Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 4

Exodus, Part 2

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2006 on Syfy

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  • One way trip.

    -Tigh taking Ellen's life was a powerful scene, I never expected Tigh to have that in him. His absolute commitment to the resistance still shocks me. That single wide rimmed eye made for a macabre image as Ellen laid out all she had done "for him." Tigh's storyline has definitely been one of the best parts of what was one of the best plots in the series.

    -The end to Starbuck's storyline with Leoben also made for some good scenes. At first I was questioning that Leoben would force the words and actions out of Kara, versus her saying them unsolicited. But the reveal of his lie about Casey proved he was never after the real thing. Which just makes it all the more disturbing that he would subject Starbuck to all of that.

    -Baltar leaving with the Cylons was an interesting turn. While I definitely didn't want him to die(yet) part of me wishes Gaeta had pulled the trigger, if only for the resolution it would have brought his character. Baltar's final scene with Three and Six was an eerie moment as he let Hera be taken in amongst the Cylons. Watching Three hold her made me realize the joy of Roslin being wrong isn't worth the child falling into their hands.

    -Galactica's in atmo jump was one of the bigger, "Holy ****!" moments in my television watching career. And I was once again impressed by how impressed I was by the effects. Especially when Galactica jumped away, just before the vacuum it leaves behind collapses. Hot Dog never really seemed worth mentioning, but he became an instant favorite for his line just before he fires out of the launch tube.

    Hot Dog: "Well, this oughta be different."

    That quiet cool(bordering on indifference) in the face of calamity is always an admirable trait in my book. The action took on a more somber note as Galactica continued the fight in deep orbit trying to draw the Basestars away. The long pullback shot of it getting pelted again and again by the Basestars surrounding it was incredible, as were the interior shots of Adama and crew resigned to their fate. And when all seems lost, that beacon of hope showing up in the form of Apollo and the Pegasus was built up really well I thought. The reversal of the Pegasus being the one to go down, though kind of inevitable, was handled beautifully. I loved that even with her destruction she managed to take out two Basestars. I think Cain would of been proud of Pegasus' final moments.

    -The reunion/victory celebration in Galactica's hanger deck was by far my favorite moment. The joy of the occasion being marred by those who didn't make it home, Tigh's voice cracking on the line, "Not all of them," the shot of Starbuck reeling from finding out Casey isn't her daughter, and Adama's look over his shoulder to Tigh as the chants of his name ring out all added up to an amazing scene. My only regret is that the episode didn't cut to the credits right then, as it felt like the perfect way to end it.

    In the end Resurrection Ship is still my favorite storyline, but New Caprica has been a close second.