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Battlestar Galactica and Christianity!

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    [1]Apr 4, 2009
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    A portion of the show revolved around Christianity, but i honestly couldn't tell what precisely the show runners were saying. Were they complimenting Christianity or were they mocking it? The first half of season 4 seemed to portray a very complimentary portrayal of a sci-fi version of the one God. For me there were some pretty inspirational moments where Baltar explains some of the themes behind Christianity, but by the second half of season 4 (after they found cylon earth); Baltar really changed his tune. Of course his infidelity wasn't surprising because that has been the underlying theme of his character throughout the series, but by this point the theme changed. There were moments when he suggested more then once that he was just using the one God as a way to make his way into a position of power. He also suggested more then once how much he didn't like his followers and he made them look like he was just using them to sum things up. But then on another note the show seems to profess a distinct belief in angels which works hand in hand with the monotheism. So what was the show saying? What is their message regarding religion and christianity? I just want to hear some alternate theories to my own which I have yet to post.

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    [2]Apr 4, 2009
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    Although heavy on different aspects of religion, certainly.. I never thought the show focused on Chrisitianity, which is , by definition, the fundemental belief that Jesus Christ was the true son of God, and the savior for all man's sins. But that implies the mention of that entity in particular. The only time the name is spoken is in the mini-series, but it was ruled out as a flub, as Ron and the writers had not fleshed out the "gods" theme of the show. There are a few "oh my God" (singular) lines in the miniseries as well, but Ron has asked that we overlook those as gaffes in the continuity owing to the status of a show pilot, which often happens in many series pilots.

    Now, many elements which bare similarities to the "message" or "philosophy" of the Christian religion DO definately rear their head throughout the show, but.. it's very hard for me to sort them out now. And given the overtly religious tone of the finale, I'm sort of in the process of re-watching the show to sort of put elements like that into perpective.. but I kind of need a bit more time for that kind of insight. I'll have to get back to you on that one. Interesting topic though.

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    As my1sunshine said, the show focused on theme of religion as a whole more than one singular faith. I mean the "entity" hates to be called god, is an "IT" (which makes FAR more sense if there is one), is not good or evil, does not have any son or bodily incarnation, has angels that actively has characters kill one another and basically encourage screwing around. These are things which i would say are kinda against what is stereotypically christian.
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