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BattleStar Galactica/Stargate SG1 cross pollination.

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    [1]Aug 11, 2008
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    Just recently got the 10 season box set of Stargate SG-1. I'm astonished by the number of Galactica regulars (and not so regulars) that appeared in that show;

    Grace Park - Sharon/Boomer/#8

    Aaron Douglas - Chief Terrel

    Tahmoh Penikett - Helo

    Alessandro Juliani - Felix Gaeta

    Jen Halley - Seelix

    Matthew Bennett - Aaron Doral

    Brad Dryborough - Lt. Hoshi

    Dean Stockwell - Brother Cavil

    Colin Lawrence - Lt. Hamish 'Skulls' McCall

    Colin Corrigan - Marine Nowart

    Tiffany Lyndall-Knight - The Hybrid

    Lorena Gale - Elosha

    Alonso Oyarzun - Crewman Specialist Socinus

    Don Thompson - Specialist 3rd Class Anthony Figurski

    Alisen Down - Jean Barolay

    Sebastian Spence - Lt. Noel 'Narcho' Allison

    Biski Gugushe - Sekou Hamilton

    Eileen Pedde - Sgt. Erin Mathias

    Keegan Connor Tracy - Jeanne

    Ty Olsson - LSO Capt. Aaron Kelly

    Rick Worthy - Simon

    Vincent Gale - Chief Peter Laird

    Aleks Paunovic - Marine Sgt. Omar Fischer

    Tobias Mehler - Zack Adama

    Malcolm Stewart - Marshall Bagot

    Alison Matthews - Karen Fallbrook

    Stephen Holmes - Reporter #1

    Marilyn Norry - Reza Chronides

    Kurt Evans - Paramedic Howard Kim

    Eric Breker - Chu

    Jill Teed - Sgt. Hadrian

    Chelah Horsdai - Didi Cassidy

    Samantha Ferris - Deckhand Pollux

    Terry Chen - Chuckles

    Colby Johannson - Lt. Dwight 'Flat-Top' Saunders

    Raahul Singh - Kimmit

    James Ashcroft - Security Officer

    Winston Rekert - Priest

    Steve Lawlor - Guard

    Laara Sadiq - Priestess

    Mike Dopud - Crewman Specialist Gage

    I suppose it has a lot to do with both being filmed in Vancouver. It's just cool seeing folks I know in this show when they were just a little bit younger....

    Mr BO

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    [2]Aug 11, 2008
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    Yeah, it all comes down to the fact that both shows are filmed in Vancouver, and they are all Vancouver based actors. You'd be amazed just how many people you recognize from other shows in Stargate. I've even seen some of them on the streets of North Vancouver (Where I live)
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    [3]Aug 11, 2008
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    Many of these actors also appear in other series that are/were filmed in Vancouver including Flash Gordon and Smallville.
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