests that how the child is raised will speak strongly to any hope of peace with the Cylons. It also suggests that a reconciliation of some kind is the possible resolution to the conflict, since Hera is the melding of the two species.

    The situation on New Caprica, of course, makes such a future almost impossible. If the surviving Colonials were ready to forget about the genocide of the 12 colonies, then the New Caprica oppression has certainly opened and festered old wounds. Sharon’s defection to the Colonials becomes that much more important, and that’s why D’Anna’s revelation about Hera is so damning. Sharon trusts Adama, but now she has some suspicion that she was betrayed. If that doesn’t play into the conclusion of this two-part story, that will be disappointing.

    In counterbalance to the philosophical questions, which were a clear highlight, there were some odd mistakes. Callie’s escape in this episode doesn’t match what happened at the end of “Precipice” at all. Neither does the Cylon attack on the meeting between Sharon and Anders. It feels like the kind of mistake that comes when one writer hands off to the next, long before the scripts are shot and the directors shift details. Still, despite understanding the possible cause of each continuity error, it takes away from the illusion of a seamless production.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Current episodes cover “Battlestar: Galactica”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • One hour is not enough!

    I will admit that when the words "One hour earlier" flashed up on my screen to start this week's episode, I almost went "Oh come on Ron Moore. You can't get out of the cliffhanger this easily."

    But instead of being a lazy way out, Moore and company use the going back in time to show us the resolution of the cliffhanger to Battlestar's advantage. Instead of being an easy way out, the show gave us the impact of the what was going on on the characters. Seeing Tyrol's panic that Cally was targeted for death and the race against time to save her was nicely done. Seeing how Tigh reacts on the fly to these events and serves as the calm voice of reason (scary thought) was superb. And even when Cally had escaped, she still could have been killed by friendy fire to save the larger group of rounded up humans.

    In the first five minutes Battlestar once again showed me why I love this show so much. And then we got into the other 55 minutes of the hour.

    If last week was about setting the scenes for season three, this week is about putting some big pieces of the puzzle into play. We learned that Deanna is having dreams of Hera and knows she's alives, even going so far as to plant this idea inside Sharon's head and that the Cylons are having a harder time downloading. (I expect that will be huge in the coming weeks). Also, the Cylons are having a harder time maintaining control than they thought they'd have. The idea that they could just nuke New Caprica and be done with it was alarming. Wasn't their goal to bring the love of their god to the Colonials and now all they can think of is how to get out of New Caprica without any greater losses?

    The thing with this week's episode is that while we have a ton of action in terms of fire fights and gearing up for battles, the real heat of battle is between characters. Ellen's betrayal comes to light even to Tigh. The look of horror and betrayal in Tigh's lone eye as the new sank in of just what Ellen had done to free him and the implications. But Ellen was doing all she did to save Tigh because on some level she loves him. But will she have saved his life only to lose him by this betrayal? And what will the cost to her since we know Tigh is very much a man who sees thing as us or them.

    And then we have Sharon's unwavering belief that Adama would not lie to her about Hera. Yeah, I see that blowing up in everyone's faces soon. And could it be that Galactica Sharon would kill herself to download back with the Cylons and come after the fleet? Oh man, that could be great.

    Meanwhile, Baltar apparently needs some Viagra as the pressures of the presidency are affecting him. I loved his asking Six to stay with him and the disconnect the two have in trying to relate to each other beyond the physical.

    All that and I was a bit misty eyed when we had the "farewell" of Lee and Bill Adama. That scene was so perfectly played by both actors. The quick looking away by Bill and the salute by Lee. Perfect, absolutely perfect.

    And once again, I am on the edge of my seat, eager for the next installment.
  • The pointless and confusing episodes continue in season 3.

    I really had high hopes for Battlestar! I was watching at the end of Season 2 and thought this is great! Then they went and landed on a new planet and the show has just gone way down hill.

    The idea of Battlestar is that they're on their way to earth and every episode or every few episodes they get attacked by the Cylons or something happens on the ships..

    The show would be much better if they did something more like Star Treck, stopping to explore strange planets for part of the show.

    Now three episodes into season 3 and I can't wait for them to get off the planet! I find myself just fast forwarding the show as I don't want to watch most of it.

    A confusing and pointless episode and start to season 3! Let's get back to the good stuff now :)
  • This series is something special. Every once in a while you have something actually worth watching. Then its waiting for the first bad season. Well.. here we are today, episode 3 of the 3rd year and its actually getting better all the time!

    This series is something special. Every once in a while you have something actually worth watching, if its a movie, great! But if its a series you have episode after episode. Then its waiting for the first bad season. Well.. here we are, episode 3 of the 3rd year and its actually getting better all the time!

    First I was wondering if they could make a space travel a real adventure and not a drag like some of the sci-fi\'s we have every week. But just before the next \"on board\" episode the settle on a new found planet and fall in a complete dark era. Its not Star trek and certainly no Babylon5, but with the 2 new born, one hidden and the other even more secret, it sounds like a Star Wars story.... well, don\'t take that wrong because this series is way darker then SW.

    This episode kept me on the edge of my seat. The Cylons seem more and more confused about what they\'re doing and I think in search of a real leader. Also it makes me wonder how all the peronalities can function on the Battleships again, after all the things they have gone tru.... let it be Friday soon!!!!
  • Get back on Battlestar Galactica already!

    It is SO obvious that they would escape the firing squad. No tension! And the bit where the Chief grabs Cally is out of sequence with what happened before. In this episode you see him grabbing her out of the way just before the shooting starts. this is not what happened last week - I feel like the crazy bird in that Stephen King novel about the writer and his fan.

    It feels like there are too many characters in BSG at the moment. You can't keep up with them all. I want to know what is happening to STarbuck and I don't care about Xenia Warrior Princess, whatever her name is in BSG. Too much focus on the Cylons.

    Why Sol keeps going back to Ellen is beyond me.
    And what did the humans do to the police who had been colluding with the Cylons? GLossed over what would have been an unpleasant moment did they?
  • Excellent Episode!!!!

    I loved this episode!!!!!! It was a great cliffhanger leading up to the climatic episode next week. It was enjoyable and left you hanging all of the way through. I even got my parents to watch this episode and the ones from last week and my mom doesn't even like this type of show yet even she enjoyed it. I guess both of the Cavil's that have been shown were killed and downloaded from the looks of it. That skinjob that they got the map from must have been the other Cavil the one that Ellen's been shacking up with because he seems to lead these sorts of operations (the Cavils I mean) and he'd have been the one that she gave the map to. I almost felt bad for the other Cavil the one who got shot and was left to die and was in so muvh pain that after hours he went and finished himself off in a very painful way just so he could download into a new body. I guess they decided not to box Caprica Six after all since she was downloaded into a new body after Doral shot her last week and if she'd been boxed that wouldn't have happened. But what Cavil said after he downloaded is true: what they did leaving him to suffer to death like that isn't right. I know he's a Cylon and that since they obviously built themselves a Ressurection Facility on New Caprica he can just download into a new body but it still isn't right to have someone or something suffer to death for hours like that before they go pay a visit to "Download City". Apparently they now know that D'Anna Biers is a Cylon Agent from what Dr. Cottle said so either they learned when Anders was rescued from Caprica or they learned when the Cylons arrived or some time after that. I find it interesting that this particular copy of D'Anna Biers is having these strange dreams and doubts about her faith. From what was said last week this is the same copy that tried to get Sharon and Caprica Six boxed because she didn't want them messing with the belief system and was the same one Caprica Six killed to save Anders and to buy them some time to make some changes before they got to her to download and stop them. But the one thing that they've done is kept us in the dark about who the other 5 agents are. I mean the Cylon Council is made up of 6 of the 7 known agents: a couple of Sixes including Caprica Six, a couple of Cavils, a couple of Dorals, a Simon, at least one maybe two D'Anna Biers and at least one Sharon that maybe the original Galactica Copy and probably is. But the only Leoben Conroy shown is the one with Kara and he's probably the one from the Gemonon Traveler in season 1 if he wasn't too far from the Resurection Ship or the Cylon Homeworld to be downloaded. The one thing that I'm curious and surprised about is that in that list of targets to hit to distract th Cylons the Resurection Facility wasn't there. I'm surprised that they don't want to hit that since that would cause more confusion and hesitation since the Cylons whose resources according to Cavil are already stretched thin wouldn't be able to download and come back again like after the Resurection Ship was destroyed. I loved the Admiral's speech at the end. He's right: if they do pull this off it will probably become legendary with both the Cylons and the humans since this is the biggest operation that the humans have probably ever pulled off or will pull off.
  • Again taking TV to a new level.

    What show takes their cast, puts them in a desolete situation and then makes it even worse (ok LOST but BGS is not Lost). The small, pre-episodes really added to the mystery and the build up for I feel is one of the best written shows to date. I tip my writers cap and bid all the writers and producers a "Haza!"

    What made this even more brilliant was the character developement. Starbuck being inprisioned, Apollo becoming fat and lazy. Balta become a spinless bastard (though I feel this is a ploy). Even Tye's one eye has me wondering what else they can do to these characters, minus killing another primary off.

    The show moved along stronyl and I was rivited to my seat during the entire show. When it ended I was left thinking, that's it? I have to wait another week?? Ok!
  • An action-filled episode as we see the last stages of the occupation of New Caprica. The Cylons are showing some weaknesses but the humans face some complex issues of their own.

    Good episode. I just wish we could see the ending right away. A week is too long to wait for the climactic battle or rescue.

    Sharon was in an interesting position in the detention center. Even though she's a Cylon, she has to be afraid that she'll get caught and/or killed. If she gets killed, her consciousness will get transferred to "Download City" and there would be little hope of her escaping. She could even get boxed if she were captured like that.

    Cavil's speech also showed that the humanoid Cylons aren't so invincible after all. Each death seems to become more painful than the last, painful enough that Cavil wants to end the experiment and destroy the entire city.

    D'Anna/Number Three has a strange dream but I wasn't certain what was going on in her story. At least we now know that she sleeps in the nude.

    If Hera is "the shape of things to come," then what is Kacey, assuming that she really is Starbuck's daughter? If Leoben is telling the truth (and that's a big if), Kacey is also a human-Cylon hybrid. Will we find out the truth about Kacey's identity? Will Kara be able to escape with her? And if so, how would a young girl affect Kara's role on Galactica?

    Now that Kat, Racetrack and Helo are in positions of authority, what happens to their roles if and when Kara and Tigh return to the ship? And what about Sharon? Now she suspects that Hera is alive. Adama is going to have some explaining to do.

    A good episode but I really need to see the conclusion to get a sense of the whole "Exodus" story. Sci Fi could have aired another 2-hr. back-to-back installment like they did last week, couldn't they?
  • I hate two parters. Spoiler alert. Do not read if you haven't watched the episode three times. Get back to your Tivo! And you call yourself a FAN.

    Now I don't want to go to this conference next weekend.

    BSG has always done one thing right-- production. Every show goes by in a manner of minutes. It's "lost time". I'm abducted by the Ron Moore aliens while watching BSG.

    Every single episode is edge-of-your-seat drama. It started with "33" and it's never let up. Now I know why the season finale last year had "One Year Later", because the intensity required for the show wouldn't be there if you're just talking about people milling about on a planet. But throw a Cylon occupation into the works-- you're still on the edge.

    This episode picks up where the previous episode, Precipice, left off. The Cylons are about to execute the prisoners and the leaders of the resistance. And this episode we learn how the resistance and Colonial marines thwarted those murders. Ellen is discovered after the map she liberated last week shows up in a Cylon (Brother Cavil) pocket. And Sharon infiltrates the detention center and takes back the launch keys for Colonial ships.

    But the crux of the story centers around #3 (Lucy Lawless) and her "dreams". She confronts the Oracle (Amanda Plummer) who informs her that Hera, the offspring of Helo and Sharon, lives, but in that holding the child, she will lose everything she worked to gain on New Caprica.

    BSG shows once again that a true story revolves around an ensemble, and that ensemble grows and shrinks with the needs of the plot. Dramas which confine the plot to a set of characters eventually brings the absurd into play. Take Desperate Housewives, for example. For all the murder, suicides, deaths, arsons, accidents, rapes-- whatever, that happen on Wysteria Lane (sp?), the residents should have all sold houses and moved to a less insane neighborhood. All that is a symptom of a small universe, a universe that is needed to change, radically, to keep it interesting, however absurd it becomes.

    BSG embraces the "small" characters. Kali is vitally important to the Chief, who is important to Tigh, who is important to the Resistance and Adama, etc. Everyone is connected, and everyone makes an impact. Even #3 has her role to play, and the BSG creators know that even the minor characters must have a chance to show their depth to present a whole and complete picture.

    Why this show doesn't win more awards, I can't say. What I do know is that "Deal or No Deal" airs multiple times a week on NBC, the parent of SciFi. One would think that reruns of "The Best Show on Television" might be a little more worthwhile than Howie Mandel randomly opening suitcases.