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    [1]Jun 6, 2008
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    I've been a faithful viewer of Battlestar Galactica since it first came on, so it pains me to see that this season the show has become the slowest show on television. There are two things that should've been done at the start of this season:

    1. Revealed the fifth Cylon.

    2. Found Earth.

    Instead what I get is the same bleakness of script and the set, also, the same drab colors

    But at the start of this season, I was excited. The line at the end of the first episode, "All Will Be Revealed," drew me in. But now I see it as a Chris Carter-ism. When Chris Carter used that line at the end of the first episode of Harsh Realm, I was outta there.

    I wonder: Did the writers forget how to write?

    J. Michael Straczynski talked about the short-lived series Crusade at a Chicago comicon a while back. jms had said that while the show, like Babylon 5, was planned as a five-season show, it was not going to take five seasons before a cure was found for the virus that had seeded Earth, ready to activate in five years unless a solution was found. jms said that the cure was going to be found around the second or third season. It was not going to be a last-minute save for the last show of the last season. The cure was going to be found, and then the tough questions were going to be asked: Who is in control of the cure? Who hands it out? Who gets it? Who doesn't? I would like to have seen that tough-question drama.

    Likewise, that is why the fifth Cylon should have been revealed perhaps in the second episode this season, especially building on the momentum of the the revealings of who the other four Cylons were. Hence, my excitement after the first episode: "All Will Be Revealed."

    And Earth should have been found by now. That would have given the eye a wider palette to view and provided a stark relief from the insides of battleships and freighters.

    Imagine the drama had the fifth Cylon been revealed the second episode, the talk that would have lit up message boards and even made the pop culture sections of newspapers. Imagine the tensions of finding Earth, only to find that all is not over, that conflict had only just begun. By the gods or one god, a dream made real and real made nightmare as we watched our home being fought over. Who would rule? What strength the alliances formed when all was laid on the line?

    As BSG slowed, it became less must-watch TV for me and more of a show to record, I'll watch it later.

    Which is what prompted me to write.

    I almost forgot to tape tonight's episode. I was able to record the second airing of it, though. Still, even that is added to a backlog of episodes to watch. The last one I saw was "The Road Less Traveled." I peaked in on last week's episode, "Sine Qua Non." It looked like there was some good political drama going on.

    Battlestar Galactica has actually moved near the bottom of shows to record and watch later. Smallville is on the very bottom. I have yet to catch up on it.

    But I did go through the motions of taping tonight's BSG, though not without checking spoilers for "The Hub" first. Heavy sigh. It's the Chris Carter-ism again: "All Will Be Revealed."

    I am not writing to flame or troll or break any rules of netiquette simply to get a reaction and then stand back and watch what happens.

    I am only writing to say:

    I almost forgot to tape Battlestar Galactica tonight.

    I almost didn't care.

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    Is there a point here other than to say you don't like the show? This is supposed to be a forum to discuss particular aspects of the episodes and the show. Your post would be more appropriate as a review of the show. Please try to avoid generalized rants and criticisms of the show. No television show will appeal to every single viewer. Many shows will gain new viewers, as BSG has this season, while some may find that BSG no longer appeals to them. That's the way it goes. No one can satisfy everyone all the time.

    The problem with posts and threads like this is what if everyone who began to drift away from the show posted this type of thread? It doesn't generate any useful conversation, particularly your closing paragraphs. So you didn't care whether you taped it or not? Yes? What is the point? No one can respond to that in any meaningful manner. Thus I am locking this thread. You may of course re-post this as a review of the series although I would recommend you take care to avoid any unnecessarily inflammatory statements. This doesn't mean you can't post a negative review, but there are proper ways to do so.
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