Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 8

Flesh and Bone

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2005 on Syfy

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  • The one where: a cylon is captured!


    Season One is on a roll! We're left with quite the cliff-hanger here. Leoben tells Roslin that Adama is a cylon and it shakes her to the very core. Adama did warn us that this particular cylon has a penchant for playing mind games, and that he also webs his words in partial truths. It's hard to believe that Adama is a cylon since if he were a toaster, he'd have been used to blow the entire fleet to smithereens already.

    But still, Leoben makes for an awesome, complex villain. Spouting off philosophical nonsense at every opportunity, his scenes with Starbuck are superb. I'm not quite sure why Starbuck was chosen to interrogate him though. She seems to be a jack of all trades, or, well, just awesome at everything she does: best sniper shot, best pilot, best teaching instructor, best chain smoker (actually, no, that one goes to Doc Cottle). It's sometimes difficult to buy into her endless awesomeness considering how insubordinate she can be at times. But, heck, I'll run with it.

    Hmm, is Roslin psychic now? Is this another side-effect of the camalla extra she's taking? I kept thinking that maybe Leoben somehow managed to navigate his way into her mind, kind of like Roslin's head-Six. Whatever the case, I loved the misdirection and total callousness of her character when she prompted for the guards to toss Leoben out of the airlock. Gripping stuff.

    And, er, it looks like Sharon is coming around to the human side of things with Helo. It's probably due to all of Caprica Six's animosity towards her. And Gaius finds out that Boomer is a cylon. It's interesting to note that head-Six hates Boomer just as much as Cap-Six hates Sharon. I, on the other hand, love them both.

    If I had a gripe with this episode, it's probably how lax everyone is surrounding Leoben even though the slightest hint of a possible cylon on-board in previous episodes caused a riot. Just a table and chair, strapped with a pair of flimsy handcuffs? Really? Kara is left alone with a terminator. Really? The fact that the president's guard allowed Leoben to get close enough for a quick pre-murder cuddle. REALLY?

    Ah well.

    Spoilerish Title Sequence: 5 mins and 50 secs into the episode.

    Frak-O-Meter: Maybe I was half-asleep during this one, but I didn't count a single frak.

    Cylon Sex: We get a rest from all of the flesh bearing this week. Although Boomer sleezes on the raider again.

    Spot the six: Head-Six and Cap-Six both present and accounted for.

    Death/Injuries: Starbuck orders for her men to beat the living crap out of Leoben. He also grabs Starbuck by the throat and leaves a fairly nasty bruise. And finally, Leoben is killed at the end by order of the president.

    Boomer or Sharon?: It's a tough call. Sharon is officially on the side of good now. But Boomer's scene with Gaius is hilarious! I'll get back to you.

    Ships Lost: There was the threat of a nuclear bomb, but no dice.

    Battlestar Bleakness: I guess torture is bleak, right? Starbuck's rant about the genocide of her people really hit home this time around. I know they mention it every other episode, but I kind of had a ''oh sh**'' moment after she said it. Bummer.

    Lots and lots of solid scenes this time around. Gold acting stars to our main cast. This really is such an impressive cast of actors. They nail it each and every time.

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