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can someone please explain the final five and the creation of cylons!!!!!

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    i dont understand how the final five were from earth, then created the cylons.

    i really have no idea.

    and how the people of earth were cylons.

    it does not make sense and it is ruining my season 4 experience.

    i think season four is horrible at best. alot of useless episodes and boring storylines.

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    The way I understand it, is that the humans on Kobol made human type Cylons first. It's unclear whether they made Centurians also. There was a war, and Kobol was abandonded. Humans formed the twelve colonies, and the remaining human model Cylons formed the thirteenth, the original Earth.

    When the skinjobs on Earth found out they could procreate, they abandoned ressurection technology. Then they created their own Centurians, and eventually, THEY rebelled against their masters. When it looked like everything was going to end badly again, they resumed the ressurection technology.

    Bombs went off, Earth was nuked, and these five ressurected, and survived.

    They survived the 2000 year or so trip to warn the colonies against using artificial intelligence, but the colonies had already built their own Centurians, and the first war was going on. They found that the Centurians were trying to create their own skinjobs, not very well (the first hybrid from Razor).

    The Five convinced the centurians to stop the war, in exchange for ressurection technology, and they all formed the Cylon colony. (I think this may have been the second Cylon colony, the first being the ice-planet where Adama found the abandoned lab at the end of the first war.

    The five began teaching the centurians the right way to create the skin jobs. Cavill was the first. As the creation of the remaining seven skinjobs went on, Cavill, it seems, became more intelligent, and angry, and adapted an attitude which made him rebel against the Five, and want to resume the war against the humans .

    He inherited theCenturians hatred of humanity for making the Cylons slaves, and preached to the others to resume the war

    He killed the Final five, reprogrammed their matrix so that, once ressurected at a time of his choosing, they would no longer remember who they were, and that they would think they were human .

    He then slowly began to ressurect them, gave them new identities, and sent them to live in Colonial society . The idea was, once they lived among humans, they would see how little humanity deserved to live.. then he would bring them back to the fold, and they would see he was right all along.

    Tigh was first , programmed with false memories of being a Colonial soldier who served in the first war ( Cavill's sick sense of humor ).. and then the rest over the next 30 years or so.

    Meanwhile, the Seven other models laid the groundwork for the attack that would begin the second war. Cavill gave an Eight, Sharon a colonial identity, and sent her to serve with the colonials as a sleeper agent.

    You know the rest.

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    Perfect summary in a nutshell my1sunshine!
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