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Chat at Joe's Bar: What is your sci-fi background? (poll added 11/1/07)

How big a science fiction fan are you?

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    [81]Dec 17, 2006
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    Star Wars is ****... I prefer Star Trek (all except Enterprise - dont know why you said "ENG"... its ENT or STE, for "Enterprise - Star Trek Enterprise"...) Stargate(s), Farscape, watched a bit of B5 and of course the greatest Sci-Fi movie of all time "The 5th Element" (and various others)...

    Edit: Also of course... The new "Doctor Who" ;D
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    [82]Dec 22, 2006
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    Well, I have a very little like for Scifi genre. so I'm not a scifi fan, actually it's better to say I'm not a traditional scifi fan! first time I've seen Star Trek after some minutes I immediately turn the TV off. I've seen some Stargate stuff and not interested either. the first scifi series I watched and enjoyed alot was "Robotech" series, I can say I have seen the entire series for more than 10 times in five different languages. now my No.1 show and I believe the only show I'm trying hard to keep up with is Battlestar Galactica. I can say after BSG I only watch monday night Raw and friday night SmackDown! I used to be a "Smallville" fan but I'm no longer follow that either. there's something totaly different with BSG, it's awesome storyline and dramatic theme of the show. and also they're not overdoing things like saying "ok since it's a scifi show we can do anything!", no it never felt like that! for example I've never seen stupid creatures like what I've seen on StarWars!
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    [83]Dec 23, 2006
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    my scif background includes star trek tos, tas,tng, ds9,voyager,enterprise, star wars, the iriginal battlestar galactica, knight rider, superman, babylon 5, stargate, stargate sg-1, stargate atlantis, matrix,smallvile,spaceballs
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    [84]Dec 24, 2006
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    I am a sci-fi person. In fact, I prefer sci-fi over other genres if the quality is good. More importantly, I was thinking about what kind of show BSG really is. I don't think it is a really a sci-fi show at all. It is a drama, set in space. Before any of you begin to cut me to pieces, just let me say that the following is my very basic definition. These categories are very broad and I understand that. I could write a book on this topic, so don't tear me apart too badly.

    For the purpose of this message, I'll categorize science fiction shows into three categories: The Star Trek category, the Star Wars category, and the Blade Runner category. The Star Trekian sci fi show or movie centers around man's part in a diverse galaxy (ies) full of interesting creatures and societies. It involves earthlings venturing into the stars and facing the challenges of "fitting in" with the galaxy around them. The drama is how earthlings find their way through all of this. Examples of this would be Babylon 5, Buck Rogers, and Firefly.

    The Star Warsian sci-fi story, the technology and aliens are less important to the story. These stories are about great conflict, usually between the archetypal good and evil. There is often some kind of magical or spiritual element to these stories that is the most important aspect, and that drives the story. Examples are Wing Commander, Earth Final Conflict and Andromeda. I would also put the original BSG into this category.

    The common theme between the two is that the sci-fi theme is central to the story; it would be hard to make a Star Trek or Star Wars without the sci-fi element.

    Which leaves the last category, Blade Runner. Sci-fi stories in this category focus on the human element. They are more like plays, which focus on characters and their personal struggles and conflicts, which creates a connection that transcends the setting. We identify with a great play regardless of its setting because it is the human story that connects us. The same can be said of these sci-fi stories. The stories could be told without any science fiction theme at all, and this is what makes them dramas with sci-fi themes. the new BSG fits into this category, as does Alien Nation.
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    [85]Dec 26, 2006
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    Ive always been a scifi fan. Star trek tng is what got me into it in the first place. Now i pretty much like all scifi shows with galactica being the cream of the crop.
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    [86]Jan 2, 2007
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    Grew up watching Star Wars & original Galactica series, reading Dune and anything similar I could get my hands on. Unlike most of you posting her I despised everything Star Trek and still do. Trek represents an Earth that is the Socialist utopia dreamed of by the 60's counter-culture. I'm someone who hates everything the 60's stood for.
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    [87]Jan 3, 2007
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    Hmm.... started with starwars as a kid... everyone does Was not prone to the starwars thing but did ADORE Vader... I waited 20yrs to see the story of Anakin Skywalker.
    Other than that, as a kid I loved Labyrinth and that is when my weakness for Bowie began... AHEM.
    Never ending story is more of a Fantasy isnt it.... loved it
    Star Trek when I was little ....Yes.. loved Spock watched for Spock.  Never got into the films not until I was older.
    I always LOVED The Twilight Zone, I always loved The Outer Limits.  I began to study psychology very early.. at 6 I was interested in all I could learn... so those two shows were more than education!!! 

    My Number ONE movie of all time forvever and ever so help me is ALIEN.
    Then, of course the whole Alien SAGA..... I love alien 4 (ressurection) Most, even though the director was a flop.

    I do love Sci-Fi.... to me it is relaxing.. it shows the sides of human nature and the things that we are working on currently in our society, our culture, and lets us view it from afar.  To me Battlestar Gallactica is a show about not knowing if your enemy is your enemy or who is who.  That is what is happening today in the wars we are engaged in.  We look for terrorists and we have no idea who may be one.  We dread that we could destroy our own world and wonder what would happen then.  Families are affected, politics divide people, mistakes are made, and then achievments are made.... yet the confusion stays.  Our BOLD desire to be one people and at peace remains.  Yet the Question is always.. "Who could be the enemy?"  Battlestar Gallactica never gives you that answer.  I LOVE IT.  I love number 6 and her handling of psychology and I love to watch everyone figure out that really all are one people... yet all continue to war.  I do wonder if this series will ever find a writer who can actually end it and end it well???  Well I hope it lasts a bit longer... guess thats a bit selfish.. but LOL.. I love the show!!!

    I love movies that are Sci-Fi ... they are usually my first pick... again for the things they can say to a crowd that a normal drama set in current times would not be able to... it would be far too taboo.
    Matrix, Chronicles of Riddick, Pitch Black, UltraViolet, Aeon Flux ANIME, 2001, 2010, I cannot name them al here... my fingers will crumble....

    All I can say is that I love Sci-Fi.... it is the most undercover way of teaching Ive seen.

       Miz Xev
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    [88]Jan 23, 2007
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    I am a big fan of Sci fi specially on tv where the genre is the best.

    The ones i like most are Farscape,Stargate SG1,Stargate Atlantis,Star Trek Voyager(the only Star Trek i like)

    The best i have seen are BSG of course. The best show on tv by far.

    Other sci fi i have seen are V,SNG.

    Movies i like Alien,Matrix, Pitch Black,Chronicles of Riddick,Blade Runner and of course the old Star Wars movies. Which was great mostly cause of H.Ford.
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    [90]Jan 27, 2007
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    trackstarbuck wrote:

    StelingMB wrote:
    I've been wild about SciFi stuff since I was about six or seven years old (which is really rare for a girl). I think part of the interest was piqued during a visit to the EPCOT Cener at Disney World, and althought the film wasn't specifically SciFi "Spacecamp" really sealed the deal. Since them I've enjoyed plent of different SciFi series'and movies': X-Files Blade Runner Aliens Terminator The Outer Limits Whitchblade pretty much all the classic stuff, including some Star Trek (never considered myself die hard Trekker though) while I am without question die hard 'BSG Forver'... 
    rare for a girl? since i was 3! haha! beat you!  w/ Babylon 5, i remember pointing to the screen and being like "Vor-lon! Yayay!". Kosh was my favorite character.

    I was born and raised watching Sci-fi. My whole family watches it.
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    [91]Jan 28, 2007
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    LMH68 wrote:
    Grew up on Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Sapphire & Steel & Red Dwarf (yes, I'm in the UK).

    Remembering watching ... The Hulk, Spiderman, Gemini Man, Bionic Man, Bionic Woman, Man from Atlantis, Fantastic Journey (had so forgotten that one!), Invisible Man (that was a favourite), Buck Rogers and of course original BSG

    More recently ... Angel, Buffy, XFiles, Firefly, Farscape, ST (all forms), new Doctor Who, Torchwood, Heroes, and of course BSG.

    I very open to SciFi, but I like to watch it more than read it (in the cinema too).

    Also, I'm female.

    How could i forget Firefly, it was amazing too bad the early cancellation.....

    Also i dont think superheroes counts as sci fi. Its a big genre of its own specially these days.
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    [92]Jan 28, 2007
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    Okay, I love sci fi, here starts the list.

    Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galacitca, Jake 2.0, X-files, Doctor who, Heroes, Buffy, Firefly (just getting into it as it ended).

    There are some others but I am not that fond of them.
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    [93]Jan 29, 2007
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    I've always had a passion for sci-fi but since I live in Sweden and only had the standard channels, I missed a lot of shows. I watched everything I could get my hands though. Some of my favourite Sci-fi movies as a kid were Contact, Star Wars, Star Trek (80-90 movies), Planet of the Apes movies (the original), E.T and much more.

    So when TV-series began started to popping up for "free" on the Internet. I just went berserk and hunted down every sci-fi serie I could find. Watched Farscape, Taken, Roswell, Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis, Star Trek - Enterprise, Futurama, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek - Voyager, Dead Like Me, Lost, Dark Angel, The 4400, The Dead Zone, Odessey 5, Threshold and maybe some more that I can't recall during a span of 2-3 years.

    Sometimes I could just spend weeks watching 10 episodes a day… haha this sounds so sad. But oh man, I was in heaven (or space).

    I haven't read a single book in my entire life; I'm way too impatient for that.

    I have yet to see Star Trek - TNG, Star Trek - DS9 & Babylon 5. I have tried to watch Star Trek - TNG but I'm finding it hard because of the old effects. I don't want to sound whiny but when I'm watching a serie I just get so caught up in it, that these effects just ruins the mood totally.

    Tried to watch Babylon 5 aswell but the first episode was just way to out-there for me but so was Farscape at the beginning, and it ended up to be one of my favourite series. So I should probably give it another chance.

    Anyway tips for new series are super-appreciated.
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    [94]Jan 29, 2007
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    Stagate SG-1 is my most favourite of all time, followed by Altantis and BSG. I also like Dr. Who, Heroes, Farscape etc. However I've never been a fan of Star Trek. I've watched Voyager for a while but it never sunk in. May be because it's not from my timeline and I can't relate to it much. Whereas I feel nostalgic about SG-1 because I grew up watching it and I know even some Atlantis fans don't like it as much because they only started watching Atlantis and SG-1 feels "old". Nonetheless, we're allowed to have our opinions. The reason why I like BSG so much is because of its incredible storyline, character development, acting and direction. Simply put, it's a top-class tv show and does the sci-fi genre proud.
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    [95]Jan 29, 2007
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    Serious Sci-Fi/Fantasy geek, leaning towards Fantasy.

    X-Files (through Season 6)
    Star Trek: Next Gen
    Star Trek: Voyager
    Dark Angel

    Also currently watching Doctor Who, Torchwood, Heroes and The 4400, but BSG is definitely the best thing on TV right now.
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    [96]Feb 5, 2007
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    My sc-fi love are The Finale Programme, Planet of the Apes and tv show in the 70 's.Star Trek TOS, and all other treks,STAR WARS too.Even Horror sci fi aswell.Sci-Fi books some books are okay to read. Just about every week I need something sci-fi to see. I like gadget type films with computer,laser guns and ships and android,robot.And some sc-fi that has no effects at all.Earth 2 was pretty good.
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    [97]Feb 5, 2007
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    Darkness1234 wrote:
    I am a series Sci-Fi Lover.
    Star Trek (TAS,TNG,DS9,Voyager,Enterprise) & Movies
    Babylon 5 TV & Movies
    Stargate SG1 and Atlantis,
    and many other SciFi shows.

    Your's wonderful.

    I personally am a total sci-fi geek. I watched star wars for the first time when I was like 4 years old. The ewoks were absolutely entrancing. Ever since I've been into anything I could get my hands on dealing with fictional settings NOT our own.
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    [98]Feb 10, 2007
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    I've been into sci fi since as long as I can remember... books, videos, movies, everything.  As far as TV shows, the ones that stand out are Space: Above and Beyond, Firefly, B5, Farscape, the X-Files, Dr Who, and earlier episodes of Stargate SG1.  There was also a time where I liked Star Trek: the Next Generation (I was a kid and my favorite show was reading rainbow: Lavaar Burton was the man) but I'm not a trekkie at all.  Also, I liked the original BSG.  I tend to like any sci/fi action or sci/fi military show unless its well below average.
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    [99]Feb 14, 2007
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    I would have to say Voyager started me use to stay up late with my mom and watch them.all thought I’m not sure why my mom watch them she not a sci-fi person. But from that I got in to a lot more sci-fi I’m not hard-core sci-fi but I do love it.
    Voyager, DS9, Enterprise just started watching it on sci-fi channel on Monday not as good at the other Star Trek but its ok, Star Wars like many have said I like the original "Star Wars" trilogy the new ones are ok, Stargate SG-1, stargate atlantis, The 4400, x-man the movie, Dune the new one watch some of the original what to start on the books, Roswell watch the first maybe the second season, Earth 2 wish it didn’t get cancelled after one season, Doctor who(2005)love it just wish I could stay in sink with UK , Outer Limits, 7-Days, Sliders, Supernatural one show I can watch with my husband and not here him complain its sci-fi, oh Eureka is one he will watch and heroes I think I might me turning him on to sci-fi a little bit. BSG one of my favorites. And many more I just can’t think of any more at this time
    trackstarbuck wrote:
    so, how many of us are female, for the record...???

    add one more female to the total
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    [100]Feb 14, 2007
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    We have a pretty eclectic group here with plenty of female members on the forum. (That doesn't include me, however.)
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