Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 3

Exodus, Part 1

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2006 on Syfy

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  • First two seasons of BSG are flawless and television at its best: character-driven drama that is constantly challenging the viewer and keeping us hanging on every moment with excellent writing and top-notch acting and visuals; first 3 eps of S3 fail...

    The first mistake of Season 3 actually started at the end of Season 2, with out of character decisions made to create this occupation by having the president and admiral allow Baltar to become president and the colony to settle.

    The admiral left behind thousands of civilians to die early in the first season, deposed president roslin over a stolen ship yet renders the fate of humanity over to a suspected cylon aide?

    the whole point of good television is challenging writing, and this is using post hoc rationalization to create a situation which the writers will assume breed good television by having an occupation.

    this spirals out of control with a plotline of the cylons changing their mind and trying to control the human colony and this flimsy plotline is supported by unoriginal and played out concepts of citizens joining the cylon policing ranks, as more unoriginal and predictable, formulaic rescue of the 200 humans marked for death by the chief et al., the betrayal of the exo\\\'s wife, etc.

    moreover, the transformation of apollo is unconvincing and fails to serve a purpose. the only noteworthy subplot is that of kara being coerced through the use of a child. not the most riveting drama, but an interesting development and a sign of hope. also, baltar, one of the most enigmatic and interesting characters on the show, has been reduced to a boring, typecast role of \\\'under the gun\\\' leader; lets hope once the crew escapes his relationship and role take on a more demanding form.

    this episode and the opening three aren\\\'t bad, it\\\'s still moderately entertaining; however, in contrast to the prior flawless dictation of the last two seasons this is a far cry from what BSG is in my mind, much like Godfather 3 is to the first 2 classic movies.

    let\\\'s hope a return to familiar ground aboard the BSG brings about the top-notch writing and drama we\\\'ve been spoiled with in the past.