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Chat at Joe's Bar: What is your sci-fi background? (poll added 11/1/07)

How big a science fiction fan are you?

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    I got into Sci-Fi kind of late when I was 22. I have my cousin to thank for that. He basically introduced me to Sci-fi and anime. I always like fanatasy but stuck mostly to movies. I had no idea how much I loved sci-fi and anime until I started watching it. I thought where ws this all my life.

    Anyways I like

    Star Trek TNG, DS9, Enterprise and yes Voyager.

    Farscape seasons 1,2 and 3 on DVD.

    Andromeda currently no DVD's

    Babylon 5 seasons 1-3 on DVD.

    I remember likin Lexx.

    And of course Stargate.


    Rurouni Kenshin and Cowboy Bebop are my favorite animes of all time.

    Ghost in the Shell and Samurai Champloo are awesome as well.

    Can't forget Dragonball can we.

    I also like Superman , Transformers and Marvel movies

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