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Are angels corporeal and other longings

The whole angel/god/cycle business was:

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    How to place a finger on something that is "unfingerable".

    As it stands, Kara Thrace was a corporeal, gun-yealding, piano-playing angel, while head Baltar and head 6 were ethereal know-it-alls who, of course, chose to be as vague and as frustrating as possible with their stories.

    Isn't that always the way.

    And, for what it was, I don't mind.

    In the last episode, traversing a dense asteroid field, a pilot dies on a ship filled with nuclear armaments... The ship not only comes through the field unscathed, but at the exact precise time, with no help of angels, the hand of god becomes a finger of a dead person and blasts us into the final jump to the Earth.

    And again, for what it was, I don't mind.

    We are thrust in a world where this is all a game, a cycle, an experiment for immortal angels and immortal god(s); where human folly is overshadowed by its futility - unless the game changes significantly. All the strength and all the perseverence - nothing to wingless bastards who are here just to guide us the inevitable.

    And still I don't mind.

    What I do mind is that it was all thrust upon us at the final hour, to shock us into belief or disbelief (if you doubt that, look at the spread of ones and tens adorning the episode), raising the bar from 10 to 100 without a safety belt.

    Moore and Eick chose to long for it - for the godly solution that was never a solution, rather than yield it in a story to fit the tone and the mortality; sort of like a politician that can't help latch an amendment to the bill at the last minute although the amendment should not be there - just because it smells of a wet childhood dream...

    In the process it does not destroy the bill - BSG was made far too good for that, but it corrupts it, cheapens it, dilutes it with visions of grandeur.

    I love grandeur, I love visions, but I don't want them cheap.

    What do you think of our fair angels, fair gods and fair writers in this final push?

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    Angels are corporeal!
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