Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 8

Flesh and Bone

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2005 on Syfy
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A copy of the Leoben Conoy model (the Cylon that Adama killed in the mini-series) appears in the civilian fleet. Starbuck is assigned to the interrogation. Roslin had a dream about Conoy before he was captured, so she's particularly determined to uncover his plans. Meanwhile, Boomer asks Baltar to test his new Cylon detector on her. Sharon on Caprica receives new instructions that she's not comfortable with.moreless

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  • Flesh and Bone

    Flesh and Bone was another perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development as a known Human Form Cylon is captured and interrogated by Starbuck. Sharon on Caprica continues to weave her web around Helo. The whole episode was entertaining and enough can't be said about the value of the production of this episode and series. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode, as the ending in this one was pretty good!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • The one where: a cylon is captured!

    Season One is on a roll! We're left with quite the cliff-hanger here. Leoben tells Roslin that Adama is a cylon and it shakes her to the very core. Adama did warn us that this particular cylon has a penchant for playing mind games, and that he also webs his words in partial truths. It's hard to believe that Adama is a cylon since if he were a toaster, he'd have been used to blow the entire fleet to smithereens already.

    But still, Leoben makes for an awesome, complex villain. Spouting off philosophical nonsense at every opportunity, his scenes with Starbuck are superb. I'm not quite sure why Starbuck was chosen to interrogate him though. She seems to be a jack of all trades, or, well, just awesome at everything she does: best sniper shot, best pilot, best teaching instructor, best chain smoker (actually, no, that one goes to Doc Cottle). It's sometimes difficult to buy into her endless awesomeness considering how insubordinate she can be at times. But, heck, I'll run with it.

    Hmm, is Roslin psychic now? Is this another side-effect of the camalla extra she's taking? I kept thinking that maybe Leoben somehow managed to navigate his way into her mind, kind of like Roslin's head-Six. Whatever the case, I loved the misdirection and total callousness of her character when she prompted for the guards to toss Leoben out of the airlock. Gripping stuff.

    And, er, it looks like Sharon is coming around to the human side of things with Helo. It's probably due to all of Caprica Six's animosity towards her. And Gaius finds out that Boomer is a cylon. It's interesting to note that head-Six hates Boomer just as much as Cap-Six hates Sharon. I, on the other hand, love them both.

    If I had a gripe with this episode, it's probably how lax everyone is surrounding Leoben even though the slightest hint of a possible cylon on-board in previous episodes caused a riot. Just a table and chair, strapped with a pair of flimsy handcuffs? Really? Kara is left alone with a terminator. Really? The fact that the president's guard allowed Leoben to get close enough for a quick pre-murder cuddle. REALLY?

    Ah well.

    Spoilerish Title Sequence: 5 mins and 50 secs into the episode.

    Frak-O-Meter: Maybe I was half-asleep during this one, but I didn't count a single frak.

    Cylon Sex: We get a rest from all of the flesh bearing this week. Although Boomer sleezes on the raider again.

    Spot the six: Head-Six and Cap-Six both present and accounted for.

    Death/Injuries: Starbuck orders for her men to beat the living crap out of Leoben. He also grabs Starbuck by the throat and leaves a fairly nasty bruise. And finally, Leoben is killed at the end by order of the president.

    Boomer or Sharon?: It's a tough call. Sharon is officially on the side of good now. But Boomer's scene with Gaius is hilarious! I'll get back to you.

    Ships Lost: There was the threat of a nuclear bomb, but no dice.

    Battlestar Bleakness: I guess torture is bleak, right? Starbuck's rant about the genocide of her people really hit home this time around. I know they mention it every other episode, but I kind of had a ''oh sh**'' moment after she said it. Bummer.

    Lots and lots of solid scenes this time around. Gold acting stars to our main cast. This really is such an impressive cast of actors. They nail it each and every time.moreless
  • Too ambitious for one episode, but has some interesting moments none the less

    The main problem with this episode is that it's just too short to have a meaningful story for Starbuck.

    She goes from hating Leoben as the Cylon he is to praying for him at the end. It's too much of a u-turn. If this was a sub-story that spanned a number of episodes, as she gradually fell under his spell, it'd have been more rewarding.

    Another problem is why did Adama send Starbuck at all? She's a pilot, so why would she be doing interrogations?

    However Leobon is good even in the confines of this episode, and it's interesting how he works his way into people's minds. I particularly love how Roslin spaces him saying not to trust his words... then in the very final scene shows that he has cast the seed of doubt with her over Adama. It's a wonderful moment, as you can see the doubt fan the flames of her paranoia.

    The secondary story of Baltar finding out Sharon is a Cylon is short but interesting... the cat's out of the bag, so what will he do next?

    All in all the episode just didn't have the time for the story to be done properly. But we've had bombs, raiders and basestars... and Leobon aptly shows that mere words can be very dangerous too.moreless
  • "So many, many interesting things seemed to happen during this episode." SPOILERS

    This episode again seemed to bring back the idea of one god vs. multiple and I think it's really awesome that they are doing that on a sci fi show. So many, many interesting things seemed to happen during this episode. 1. Starbuck seems to be questioning her fate and almost seems to be feeling bad for the cylon they let die and realizing they are more human than they appear. She hopes his soul is going to go to God because it might not be able to transfer to another body. 2. Laura thinks that Adama is a cylon. Was this actually the truth? I don't think so. That cylon was trying to rip them apart and cause chaos, I'm surprised Laura seemed to give in so easily. 3. Baltar now knows that Boomer is, in fact, a cylon. This seems to be pretty game changing when he lets her go. I feel bad for Boomer Overall, a really enjoyable two episodes. 9.5/10moreless
  • The story remains the same.

    Starbuck's interrogation of Leoban made for one of the best plots yet in the series, the acting and writing were both excellent throughout their scenes together. Leoban revealing Starbuck's past after the first round of water torture was by far my favorite part. In addition to being an emotionally charged moment, his dialogue was very well written and Starbuck's silent reaction was was played perfectly on her part.

    Leoban: "I see patterns. I know you, you're damaged. You were born to a woman who believed that suffering was good for the soul, so you suffered. Life is a testament to pain, injuries, accidents. Some inflicted upon others, as inflicted upon yourself. Surrounds you like a bubble but it's not... real. It's just- that's just something she put into your head. It's something that you wanna believe 'cause it means that you're the problem, not the world that you live in. You wanna believe it because... it means that you're bad luck. Like a cancer that needs to be removed. Because you hear her voice every day and you want her to be right."

    The only thing that brought the episode down was Roslin. First off what did she expect from a military interrogation? Of course he's going to be tortured. Second, I don't get why she's acting all high and mighty with Starbuck near the end of the episode. Did she forget that the whole interrogation was her idea? Plus she knew from the jump that she wasn't going to be happy until she talked to Leoban herself, so just do it and be done with him.

    It could have scored higher but Roslin took some of the shine off of what was an otherwise excellent episode.moreless
Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos

William Adama

Grace Park

Grace Park

Sharon "Boomer" Valerii

James Callis

James Callis

Gaius Baltar

Jamie Bamber

Jamie Bamber

Lee "Apollo" Adama

Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace

Mary McDonnell

Mary McDonnell

Laura Roslin

Eric Breker

Eric Breker

Gemenon Traveler Captain

Guest Star

Sandra Guerard

Sandra Guerard


Guest Star

Christina Schild

Christina Schild

Playa Palacios

Recurring Role

Biski Gugushe

Biski Gugushe

Sekou Hamilton

Recurring Role

Callum Keith Rennie

Callum Keith Rennie

Leoben Conoy

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Kara: (about Leoben) Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer. I don't know if he had a soul or not, but if he did, take care of it.

    • Leoben Conoy: It's funny, isn't it? We're all God, Starbuck. All of us. I see the love that binds all living things together.
      Starbuck: Love? You don't even know what the word means.
      Leoben Conoy: I know that God loved you more than all other living creatures and you repaid His divine love with sin, with hate, corruption, evil, so then He decided to create the Cylons.
      Starbuck: The gods had nothing to do with it. We created you. Us.

    • Starbuck: Sleeping?
      Leoben Conoy: Praying.
      Starbuck: I don't think the gods answer the prayers of toasters.
      Leoben Conoy: God answers everyone's prayers.

    • Leoben Conoy: (laughing) I was right. See, our faiths are similar but I look to one god, not to many.
      Starbuck: I don't give a damn what you believe.
      Leoben Conoy: To know the face of God is to know madness. I see the universe. I see the patterns. I see the foreshadowing that precedes every moment of every day. It's all there. I see it and you don't. And I have a surprise for you. I have something to tell you about the future.
      Starbuck: Is that so?
      Leoben Conoy: It is. But we have to see this through to the end. What is the most basic article of faith? This is not all that we are. See, the difference between you and me is, I know what that means and you don't. I know that I'm more than this body, more than this consciousness. A part of me swims in the stream but in truth, I'm standing o­n the shore. The current never takes me downstream.

    • Leoben: (to Kara) I know you. You're damaged. You were born to a woman who believes that suffering was good for the soul, so you suffered. Life is a testament to pain, injuries, accidents. Some inflicted upon others, some inflicted upon yourself. Surrounds you like a bubble but it's not... real it's just... that's just something she put into your head. It's something that you wanna believe 'cause it means that you're bad luck. Like a cancer that needs to be removed. Because you hear her voice every day and you want her to be right.

    • Roslin: President Adar o­nce said that the interesting thing about being a president is that you don't have to explain yourself to anyone.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The name of Christina Schild's character is listed as "Playa Kohn" in this episode, as it was in the two preceding episodes. However, she states her name as "Playa Palacios" in the episode "The Hand of God."

    • In the previous episode, Galactica Boomer told Tyrol that he had to treat the Cylon Raider like a pet in order to get it to work. In this episode, she caresses the outer hull and sings to it.

      Grace Park revealed in an interview that she was singing a Korean lullaby, one that her mother used to sing to her when she was young. The lullaby was not originally written in the script.

    • This episode first aired in the United Kingdom on December 6, 2004, on Sky One. Sky One co-financed the first season of the show.