Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 4

Exodus, Part 2

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Exodus, Part 2

    Exodus, Part 2 was a perfect and vividly entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the character growth and development was deep and intensely satisfying. As the Cylon occupation of New Caprica takes some drastic turns, Adama makes a rescue mission while sending the rest of the fleet forward to Earth. It was great how Apollo came in and saved the day at the end. The ending of this episode was very touching, it felt like where we were supposed to be all along, and the characters were all happy and glad to be back to some what normal. All of this because Roslin and Adama couldn't steal the election from Baltar. The Cylons were really Frakking with Starbuck and it was pretty crazy. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Exodus, Part 2 is the best episode since the pilot / mini-series.

    This episode is the best episode since the pilot / mini-series!

    It contains everything that makes a drama series wonderful, exciting, adventurous, compelling, emotional, and the list goes on and on. Exodus, Part 2 gives the viewer non-stop action covering all the major characters and begins or ends several of the pivotal changes seen in the original series.

    The majority of the action sets up or ends these pivotal plot lines. It accomplishes these actions using the high quality dramatic methods Battlestar Galactica 2006 always uses for its viewers.

    The Pegasus dies defending the Galactica. As in the original, the Pegasus takes on multiple Bay ships. While in the original series we don't know the Pegasus' fate, here (because of improved special effects) we see her destruction; as she takes out at least three (if not four) Bay ships. She dies with honor defending her crew and all of humanity. May she rest in peace? So say we all!

    Baltar is now with his Cylon friends, who admit they were wrong and he was right about humanity. Just as in the original series, Baltar is now a Cylon resource and puppet, not just a puppet. If the current series continues to follow the original, Baltar will command his own Bay ship and/or fleet.

    We see where Hera (the first human/Cylon hybrid) comes into the possession of the Cylons. She already changes their normal actions (in this case to nuke the city). This plot line is original and increases the adventure and drama of the series.

    Former President Roslin regains control of her starship and while technically she isn't the President, no one can doubt she'll be leading the council of twelve soon as its President.

    Starbuck learns an important lesson on deception and love. Where there was a possibility she would side with the Cylons, there is none now. She proves her loyalty remains with humanity.

    Col Tigh takes on what has to be the most difficult task of his military career. He shows us his inner strength and beyond any shadow of a doubt proves his ability now and in the future to lead.

    Unlike the original series and with the destruction of the Pegasus, the 2006 series has more commanders than there are commands. Time, and I suspect drama, will work these issues out and isn't that why we watch BSG 2006 - for the drama?

    Where the original series was light viewing, Battlestar Galactica 2006 is a hard hitting serious drama, which happens to have a science fiction background. The sci-fi never becomes too important for the viewer to follow.

    This must see episode continues and expands upon the high quality we expect from this wonderful series.
  • One way trip.

    -Tigh taking Ellen's life was a powerful scene, I never expected Tigh to have that in him. His absolute commitment to the resistance still shocks me. That single wide rimmed eye made for a macabre image as Ellen laid out all she had done "for him." Tigh's storyline has definitely been one of the best parts of what was one of the best plots in the series.

    -The end to Starbuck's storyline with Leoben also made for some good scenes. At first I was questioning that Leoben would force the words and actions out of Kara, versus her saying them unsolicited. But the reveal of his lie about Casey proved he was never after the real thing. Which just makes it all the more disturbing that he would subject Starbuck to all of that.

    -Baltar leaving with the Cylons was an interesting turn. While I definitely didn't want him to die(yet) part of me wishes Gaeta had pulled the trigger, if only for the resolution it would have brought his character. Baltar's final scene with Three and Six was an eerie moment as he let Hera be taken in amongst the Cylons. Watching Three hold her made me realize the joy of Roslin being wrong isn't worth the child falling into their hands.

    -Galactica's in atmo jump was one of the bigger, "Holy ****!" moments in my television watching career. And I was once again impressed by how impressed I was by the effects. Especially when Galactica jumped away, just before the vacuum it leaves behind collapses. Hot Dog never really seemed worth mentioning, but he became an instant favorite for his line just before he fires out of the launch tube.

    Hot Dog: "Well, this oughta be different."

    That quiet cool(bordering on indifference) in the face of calamity is always an admirable trait in my book. The action took on a more somber note as Galactica continued the fight in deep orbit trying to draw the Basestars away. The long pullback shot of it getting pelted again and again by the Basestars surrounding it was incredible, as were the interior shots of Adama and crew resigned to their fate. And when all seems lost, that beacon of hope showing up in the form of Apollo and the Pegasus was built up really well I thought. The reversal of the Pegasus being the one to go down, though kind of inevitable, was handled beautifully. I loved that even with her destruction she managed to take out two Basestars. I think Cain would of been proud of Pegasus' final moments.

    -The reunion/victory celebration in Galactica's hanger deck was by far my favorite moment. The joy of the occasion being marred by those who didn't make it home, Tigh's voice cracking on the line, "Not all of them," the shot of Starbuck reeling from finding out Casey isn't her daughter, and Adama's look over his shoulder to Tigh as the chants of his name ring out all added up to an amazing scene. My only regret is that the episode didn't cut to the credits right then, as it felt like the perfect way to end it.

    In the end Resurrection Ship is still my favorite storyline, but New Caprica has been a close second.
  • The Galactica, in concert with the Resistance on New Caprica, overthrow the Cylon control of New Caprica.

    This episode is very nearly perfect. I was surprisingly touched by Ellen's death scene, and Tigh's hard choice leading to it. The profound effect this has on Tigh is illustrated towards the end, when almost every one on the flight deck is celebrating, but Tigh and Starbuck are less jovial. They have been dramatically changed by their experience on New Caprica; Tigh by the death of his wife and Starbuck by the "torture" imposed on her by Leoben.

    A true fist-pumping moment comes when Galactica is getting pounded by the basestars, and the camera pans back to reveal Pegasus barreling toward the fray. Also, Pegasus rams the basestar and unwittingly takes out two of them.

    For all these moments, the best scene is the last one. Adama shaves off his moustache and walks down a corridor on Galactica while the "Good Lighter" theme plays. I'm partial to any scene using this theme, as it's amazing, but this scene truly represents a new beginning.

    This is one of the best episodes of television I've ever seen. Here's to new beginnings.
  • End of occupation in New Caprica..

    So, this is it - Cylons were wrong and Gaius was right.. they did not manage to control it - they loose but they gained something what can be even more important than anything else - they have Hera.

    And Colonies.. President gets her ship back.. and they get off the planet - I think it was just the best thing to happen..

    I most say there were many heart broking moments - first: when Adama realize they cannot take four ship and says: "That's it.." the scene fading out and then we realize Pegasus has come.. it was beautiful moment..

    And then ofcourse Pegasus going down.. Lee leaving, thanking the ship and ship taking down two Cylon ships.. I most say this episode really had stunning visual effects - all those space battles, and Galactica jumping into atmosphere..

    And third.. I just cannot not mention when Kacey finds her real mother.. the look in Starbuck's face.. it was just..

    And the end.. everyone sharing.. but the prize.. the prize they paid in New Carpica.. it is just so high...
  • Great conclusion to New Caprica Saga

    I like this episode a lot as it contained a lot of hard choices made. The decision to risk the remaining fleet for the rescue and the planning of it. While I thought the plan was simple at first , I like how it was deployed. The way decoys, the vipers and the lone Battlestar used. The effects were awesome, especially when the Galactica jumped into low orbit and launched the vipers for air support was great. The way it was all coordinated with the liftoffs of the civilian ships. I like the fact it was mention in the storyline that not all of the humans made it off the planet. Also Baltar waking up on a Cylon Basestar was a nice touch.
  • Wow, what a great episode, a true series classic!

    Wow, what a great episode, a true series classic! In this episode we have everything what we love obout Battlestar Galactica, the tearjecking moments, a cleverly done plot and here we finally again have much of spacefight action.
    The visual effects are truly outstanding, the soundscape is just great too.
    There are storylines that are ending in this episodes, - about Starbuck and the kid, about the half cylon/half human baby that got picked up by the cylons, about the split-up of the two Adamas. The Adamas come together again, after Lee decided to help his father fighting the cylons, the kid named Karen appeared not to be Starbuck's daughter and the half cylon baby got picked up by the cylons, after Baltar has found it. By the way, he is tripping with the cylons now.
    I look forward to know what awaits us in the next episode.
  • Sometimes you have to role the hard six. When Ellen Tigh first appeared on Galactica I thought she was a Cylon. She always seemed ruthless enough. How sad that her last moments finally convinced me that she may have actually loved her husband.

    This was an excellent episode. The Resistance demanded a price for Ellen Tigh’s betrayal and sadly her husband had to deliver the sentence. This episode had my stomach churning all the way through. I prayed that Galactica would pull off the rescue before the end of the episode as I didn’t fancy going through that kind of tension over two episodes.
    In this episode the bond between Rosalyn and Tom is confirmed when he hands his gun to Jammer and tells him to take care of Rosalyn. I actually enjoyed their conflicts and hope that this new found respect will not get in the way of that once the dust has settled and they are back on Galactica.
    During the fight with Galactica and the Base ship I got the definite impression that scenes were missing. The battle seemed short and bitty. Not up to the shows usual standards (maybe it will be expanded in the DVDs). I was so disappointed with this that it didn’t cross my mind that Apollo might actually come to Galactica’s rescue. And what a rescue, now the Pegasus has gone.
    Anders finally finds his wife after not knowing whether she was alive or dead. When Kara is kissing Leoben in order to save Casey I expected Anders to walk in and catch her I was pleasantly surprised when Kara plunges a knife into the Cylon a fitting end to that frakked up relationship. The ultimate shocker of the ep was the fact that Casey is not Kara’s child. What a mind frak! Excellent episode.
  • Great episode.

    Tigh decides the fate of his wife Ellen after she became an accessory to murder. Apollo leads the fleet to Earth, he struggles with the idea that his dad might be on a one way trip to New Caprica. The Resistance start their attack on the cylons just as the Galactica rescue party jumps into the atmosphere of New Caprica. The cylons start evacuating the planet just as the surprise attack cripples their ability to control the humans. This is one awesome episode, we get to see the ships inside the planet's atmosphere, something we haven't seen before. It's an awesome sight.
  • Pure class

    A perfect example of why BG is possibly the best sci-fi show ever created. This is the episode I've been waiting for and in no way was I disappointed. In fact, this was probably my favourite episode ever. I'd expected Lee to come to the rescue, but not for the Pegasus to be destroyed.
    The first 3 episodes in season 3 have been excellent and shown that the fully rounded charcters that BG has given us can be just as captivating on a planet as in their normal surroundings of a Battlestar. But this is what it's all been leading up to.
    Not only were the action sequences simply breathtaking, but the high quality story arc wasn't forgotten either.
    I can only hope that this episode will be nominated for an award.
  • Amazing...gob-smacking...brilliant. After 3 fascinating \"on-the-ground\" episodes of outstanding high drama and character development, those looking for a return to crash-bang-wallop got what they wanted, but with a few Ron Moore twists.

    We got the washed-out \"warfare\" camera work (sans Black Hawk Down) a perfect combination of live action with F/X (Vipers flying at low level across New Caprica) and two twists in the plot (Starbucks \"daughter\" and Pegasus)...and an extraordinarily original premise (Adamas use of the Galactica when attacking New Caprica).

    And it left the season with dozens of potential plot threads to pursue - with damaged characters, and a depleted and remourseful Fleet to come to terms with the Occupation.

    But most of all, Exodus Part 2 managed to encompass both an epic storyline - with a decent space battle and plenty of ground action to satisfy the \"younger\" audience who perhaps weren\'t appreciating the writers willingness to engage in \"hard\" drama, together with the human elements that make BG such riveting watching. Unlike near enough any other TV drama, BG\'s characters are capable of failure - they fuddle through their lives just like we do. CSI/NCIS/24/Lost characters rarely blunder - and if they do the entire episode is built upon that \"aberation\". BG\'s ability to slow down, and for a moment give us the chance to watch characters contemplate, consider and agonise, without the distraction of endless dialogue or action sets it apart from any other TV (or even movie) drama. As Season 3 progresses, the show continues to be an increasing source of embarrassment to the members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences who resolutely refuse to grant TV\'s best drama the recognition it so rightly deserves.
  • Near perfection !

    This episode is just awesome ! The first 15 to 20 minutes have some heavy emotional scenes going on. You see the relationship between Lee and Dualla developing(finally for the first time), and also some nice scenes between the cylons and Baltar, after all this it goes to a great climax. We’ve seen some great action in previous episodes like resurrection ship part 2, but the action in this episode is like nothing you’ve ever seen before in any sci fi serie. Most interesting thing about it is the tactical execution by galactica on the rescue mission. I cant wait to see the next climax of action the serie is building up to!
  • Amazing, exciting, heart pounding, pulse quickening, satisfying!

    This episode was with-out a doubt the BEST episode ever! In fact I think it may have been one of the best all around shows of any kind on any network! The written story, the acting, the editing, the phtogoraphy, costume, make-up were all top notch. This show deserves an emmy nomination. I love 24, Grey\\\'s Anatomy and most of the high qaulity shows and this episode of Battlestar Galactica was as good as it can be done. In fact, I think it was better than most full length feature films I have seen the last few years! BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!
  • I\'ve come to the conclusion after watching this episode, that in all my years watching television, this was the best I\'ve ever experienced and enjoyed.

    Reflecting after watching this episode, I couldn\'t help but revel in a true classic. I got goosebumps so many times during the show, I got elated, I teared up, and some moments were uncomfortable and painful as I envisioned myself in the shoes of some of the characters toughest challenge yet. This one had just about every emotion you could go through in a television show, and then some.

    Already online, people are marveling at the \"Adama maneuver\", a fictional maneuver that makes sense and truly exemplified why this science fiction show is not too far-fetched from a realistic future. I was just absolutely stunned when I saw it, it was just utterly brilliant in concept and scope.

    All of this couldn\'t be pulled off if the actors and actresses weren\'t talented. But they are, immensely so. The cast is just perfect for this show, all of them are believable and unforgettable.

    I\'m just extremely grateful that this show was created, and that it is in its 3rd season (and I hope many more if it remains at this caliber.)

    This episode is a true classic, in my mind, and I believe time will choose it to be so, too.
  • See, Star Trek would just beam them all away, LAME. Now, Galactica, falling like a brick out of the sky and jumping away at the last second to provide cover fire while the civilians make for their ships. Much more exciting than beaming them away.ILUV BSG.

    Incredible, thats the word for this episode, The Cylons taunting Baltar and then New Caprica going up in flames. The resistance storming the detention center in a hailfire of bullets. The civilians drop everything and dash for their lives, toward their ships. Then as the resistence is pinned down by the cylons, Galactica plummets out of the sky and launches the vipers, and then BOOM jumps away. One of my favorite scenes is the civilians running into the ship parking lot as other ships lift off and cylons and vipers buzzing around them. And then that one ship streaks overhead as the ships jump away. It really was a shame that they lost the Pegasus, but then again this show is only about one. This is what makes this show great. LONG LIVE BSG!!!!! PS to all those classic bsg guys who hate this show. If this show is so bad and the old one was so much better. Then why has this one lasted nearly 3 times longer than the old one HUH?
  • Really good, but kind of a letdown

    Season one of BG was alright. it got interesting near the end but it wasnt anything special.
    Season two was much better, but still didn\'t bring the pain till the season finale.
    Now we have Season 3. So far it has taken the show to a whole other level and this episode is no exception. I am sad though. I loved how they re-imagined the show and I was thinking that the entire season would be spent on the planet, but i guess they have other plans. Great episode...Great season.
  • Thank you.

    We all knew it was coming, we Battlestar Galactica fans, ever since that fateful meeting a season ago. After all, the show isn't called Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus, so it stands to reason that the old girl wouldn't settle for being the second best boat in the sky for very long. Fortunately, the crew of this new show knew well enough to wait a bit before bringing in the second ship, and to wait a little longer before sending it to its fiery end. And what an end it was - the fx guys must have pulled a few all nighters to put that battle together. The human (and Cylon) elements were a little more hit and miss; Ellen Tigh's tragic end was one of the most unforgettable scenes I have ever witnessed, but I just wasn't feeling the Baltar storyline. It would have been so much more satisfying if Gaeta had shot him, but I don't suppose that was in the cards. Plus, the brief reappearance of "Fantasy Six" at the end was a bit disjointed; I almost feel as if the scene would have been better served without her. And the lack of any continuation of Sharon's story left me wanting as well, although I'm fairly certain that we haven't heard the last of our dear Mrs. Agathon.

    And what happens now? A lot of folks died down on New Caprica, and some didn't make it to the boats. Baltar is finally where he was, I suppose, always destined to be. Galactica may be a bit crowded with two ships worth of crew aboard, and I'm loathe to imagine the terror that the always difficult Colonel Tigh will become now. Will he get an eyepatch, or a glass eye? I don't see an eyepatch going over very well, but I can always dream.
  • Goodbye New Caprica! We hardly knew ya!

    Drawing to a close the "New Caprica Experiment" this episode had amazing special effects, great action, and a ton of twists and turns. The loss of Pegasus will no doubt be a large one, but in turn, the Cylons lost four Baseships and their stranglehold on humankind. Sacrifices made on both sides of this war is becoming a signature of the show and helps to increase the "humanity" of the Cylons. They are indeed like children finding their way. Mistakes are made along the way that have major reprecussions; however, unlike humans, they can start over if they fail. Casey not being Starbucks child threw me for a loop; it was unexpected, at least, for me, but nothing else had me too surprised. The touching ending, focusing more on those who gave themselves over to saving humanity or had more harrowing roads to hoe instead of on Adama who was seen as the mastermind, showed a truer side of these events. I do hope Adama proves to everyone that the human race could not have been saved without everyone's hard work. The focus and spotlight should not be on him soley.
  • We're all one big, happy, space-faring family again.

    This season has been great, but I was disappointed by this episode, the conclusion, presumably, of the New Caprica plotline. I felt like I did not learn enough - though perhaps the holes will be filled in as more new episodes premiere.

    How many people survived? How many are left? What happened to Callie? How could Pegasus have been damaged beyond saving, but older Galactica was able to escape?

    A lot of concrete stuff did happen, though. Ellen finally went too far, and Tigh himself had to eliminate her. Apollo found his balls and defied direct orders to save the Galactica, essentially giving up his own command to do so (good bargain - Pegasus for three base ships!). Starbuck learns that the Cylons are as deceptive as ever. Could she ever stand to be a mother after her ordeal?

    Surely some were left behind on New Caprica, and not just Hera. Will there be a Helo-like tangential story line in episodes to come as we learn the fate of those who missed the exodus?

    One of my long-standing questions was answered, though: why do the Cylons even bother chasing the rag-tag fleet? D'Anna supplied the answer: self-preservation. If humans tell stories of the evil Cylons, they will be reviled over generations, eventually becoming bogeymen. And when humans step out and explore space again, and they encounter Cylons, their only reaction will be to destroy them. I'm not sure I buy that, but it is as good an explanation that I've heard yet.

    I'll miss all the new Cylon models, but we still have five more to discover, so let's get back to the search for Earth and see what's out there.
  • The time on New Caprica comes to an end.

    At the end of last season, I posted a review praising the intensity of the wild reversals that the show\'s writers had taken us through. I mentioned that many season ending episodes of other shows were often disappointing or far-fetched, and was thrilled to see Galactica go in an unexpected, yet seemingly inevitable direction, onto the world of \'New Caprica\'.

    With this new episode, the series has effectively returned to the basic Galactica plot; a rag-tag group of ships making its way across the galaxy, fighting the Cylons and the odds. It amazes me that it only took three episodes to get the series back into its old format. The time on New Caprica was an intense one that will leave lasting scars on the Galactica crew, but I think the stop there will only deepen the series. Bravo.
  • Rockin action and harrowing emotions - WOW!

    OMG, I haven't been so excited about battle sequences in a very long time. The in-atmosphere jump ROCKED! The pullaway from Gallactica getting pounded to Pegasus rocket fire, and the subsequent ramming & destruction of TWO base stars, OMG!!! The mind-frak of Kara with "her" kid. And Tighe's angst over his wife - incredible!!! Definitely a series classic.

    Looks like Baltar will be with the Cylon ships now, so it will be even more akin to the original series.

    New questions: Where is his role going? What is going to happen with Boomer's baby? Are Roslin and Zarek now best of buds, or will the rivalry start again?

    Ah! This is easily the best show on TV.
  • Nothing better on television. From the death of Ellen, the in-atmosphere jump by the Galactica, the fall of the Pegasus and a the look of pure sadness from Saul and Kara during the end celebration. At the end it felt like I had forgotten to breath.

    I can't remember a time in recent, or distant past where I was so absolutely enthralled in the brilliance of a single hour of a television show. Nothing about this episode felt like an over-used cliche, no matter how many times you think you've seen the same thing before.
    There are so many shining moments in this particular episode that it's hard for me to point out just one. Adama's resolve when he thought they were going to die probably stands out the most for me. He's a heroes hero and hands-down the best character on television today.
  • Let's hit the magic reset button.

    While it was obvious that they tried, somehow this episode just didn't do it for me.

    Saul having to kill his wife was predictable...well-written, but predictable simply because it was necessary (at least in the context of a resistance movement). I can't say I'm sad to see her go; the actress did a brilliant job, but I never really liked the character.

    After that, it seemed like the entire episode was designed around the sole purpose of undoing a lot of the last season or so: we're off the planet and back in space—primarily on Galactica, Pegasus is no longer, Starbuck doesn't really have a daughter, Adama doesn't have a moustache, and the Cylons as a whole haven't particularly advanced their understanding of humanity or acheived any particular insights into their own existence—despite the fact that that was supposed to be a large part of their purpose in co-habitating with humans. Lee is still fat, though (albeit, can all but see the cotton-balls or whatever he has in his cheeks).

    They did good work on how the characters would cope with the various situations, but overall, the situations themselves felt too contrived for my liking...especially all at once. As I said in my summary, it felt to me like they hit the magic reset button.
  • The course of this episode was very predictable.

    Ok, so it was clear from the start that the Galactica wouldn't be able to hold out without help from the Pegasus, so it was a bit anticlimactic when Pegasus showed up. It would've been a whole lot more ambitious to kill off Helo and Adama by letting Galactica explode. That wouldn't been something. Instead, Galactica escapes, and so does the Pegasus crew. Pfft.

    Though I liked it when the Pegasus blew up.

    Oh, and Saul killing Ellen...was that really necessary? Since when is Anders a vengeful jerk? The whole thing seemed a bit absurd. What was Ellen supposed to do? What would any of them had done in that situation?

    Best part of the episode: the end, when Saul and Kara clearly don't feel like celebrating.
  • Frakking Awesome

    Just so much happened in 60 minutes. Starbuck reunites with her Husband, saves her child, finds out it's not her child and loses it and all the while Starbuck's story was a minor part of this action/drama packed episode. We lose the Pegasus in a fantastic space battle and it does make me wonder if they knew that the Pegasus wasn't coming back and they removed all the viable supplies from it before they arrived, I mean, they really are short on supplies so not removing everything in that ship before leaving would have been a major error, 1 bottle of water is 1 bottle of water and they better not have lost that bottle of water but I digress. Great episode, action abound, let's just hope SciFi doesn't cancel the show because it costs too much to produce.
  • Once again, BSG proves why it is one of the best shows on TV

    And so ends the experiment of New Caprica, spawning a thousand new crimes against humanity and demonstrating without a doubt the massive difference between Human and Cylon. This episode is the culmination of everything that took place in the second season finale, driving home a number of inevitable consequences and outlining the emotional scars. By the time Adama shaves off that damn moustache, the audience is begging for a sense of normalcy. Thankfully, the writers make it very clear that the wounds of New Caprica may never heal.

    They have the rest of the season to deal with the consequences; this episode was all about ending the nightmare and establishing a new status quo, familiar but disturbing. The price of freedom for the people of New Caprica was staggering, and that’s just looking at the immediate cost. How many people died on the ground, and how many resources were lost with the destruction of Battlestar: Pegasus? And how many resources will be needed to repair Galactica from its massive damage? This was the largest battle since “Resurrection Ship: Part II” in the second season, and as is befitting of this series, it was as impressive and horrifying at the same time.

    Nothing happens without a price on this series, and everyone paid. I’m surprised that so many of the civilian ships made it off New Caprica. I was expecting the Cylons to start firing on the ships as they took off from the ground. After all, Galactica and Pegasus were outnumbered, and one of those Basestars could have strafed the ground. Of course, there’s the possibility that the Cylons were still willing to let humanity live in the hopes of future reconciliation, but that’s not the most compelling argument.

    Ron Moore always said that the situation on New Caprica would be resolved within a few episodes, and that promise was fulfilled. I’m not sure that I’m happy about that, but I can see the thought process. The second half of the second season was fraught with uninspired storytelling; the status quo had become largely entrenched, and something massive needed to happen. New Caprica was, in essence, a plot device, a means of changing characters and stirring up new conflicts. That was largely successful, even if the New Caprica situation was begging for more exploration.

    Many of the main characters have issues that will need to be explored. Adama wasn’t himself after Baltar’s victory; he may have called Lee soft, but how much of that was transference? Kara will need to examine her sudden maternal instincts. Tigh needs to deal with the morality of his command decisions. And Lee needs to find his role outside of his brief and unsettling command. (Granted, most of this comes down to the writers explaining why the characters would take such a direction, but if things are explained retroactively, it could all work out in the end.)

    Now Baltar and Hera are among the Cylons, and there’s every reason to think that this will continue to challenge the Cylon culture. Hera seems to be the fulfillment of the Cylon agenda from the first season, but just what will that ever-referenced plan turn out to be? Will they be too distracted to keep after the Colonial Fleet, or will they return to the old philosophies with a vengeance?

    There were a number of interesting levels to the episode, and all of them made this a thrill ride. That doesn’t mean that the episode was perfect. The opening scene with Lee and Dualla was one of the worst scenes in recent memory, from the dialogue on the page to the stilted and unconvincing delivery. The timely arrival of Pegasus was telegraphed to the point of absurdity, and it’s hard to justify the sacrifice of a more powerful ship in such a dire situation.

    Overall, it was a thrilling and entertaining episode with a few rough spots along the way. The effects were excellent, and some of the moments in the final act were gut-wrenching. It all comes down to the scenes that didn’t work and the potential for character decisions to be explained. Only time will tell, but it’s hard not to overlook the negatives by the time the end credits are rolling.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Current episodes cover “Battlestar: Galactica”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • Another great outing

    I’m kind of torn about this week’s installment of Battlestar Galactica. On the one hand, I loved just about everything that unfold on-screen. But there was one huge niggling detail that really seemed a bit too convienent and easily resolved (from a conflict standpoint..I have faith the impact on the characters involved will be far reaching).

    I’m referring to Kaycee, the alleged daughter of Starbuck.

    Deep down, I knew that despite all of Lebonen’s claims to the contrary that Kaycee would not be the daughter of Starbuck. But the way in which Kaycee is so quickly taken from Starbuck back on Galactica seemed a bit too convienent. I’d love to have seen a few weeks of how the hard-edged pilot and fighter that is Starbuck, who last year admitted she had nothing to fight for except that was all she knew how to do, suddenly have something to fight for. And would being a mom somehow affect her as a pilot? Would she be more ruthless and determined to take out the Toasters now that she had something to fight for? Though one off-shoot of this that I wonder about is will Starbuck now feel the call of motherhood and try to have a baby with Anders? Or has this soured her and burned her out to where she’ll close off from everyone around her?

    OK, so maybe I talked myself into it being sort of a good idea, if they can go somewhere with it.

    And that’s the big if.

    Also, I have to wonder just how long will Roslin’s honeymoon as the apparent re-instated president of the Colonies last. Sure, she’s a better alternative that Baltar but how long will it take for Zarak to begin to question whether or not she should hold the office.

    Last season it took eight episodes to wrap-up the various threads from the cliffhanger. This year, it took four to get back to where we were, though I don’t believe the fall-out from this one is even close to over. We have humans who joined with the Cylons against their brothers, we have the extreme methods the resistance used to stir up trouble for the Cylons and we’ve got the changed dynamic of many of the character relationships on the show from the big jump. I think we’ve got plenty of character ground left to cover.

    That said, this one was pretty jam packed, edge-of-your-seat full of action. You could really see the budget for this show spent here with the battle sequences. The thing I loved was they were easy to follow but yet there was an urgency to them that you could feel just coming off the screen. The sight of Galactica plunging through the atmosphere behing the defenses of the Cylons to deliver the Raptors to New Caprica…wow. And the sight of Pegasus ramming the basestar was just spectacular.

    But while the Colonials won a battle, there were losses. Gaeta was ready to kill Baltar. Also, Tigh had to make a huge sacrifice, killing Ellen. The scene as Tigh poisons here was moving as was his return to the Galactica. The part where Adama is lifted up on shoulders as some hero while Tigh, who made some huge sacrfices and is just as responsible for the success of the rescue as Adama, is left to slowly fade into the distance. Tigh is the right-hand man without whom none of what happened would be possible but yet the crowd has forgotten that. And it’s intersting that this time last season, Tigh was under heavy fire for stepping in and doing what needed to be done with Adama down. Could this lead Tigh to become bitter and deeper into the bottle?

    And then there’s Baltar. So I guess he’s travelling with the Cylons now. And we should see him in the swivel chair any day now.

    All I know is–New Caprica has been left behind. And now we’re ready for the next run of episodes to see where the fleet goes next. I am hooked and can’t wait.
  • This is, hands down, no exaggeration, the single finest thing I have ever seen on TV. Evaryone involved deserves a pat on the back. This is grand storytelling at its best.

    The new Galactica has proven that it is now the final word in sci-fi. In this one episode, they have achieved greates action drama and gut wrenching emotion than anything put forth by Star Wars, Star Trek, or even Babylon 5. Also, this os the only show I have seen that uses genuinely brilliant military strategy. The Galactica plummeting through the atmosphere while launching Vipers- this image will forever be burned into my memory.

    The challenge now is for the show to maintain this superb level of storytelling. Congradulations, Galactica! You have set the new standard.
  • Adama and the battlestar galactica mount a rescue attempt for the human race which is trapped on New Caprica by Cylon overlords.

    In my opinion this was truly and totally the most exciting Battlestar Galactica episode to date. The action and the innovative storyline had me at the edge of my seat throughout the entire episode. I havent reacted to a show with the same glee as this one since an old episode of deep space nine (deep space episodes 73 and 74 \\\"Way of the Warrior\\\")

    This episode changes your ideas and preconceptions (if you have any) about what a battlestar can really do.

    I have not seen a better series on tv so in my life. This is the only show i look forward to seeing every week,
    even if the series never has another episode quite like this, it will still be the best show on TV in my book.
  • This show just gets better and better. Where normally shows start to go down and the story gets boring BGS just keeps the action coming and coming to the point where you have to pause the show to take a breath. If it stays like this ill die when it ends.

    this episode answers a lot of question but also brings in also more questions to be answered in future episodes. This episode also brings in the most emotion I have seen in BGS so far. It also ends the story of the planet (I believe anyway) and takes you back into space. But with the end of The Pegasus and everyone on the one ship again it will bring a lot of the Old School story's back but with all the new life's and changes to people I am sure we will see some big changes.

    I am already thinking about when Season 4 starts!
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