Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 8

Flesh and Bone

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2005 on Syfy

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  • I don't think the gods answer the prayers of toasters.

    This one sort of had a lot to live up to, given that it was following an episode as superlatively amazing as Six Degrees. But this episode actually does a really good job of capitalizing on some of the most fascinating philosophical elements of its predecessor, and so it remains very much entertaining.

    The one problem that this episode does have, though, is that sometimes it becomes so philosophical and abstract that you're left after a scene wondering what the frak you just watched. Case in point: the cold open. Roslin has a short, meds-induced dream sequence in which she sees Conoy, but at the same time Conoy saves her from a group of angry human soldiers? Is this meant to imply that Adama is actually a Cylon, as Conoy suggested just before a pissed off Roslin throws him out the airlock, and that he's actually protecting her? I don't know! It's just so interpretive and abstract that it makes your head hurt.

    That brings us down to the theme of the episode, which is of course the identity that someone can have while simultaneously being a Cylon. Every plot and subplot in the episode deals with this theme in some way: on Caprica, Not!Boomer is revealed to act more like a human than the average Cylon model and fights with the difficult task of potentially killing Helo. On Galactica, the real Boomer comes to Gaius to get Cylon-tested, driven by nothing more than pure paranoia. (And of course Gaius, being who he is, doesn't mention that she IS actually a Most importantly, discussions occur mainly between Starbuck and Conoy over what it really means to be human.

    Conoy, as warned, spews out a lot of monotheistic scripture that Starbuck does her best to treat like nonsense. Of course, ultimately he does manage to sufficiently worm his way into her head and split up the fleet by warning of a nuke threat. (This particular bit of plot was kind of pointless since nothing ever came of the split-up fleet, but it's the idea that

    I don't want to go into a lot of depth about the thematic stuff that Starbuck and Conoy discuss in the meaty scenes of the episode, since a lot of people below have already analyzed it much better than I have. Coming out of the scenes, we learn that the Cylons' monotheism is extremely intense: they even believe that God has created them as a punishment to the humans! We also learn a little bit of backstory for Starbuck in an almost throwaway way: abusive mother. I'm sure we'll see that plotline developed at some point.

    The episode really picks up in the final scenes though, which are some great moments for Roslin. Always trying to pick the gentlest solution, she attempts to negotiate away the entire war with Conoy, but if you think she's playing a bit too nice, NOPE! When Conoy just keeps planting seeds in her brain, she throws him out the airlock without much ado. We still see that she was affected by these words though, in a scene afterwards between her and Adama.

    Overall, this wasn't a standout on the level of Six Degrees of Separation, but it was still very entertaining and gave a lot of new insight on the Cylon/human debate.
  • Flesh and Bone

    Flesh and Bone was another perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development as a known Human Form Cylon is captured and interrogated by Starbuck. Sharon on Caprica continues to weave her web around Helo. The whole episode was entertaining and enough can't be said about the value of the production of this episode and series. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode, as the ending in this one was pretty good!!!!!!!!!
  • The one where: a cylon is captured!


    Season One is on a roll! We're left with quite the cliff-hanger here. Leoben tells Roslin that Adama is a cylon and it shakes her to the very core. Adama did warn us that this particular cylon has a penchant for playing mind games, and that he also webs his words in partial truths. It's hard to believe that Adama is a cylon since if he were a toaster, he'd have been used to blow the entire fleet to smithereens already.

    But still, Leoben makes for an awesome, complex villain. Spouting off philosophical nonsense at every opportunity, his scenes with Starbuck are superb. I'm not quite sure why Starbuck was chosen to interrogate him though. She seems to be a jack of all trades, or, well, just awesome at everything she does: best sniper shot, best pilot, best teaching instructor, best chain smoker (actually, no, that one goes to Doc Cottle). It's sometimes difficult to buy into her endless awesomeness considering how insubordinate she can be at times. But, heck, I'll run with it.

    Hmm, is Roslin psychic now? Is this another side-effect of the camalla extra she's taking? I kept thinking that maybe Leoben somehow managed to navigate his way into her mind, kind of like Roslin's head-Six. Whatever the case, I loved the misdirection and total callousness of her character when she prompted for the guards to toss Leoben out of the airlock. Gripping stuff.

    And, er, it looks like Sharon is coming around to the human side of things with Helo. It's probably due to all of Caprica Six's animosity towards her. And Gaius finds out that Boomer is a cylon. It's interesting to note that head-Six hates Boomer just as much as Cap-Six hates Sharon. I, on the other hand, love them both.

    If I had a gripe with this episode, it's probably how lax everyone is surrounding Leoben even though the slightest hint of a possible cylon on-board in previous episodes caused a riot. Just a table and chair, strapped with a pair of flimsy handcuffs? Really? Kara is left alone with a terminator. Really? The fact that the president's guard allowed Leoben to get close enough for a quick pre-murder cuddle. REALLY?

    Ah well.

    Spoilerish Title Sequence: 5 mins and 50 secs into the episode.

    Frak-O-Meter: Maybe I was half-asleep during this one, but I didn't count a single frak.

    Cylon Sex: We get a rest from all of the flesh bearing this week. Although Boomer sleezes on the raider again.

    Spot the six: Head-Six and Cap-Six both present and accounted for.

    Death/Injuries: Starbuck orders for her men to beat the living crap out of Leoben. He also grabs Starbuck by the throat and leaves a fairly nasty bruise. And finally, Leoben is killed at the end by order of the president.

    Boomer or Sharon?: It's a tough call. Sharon is officially on the side of good now. But Boomer's scene with Gaius is hilarious! I'll get back to you.

    Ships Lost: There was the threat of a nuclear bomb, but no dice.

    Battlestar Bleakness: I guess torture is bleak, right? Starbuck's rant about the genocide of her people really hit home this time around. I know they mention it every other episode, but I kind of had a ''oh sh**'' moment after she said it. Bummer.

    Lots and lots of solid scenes this time around. Gold acting stars to our main cast. This really is such an impressive cast of actors. They nail it each and every time.

  • Too ambitious for one episode, but has some interesting moments none the less

    The main problem with this episode is that it's just too short to have a meaningful story for Starbuck.

    She goes from hating Leoben as the Cylon he is to praying for him at the end. It's too much of a u-turn. If this was a sub-story that spanned a number of episodes, as she gradually fell under his spell, it'd have been more rewarding.

    Another problem is why did Adama send Starbuck at all? She's a pilot, so why would she be doing interrogations?

    However Leobon is good even in the confines of this episode, and it's interesting how he works his way into people's minds. I particularly love how Roslin spaces him saying not to trust his words... then in the very final scene shows that he has cast the seed of doubt with her over Adama. It's a wonderful moment, as you can see the doubt fan the flames of her paranoia.

    The secondary story of Baltar finding out Sharon is a Cylon is short but interesting... the cat's out of the bag, so what will he do next?

    All in all the episode just didn't have the time for the story to be done properly. But we've had bombs, raiders and basestars... and Leobon aptly shows that mere words can be very dangerous too.
  • "So many, many interesting things seemed to happen during this episode." SPOILERS

    This episode again seemed to bring back the idea of one god vs. multiple and I think it's really awesome that they are doing that on a sci fi show. So many, many interesting things seemed to happen during this episode. 1. Starbuck seems to be questioning her fate and almost seems to be feeling bad for the cylon they let die and realizing they are more human than they appear. She hopes his soul is going to go to God because it might not be able to transfer to another body. 2. Laura thinks that Adama is a cylon. Was this actually the truth? I don't think so. That cylon was trying to rip them apart and cause chaos, I'm surprised Laura seemed to give in so easily. 3. Baltar now knows that Boomer is, in fact, a cylon. This seems to be pretty game changing when he lets her go. I feel bad for Boomer Overall, a really enjoyable two episodes. 9.5/10
  • The story remains the same.

    Starbuck's interrogation of Leoban made for one of the best plots yet in the series, the acting and writing were both excellent throughout their scenes together. Leoban revealing Starbuck's past after the first round of water torture was by far my favorite part. In addition to being an emotionally charged moment, his dialogue was very well written and Starbuck's silent reaction was was played perfectly on her part.

    Leoban: "I see patterns. I know you, you're damaged. You were born to a woman who believed that suffering was good for the soul, so you suffered. Life is a testament to pain, injuries, accidents. Some inflicted upon others, as inflicted upon yourself. Surrounds you like a bubble but it's not... real. It's just- that's just something she put into your head. It's something that you wanna believe 'cause it means that you're the problem, not the world that you live in. You wanna believe it because... it means that you're bad luck. Like a cancer that needs to be removed. Because you hear her voice every day and you want her to be right."

    The only thing that brought the episode down was Roslin. First off what did she expect from a military interrogation? Of course he's going to be tortured. Second, I don't get why she's acting all high and mighty with Starbuck near the end of the episode. Did she forget that the whole interrogation was her idea? Plus she knew from the jump that she wasn't going to be happy until she talked to Leoban herself, so just do it and be done with him.

    It could have scored higher but Roslin took some of the shine off of what was an otherwise excellent episode.
  • I think that this episode made a point to make the audience reflect about it, this is why this episode was filled with non essential interactions. However Gaius discovers something important, and a revelation is made, that could be or not be important.

    ***This review details – this is a "I" perspective, based in what I like and recognize to be good or interesting, this is not a "god" where the guy thinks what he thinks is the true or the "you" perspective where I know what you will like and what you don´t.***

    After Chief and Gaius had their episodes, it was time for the President had her spotlight too, so I was curious I the writers would explore her illness and mix with the storyline itself.

    For Gaius for example was easy because he is trying to hide the fact that he is one of the responsible for the attacks. In her case, was just her and the fact she is sick, but magically, the writers decided to give her some power, since she had a dream where she was helped by a Cylon, which is strange, because later the same Cylon model was caught, so from the beginning I started to see this episode more like a explored filler than anything else.

    Karl plot continues to be about running and mystery, Starbuck has her spotlight because she was the one interrogating the Cylon captured, that were scenes between that was interesting for me and then we have Gaius discovering his first Cylon, that I didn´t expected so soon.

    Presentation Phase - » (7/10) Intriguing,
    Complication Phase - » (6/10) light complication, with interactions,
    Climax Phase - » (6/10) strange interactions between the president and the Cylon,
    Ending - » (710) ended in reflection and with a revelation,

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (8/10) a complete storyline,
    Time and Scene Management - » (7/10) nothing bad, but things were stretched,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10) fine,
    Storyline -» (6/10) could be better or more interesting,

    Drama - » (8/10) a point about a human Cylon,,
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (7/10) Gaius discover something, wasn´t expecting that,

    I think that this episode made a point to make the audience reflect about it, this is why this episode was filled with non essential interactions. However Gaines discovers something important, and a revelation is made, that could be or not be important.
  • When Galactica captures the Cylon Leoben, he gives a threat that there is a bomb on one of their ships ready to blow in just a few hours. Roslin, under stress, brings Starbuck to interrogate Leoben for information on the weapon.

    This episode was painful to watch, not because it was bad, but because Starbuck's torture was so brutal. The dialogue between Leoben and Kara was very, VERY interesting, and after seeing the whole series, it's even more interesting. All of the interrogation scenes intrigued me, and this is truly a unique episode! Roslin's dream sequences were terribly creepy, and Roslin throwing Leoben out of the airlock was shocking and simply...badass haha. Also, the end with Roslin questioning Adama's humanity was very, very interesting. Painful episode to watch, and I honestly don't have much to say about it. But, I really like it. It's very interesting. So, it's an 7.5/10, a great episode! Also equivalent to B.
  • Some good storylines

    This was some serious development episode - I like the all storyline with Boomer - the test she wanted and how that red dress Cylon reacted - that she let Gaius to test her and how Gaius almost lost it.. he just did not know how to react.

    But I most say the whole things with Starbuck.. I have thought which char I like more and I did not find one answer but more and more it starts to look for me that i do not like Starbuck.. It was inriquing her storyline - with that Cylon and how it was thinking and being so human and the whole God concept..
  • I'm lookin' forward to spending a little more time with you, Starbuck. We got a lot to talk about. It's gonna be fun.

    So it begins. Leoben Connoy, perhaps the most enigmatic of the Cylons makes his first appearance since the mini-series. Laura Roslin starts having her first Kamala visions...visions of a strange man in the woods, troops hunting him. Leoben. He calls to her. He has something to tell her. Then he seems to get sucked away from her. She wakes in a cold sweat. she then gets a call. Someone finds a Leoben model aboard a fleet ship, and the President wants Adama to sent someone over to interrogate it. He chooses Starbuck. Having delt with this model before, he warns Starbuck of Leoban's penchant for mind games. " He's gonna try to get inside your head," he tells her. Starbuck is in a bad mood since her ordeal and rehabilitation, and she's born again hard. She's going to pull out all the stops to find out what he knows. But Leoben seems to know Starbuck. He knows her callsign, childhood details, and supposed foreknowledge of a special destiny that Kara and he share. He tells her that the fleet will find the planet Kobol, the birthplace of " us all" , and that it will lead them to earth. Mindgames, right? He says he has planted a nuke on one of the the fleet ships, but will not say which one or where. Meanwhile.. on Caprica, Sharon reports to the Doral and Six models that she and Helo have had sex. They tell her to convince helo to stay with her on the planet, and if he refuses, she is to kill him. but something has happened to this Sharon. She is now in love. She rushed back to helo and tells him they have to escape. Meanwhile, the Sharon on galactica asks Baltar to test her to see if she's a Cylon. And of course, we know the end of that test. But six warns Gaius that Boomer might snap his neck once she is told, he decides to hide the results, and pass her with flying colors. Starbuck thinks Leoben is too far from the other Cylons to download to a new body, so if he dies, he dies. She tries torture with Leoben, but it does not seem to affect him much. Roslin arrives and is not happy with the torture aspects of Kara's interrogation. She orders it halted, and Leoben tells her there is no real nuke. He also tells her that Adama is a Cylon, which shakes her up a bit. She orders the gaurds to throw him out the airlock. Kallum Keith Rennie is a fantastic actor who really seems to enjoy bring Leoben to life. Roslyn's Kamala induced visions seem to give her images of things to come. I actually liked the fact that Kara can be badass enough to torture anyone. And Leoben's mind that all they were? One seemingly prophetic announcement seems to override everything else he said..."Adama is a Cylon". Woah. Gotta tune in next week, huh?
  • Always great entertainment.

    President Roslin’s character finally looked confortable giving orders in this episode, after several episodes she looks like she matured into the role of civilian leader of the fleet. A chosen leader shouldn’t be question and she portrays that fact very well. For some reason I always like the way they have Marines at certain doorways protecting the area just like a real Warship. The writers really have a good grasp on the one god versus multiple god religions, just like Christianity and Roman Gods. Its amazing how they use these religions for actions and interpretations of others consequences. Its to the point of pure fanaticism. The most intriguing plotline in this episode is the one on Caprica with Helo and Sharon, writers put in how love conquers all.
  • One of the Best so it gets my First Ten it was a brillant episode.

    All the Actors were great in perticular Katee Sackhoff and Callum Rennie (Kara Thrace and Leoben) worked very together and made there scenes beliviable. Even though the torture scenes wern't stomach churning they were still pretty dark which is what i like about Battle star Galactica they don't shy away from the taboo subjects and because the characters are portrayed as human Kara needed information and she showed she would go to any means to get it. I actully found that Kara was becoming a different enity from starbuck a more focused and determend person. I also thought the scene with Roslin at the end was good as well you wouldn't get people from Star Trek flushing people through air locks which was unexpected but when looking back at it it shouldn't have been because it was the Human thing to do like she said "you don't keep a dangerous machine on a ship" or somthing like that. Overall a great episode i could wacth agian and agian with out getting tired of it.
  • As usual I need to watch it again after watching the next one.

    Has anyone else noticed that even in intensely serious scenes, Mary McDonnell always seems to be smiling? Is this her interpretation of the character, or just her physical make up that she looks that way all the time? I find it quite appealing actually, like she knows something the rest of the people on the ship don't know. The trouble is I found myself wondering about that while I should have been listening to what Starbuck was saying, and then spending the rest of the episode wishing I had that "rewind live TV" widget you can get nowadays. Thank the gods for videotape!!
  • We all have our own Cylon in our head... or not...

    This one covered again many sociological aspects of human-cylon relationchips. It was a very good one, but I think they shouldnt have two religous episodes in a row. I felt almost as if they tried to convert me to this cylon religion. Interesting were also the visions of Madame President... it seems that we all might have our little cylon in our heads...
    As someone before me wrote... Jack Bauer is the man on torturing people... and as a big fan i really wouldnt mind if they copied him a bit... becouse those tortures were too political correct... some water, some punches... come on... turn on a season of 24 and you'll get an idea on how tortures should be shown!
    And finally... Baltar discovers Boomers identity... things spice up from now :) but the whole plot with the Cylon detector is the worst element of the show... at one point the detector is up and runing and then it aint... and then it again is runing... and Baltar himself somehow seems not to want it to work... maybe future episodes will explain that problem... but it confuses me, as does Baltar himself... maybe this has to be this way...
    And the last point... now BSG has its own prophecy... Im really curious how this one will resolve... Its a thing with prophecies... are they true or not? Mostly (in most films) they are true... but in a diffrent way than anyone could have guessed...
    A very good episode with many new questions that keep you wanting more... and yes I WANT MORE BSG!!!
  • Explains a lot for the future episodes but it's not as riveting as other episodes.

    For having started watching sometime in the second season I knew most of the outcome with this episode. It starts a few plot lines that don't revisit for some time. However, everything I needed to know about this episode I learned in a "previously on Battlestar Galactica" show intro. I had a little problem with Adama sending his best tactical thinker (with no strategic sense at all) to deal with this "tricky cylon who will manipulate you." I'm not sure who his best strategic person is but I can tell you it's not Starbuck. Otherwise the plot progression is tedious and i just don't have much interest in whatever the commentary was about GITMO style interrigation. I suppose I'm glad I saw this episode but it's not up to par with the rest I've seen.
  • Should've called Jack Bauer

    Alright, so I guess it was good of those producers to do an episode about torture, what with their whole thing about post-9/11 themes and storylines that reflect current events, but I can't help feeling that it could have been done better. Yeah, there was the bit with the water, and a few hard knocks, but really, I'd like to think that this advanced, space-faring civilization could come up with something more...motivating. Heck, that Iraqi guy on Lost did a better job with a few shoots of bamboo. And are we really supposed to believe that these characters would be so easily taken in by Leoben's lies? They knew what to expect, and still they dance like puppets for him. Think about it, guys. If he really had planted a nuclear bomb, why would he tell you? He could just wait for it to go off. Unless it was hidden on that ship, and he was thinking that maybe he wasn't quite ready to meet those 72 blenders in heaven.

    One thing we did get out of this episode was the merest glimpse of a hint into Kara's dark past. Starbuck has really just been a blessing to this series. Without her, we would have long ago been dragged down into an endless series of guarded conversations between Adama and Roslin and mushy kiss-fests with Helo and Sharon. The nasty edge she brings to the series is just one of the many things that lifts it above its predecessor. I really, really hope we get to learn a lot more about how that young lady is wired.

    Oh, and we get a lot more of the religion slant. That's two episodes in a row that have featured "come to Jesus" themes, and I find it interesting that the atheist Baltar was so willing to accept the Cylon god, while the secretly spiritual Kara was not. Guess everybody prefers their own brand of insanity. At least she prayed for the guy after torturing him and putting him out the airlock; hope that karma comes back around for her.
  • Two Words for me in this episode Mary McDonnell

    This episode totally rocked in so many ways for me. What really sowed it up was the little quote "Adama is a Cylon" after I picked myself up off the floor with laughter I took in and was amazed by the way Mary McDonnell played it totally brilliant. The scene at the very end when Laura Roslin is enjoying a quite drink with Adama and he is trying to find out why she took the risk she did was for me the reason I tune into this show. The scene is played brilliantly by both actors involved and sets things up nicely for the next episode secrets and lies. This epiose is a gem if you havnt watched it then I suggest you buy the box set.
  • This is a pivotal and painfully revealing episode featuring Starbuck and the Cylon Leoben (the Cylon Adama killed in the Mini). It’s a study of torture and how it affects both the torturer and the prisoner.

    Leoben tells Starbuck that his mission was “to conduct sabotage”. Perhaps the sabotage was psychological -- its intended beneficiaries Starbuck and Roslin. Leoben uses his knowledge of Starbuck’s abusive mother to get under her skin—a tactic we see Simon use in The Farm. She, in turn, shows surprising insight into his motivations and fears.
    He manages to use both women’s fears against them, leaving Roslin hating the Cylons more than ever and Starbuck questioning the efficacy of her mission and her own assumptions about the Cylons.

    This is a vital episode in the series because it reveals the Cylons’ fixation with Starbuck, her tortured childhood (which affects all her actions), and Roslin’s steel coated spine. Despite Starbuck’s best efforts to dehumanize this toaster, he gets under her skin and her attitude towards the Cylons, as a result, is conflicted throughout the series. The episode changes our perception of Roslin, Starbuck and the Cylons.
  • One of my favorite episodes so far.

    Maybe it's just me (and I see some other reviewers disagreeing vehemently with me), but I love the theological discussions and talks that the Leoben character brings up (not the ones that Number 6 has... she is annoying in her rabidness... Leoben is well-thought out and calculating). His whole calmness while talking with Thrace is just captivating. That's my favorite character in terms of the Cylon-humans. I hated Thrace's babble though when trying to outthink Leoben... some of the things she says were just painful to hear.

    As well, I'm just curious how old Thrace is... she does everything possible - flies better than anyone, played pyramid well enough to go pro, flight instructor, interrogator, etc... Her character annoys me throughout this series.
  • A Starbuckian showcase

    This episode is the one to watch if you want to see Katee Sackhoff really shine. Although Starbuck features heavily there is none of the hootin’ and hollerin’ crazy Starbuck you come to expect. Instead, still recovering from injury, she is still using the cane. Adama needs someone to question a cylon who will not be swayed by the robot’s “silver tongue”.

    Ks handles the interrogation scenes well conveying the emotion with almost no action, only dialog and facial expression. Mary McDonnell as President Roslin also appears at the interrogation and shows that she can be as tough as Starbuck.

    These scenes are a tribute to the actors, the DP, the lighting crew and the director, as the interrogation lasts for much of the show without seeming to drag.
  • They are smart

    I would NEVER want to be in a position that starbuck was faced with: having to interrogate a cylon. This guy got into MY head let alone hers. Fine story telling and satisfying to see it go out the hatch. Interesting that he didn't kill her when he had the chance. Makes you wonder what thier adjenda is: why not kill the #1 pilot the humans have left?
  • The crew of the Galactica has captured a Cylon and Adama wants Starbuck to interrogate it to find out about the location of an alleged nuclear warhead. Meanwhile, Baltar conducts his first test on his Cylon detector invention.

    I feel that this episode begins to peel back several layers of the overall Cylon onion. In retrospect, there is a lot of foreshadowing taking place here regarding events that are not realized until the season cliffhanger. It definitely pays to go back and re-watch the season 1 episodes to pick up on a lot of the smaller details that may get missed the first time out.

    One of this episode’s strongest feats lies in the psychological representation of the Cylons. Throughout the series, characters routinely refer to the Cylons as “toasters” or other modern conveniences. Starbuck herself makes such a reference in this episode. But it becomes apparent now, that Starbuck recognizes how little difference there is between Cylons and humans. If she regards them strictly as “machines” and not sentient creatures, then she can easily assuage herself of any guilt that she may have earned for actions taken against them in the past. But as Starbuck herself points out, the only real difference between the two is that the Cylons don’t fear death. They have the ability to transfer their mind from one surrogate shell to another. But in the case of the imprisoned Leoben Conoy, it is explained that he is too far away from his replacement bodies to make the transfer. This becomes important, because as we see at the end of the episode, [SPOILER], President Roslyn orders him blasted out of the airlock. Now if the fear of death is the only thing separating Cylons from humans, than would this in fact, make Roslin a murderer? The most poignant scene however, takes place after Leoben’s execution. We see Starbuck handling two small religious icons and praying to the Lords of Kobol for Leoben’s soul. Does she now believe that Cylons have souls? Or is this simply another means, by which Starbuck can cleanse herself of the guilt she feels regarding Leoben’s treatment?
  • A damn good episode.

    I disagree with the reviewer who did not like Flesh and Bone. This episode represents the reason I watch the show. Battlestar Galatica has an uncanny ability to seamlessly weave in current events into its plotline. The whole 9/11, everyone's a Cylon/terrorist, was an interesting premise for the show to begin with, but the ability to weave an Abu Gharib reference is phenomenal.

    Starbuck's torturing of the Cylon is justified because after all it is just a "toaster" (a terrorist) and was responsible for destroying the human race.

    I have a few requests for the Galatica writers:

    (1) Do not let the network define when the show ends, have an ending in mind and work toward that ending, no more than three to four solid seasons of work.

    (2) Continue to explore Starbuck's willingness to learn how to relate to the Cylons. She could be the bridge to peace.

    (3) Consider the possibility that in the end, Adama is in fact a Cylon.

    (4) Most importantly keep up the analogy between the Cylons and the (terrorists), it's an interesting conceit.
  • “I may be synthetic but I’m not stupid”

    Depressing plodding and dull. If there is one thing that really winds me up about this series it's the Human Cylons and their constant babbling about their FRELLING GOD. The warriors have the sense to keep their mouth shut and just keep looking menacing all the time but Human models do nothing but ramble on about their god. Well the males do anyway, the women just screw and then talk about god. And what do we get this week, an entire episode of nothing but a captured Cylon doing nothing but rave about his god. Hey Crichton hand me Winona I can't take it anymore.


    Anyway away from Starbuck and the rambling Cylon/Preacher, Baltar and Harvey…sorry Number Six (I've just seen Peacekeeper Wars so I'm in a bit of a Farscape mood today) have discovered that Galactica Boomer is a Cylon. So what is a self serving little s**t to do in a situation like this. Well obviously lie about and hope no one notices. By the way is their no woman that Baltar won't flirt with. He's a randy little sod isn't he.

    Is Adama a Cylon? No because this is clearly a Cylon ploy to create suspicion among the human ranks and if Roslin falls for it she is really gullible.

    Back on Caprica…Nah never mind, I'm not going to waste my time. I think I'll talk about The Peacekeeper Wars instead. Great isn't it. Finally the ending all us loyal Farscape fans wanted. If only they didn't kill D'Argo. Bastards.

    Good Bits
    -Boomer. No matter what still cute.

    -Speaking of which, why do they call her Boomer? In fact how did all the pilots come by their call sighs? I'd love to know Crashdown's story.

    -Cylon torture. Always nice to see the character's darker sides.

    -Baltar. Officially the show's best character.

    -Peacekeeper Wars. I'll shut up about it now.

    -It looks like the Cylon's plan was to get Boomer laid.

    Bad Bits
    -What is going on with Roslin? Dose she have a death wish or something, "let the Cylon;s kill me save me for dying of cancer".

    -The many skills of Kara Thrace continue. Next week I expect Adama to give the crew the week off and leave Starbuck to do everything herself.

    -God, I am getting sick of hearing about God. Are the Cylons what would happen if Jehovah's Witness were given an intergalactic empire to rule over?