Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 Episode 8

Final Cut

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Previously on BSG: Scenes of the "Gideon massacre" when Lt. Palladino was sent to quell a disturbance aboard a supply ship that was refusing to send supplies to the Galactica after Col. Tigh had imposed martial law. Caprica Sharon's pregnancy. We see footage of the "Gideon massacre," where the Galactica troops shot and killed unarmed civilians as reported by D'Anna Biers (Lucy Lawless). She is splicing together video and tells her cameraman, "We need stock footage of raging marines." She is summoned to Galactica. As part of the healing process following the arrest of President Roslin and the imposition of martial law, Adama agrees to Roslin's plan to allow Biers to document the everyday lives of the crew aboard the Galactica. Biers is given unlimited access to the ship in order to put a "human face on the officers and crew" who protect the fleet from the Cylons. Meanwhile, Ellen Tigh discovers a threatening message meant for Col. Tigh written on the mirror in their room. "FROM THE DARKNESS YOU MUST FALL." On the way to Galactica, Adama is looking at a family magazine in the Raptor. Racetrack said that she found the magazines and was planning on throwing them out. Adama says that they should keep them. He warns Biers "if you start shooting anything that compromises the safety of this ship, it'll be cut." Apollo and Starbuck are in the senior officers' quarters, joking that Starbuck may be a suspect in the threat against Tigh. Apollo says Kara couldn't be the perp because she doesn't know any Caprican poetry. Affronted, she recites "From the darkness you must fall/Failed and weak to darkness all," a poem from Kataris of Caprica. Dualla is guiding D'Anna Biers around, pointing out details such as the procedures for safeguarding food stores. Viper pilots Hot Dog and Kat run by, dressed in only towels. D'Anna and her cameraman follow them into the senior officers' quarters. The camera catches Lt. Palladino reclining in a top bunker, reading a red book. Kat begins mugging for the camera. She turns around, flips up her towel for the camera and says that it's a message to all her buddies on Freighter 212. Apollo grabs her and asks what she is doing. Kat says she's just sending a message. Apollo says she is literally talking out of her @$$. He tells the non-officers to leave the room. Anastasia Dualla tells Biers on camera why she joined the military. Baltar sees Biers later and tries to get noticed. Number Six tells Baltar "Trust me, this one can help us." Biers finally asks to speak with Baltar and he pretends that he has a busy schedule. Biers will have to talk to his aides to set up an interview the next day. Right. Apollo tells the camera that his pilots deserve respect. Kat and Chief Tyrol get into a shouting match on camera. Later, PFC Scott Kelso states to Biers that Tigh is to blame for Gideon. He's surprised that someone hasn't tried to take him out. Lt. Palladino steps in and puts a halt to the video interview. Adama sends Tigh to Cloud Nine to clear the air about the martial law order and Gideon, as well as to clear his head. "Stay away from the bar," Adama says. Someone sabotages the Raptor carrying Tigh, but fortunately the damage is discovered before they take off. Ellen tells Saul Tigh that Roslin and Adama are setting him up to take the blame for Gideon. We see the lovely Racetrack lighting a candle in front of a shrine to victims of the Cylons. On tape, we learn that her full name is Lt. Margaret Edmonson. Helo also tapes an interview. Sharon is in pain and bleeding. Her baby is in danger. Felix Gaeta is smoking a cigarette on camera. He is relaxed and reflects that he may have missed out on the joys in life by working so hard to become an officer on the Galactica. He uncovers a large tattoo on his chest. Biers interviews Tigh and offers him a drink. Tigh realizes she is setting him up. He storms out and pushes Biers. "Someone's a mean drunk," she says to the cameraman. Biers interviews Starbuck while she is practicing kickboxing on a punching bag. What does she look for in a new recruit? "Someone crazy enough to follow me into combat." Adama apologizes for Tigh's outburst. Kat crashes her Viper and is found with a bottle of "stims" (stimulants). Biers follows the medical team as they take Kat to sickbay. Biers sees Sharon screaming. The doctor says, "I'm trying to save your baby." "This is a restricted area!" the guards tell Biers. Adama comes down and asks for the tape. They both know the explosive nature of Sharon's presence on the ship. Biers complains "I am sick to death of people like you questioning my patriotism! We all want this fleet to survive." She hands over the tape, but after Adama leaves, we discover that she has another copy. Baltar is answering questions while Biers is still setting up the camera. Number Six tells Baltar that he should state why he deserves to lead the fleet. Before the taped interview takes place, alarms go off. Two Cylon Raiders are headed toward the fleet. Biers goes to the command room. The Raiders are CBDR [Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range] or on a collision course. Apollo, Starbuck, Hot Dog and others go to intercept. We see a clip of Dualla's interview. Her father condemned her for joining the military. She never had a chance to reconcile before the Cylon attack on Caprica. We see the command center during the engagement with the Raiders. Dualla says that she is fearful but still does her job. After the battle, she tells Biers that it gets worse. Apollo is glad that they didn't lose any Viper pilots. Ellen Tigh is bound and lying on the floor. Col. Tigh walks in and is struck from behind. Biers is watching the footage she has shot when she notices that the book Lt. Palladino was holding was a book of poems from Kataris. Indeed, Palladino is holding Tigh at gunpoint. He is upset because his team had to kill humans, not Cylons, at Gideon. He can't pull the trigger though and Tigh grabs the gun. "Gideon was an accident. This [the gun] is a choice," Tigh hollers. The Marines and Biers are there. In sickbay, Kit tells Biers on camera that she was losing her edge. That's why she was taking "stims." Adama, Col. Tigh and Roslin are watching the tape. Tigh is disgusted with the documentary. He says it's a hatchet job. It "shows us with our pants down and our asses hanging out." He asks Adama what he thinks. Surprisingly, Adama likes it. It puts a human face on the "guardians of the fleet." Adama and Roslin want to see the end of the film. To everyone's surprise, Biers provides a voiceover that recognizes the complex nature of the Galactica crew. They are human and flawed but also brave. We begin to hear the theme from the original BSG series played in grand fashion, like a stately, patriotic Sousa march. Biers relays Gaeta's comment that not one crew member has asked to resign. Biers calls the crew "the thin line of blue" that separates the fleet from the Cylons. A janitor whistles the original theme music as pilots and crew members march by. "This is D'Anna Biers. Fleet News Service." As the film ends, we find ourselves in a Caprica screening room. The evil trio of Doral, Number Six and Sharon No. 3 are watching. They are amazed at the humans' resilience. They ask to see the deleted footage. They are shocked to see that the other Sharon is still alive. Sharon No. 3 exclaims, "I'm still alive! She's still alive! I told you!" Number Six tears up and mentions the baby. We see a fourth audience member . . . [BIG SPOILER BELOW] who turns and says that she lost two Raiders relaying the film back to the (Cylon) fleet. Biers states about the baby, "It truly is a miracle from God."