Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 8

Flesh and Bone

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The President is woken from a disturbing dream where she sees a man try to tell her something before he is violently pulled away from her. Upon waking she is shown a picture of a newly captured Cylon, it is the same man. She orders Adama to interrogate the prisoner before killing it. Adama agrees reluctantly. He sends Starbuck over to do the dirty work. The Cylon works hard to try and throw off Starbuck. He speaks of God, and of many things before Kara starts to catch on. She tells him she believes he does fear death now that he is so far away from the other Cylons it could make transferring his spirit to the next model impossible. The Cylon tells her that there is a nuclear warhead planted aboard one of the ships, a fact later uncovered as a lie. Boomer tracks down Baltar and asks him to test her first to see if she is a Cylon. He reluctantly agrees, soon discovering she is a Cylon but not telling her, or anyone else. Back on Caprica, Sharon meets up with her co-conspirators where they tell her they have set up a cabin in the woods for them fully stocked with provisions. They order her to convince Helo to stay and start a life. They tell her that if he doesn't agree, she has to kill him. Boomer races back to Helo however and tells him they need to run, faster than ever before. The duo does not head to the cabin. Boomer has changed. The President confronts Starbuck on her interrogation techniques and orders her to stand down. She speaks to the Cylon briefly. He tells her Adama is a Cylon, and she instantly orders him put out the airlock. The scene plays out the same as in her dream. Kara returns to Galactica and says a prayer for the Cylon, asking the Lords of Kobol to look after him. The President and Adama sit down to a meal. Adama senses something is amiss with the President but she dismisses it. The seed of doubt has been planted.