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a few questions about the series.

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    i am a newbie to battlestar galactica.

    currently up to season 3.

    just a few questions.

    1) why do the cylons hate humans?

    2) let me get this straight.... the cylons want peace with the humans as the two cylon war heroes have spread the word that killing humans is bad and is a sin as they both have the ability to love humans. So they cylons come to new caprica, want peace... however the humans react by organising terrorist groups, thus reulting in the cylons detaining humans, forming the police force which are under the cylons, resulting in alot of people dying.

    so in other words, the cylons do want peace but they humans do not accept it?

    so its the humans fault that new caprica is new CRAPrica.


    so the cylons do want peace, however they are going the wrong way about it.

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    i think the cylons hate the humans because they were used by them for so long, and they may also feel threatened by the existence of the cylons. as to new caprica, the cylons wanted peace, but didn't quite understand what that meant, peace to them is co-existing in a general equlibrium, whereas the humans just want to feel safe.
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