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Cylon Number System?

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    Marcjit wrote:

    If the info is truth... if it is someone from season one and the person is dead. I think the final cylon would have to be Captain Louanne 'Kat' Katraine. In the last episode before the break. when they finally reached "earth" I recall Starbuck starring at Kat's picture in the halls. Personally, why whould they even bother with that scene if not to remind us of Kat.

    I think that shot of the memorial hall was supposed to represent all the people who didnt make it to Earth.

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    agreed. They had to show the memorial wall, and they always use Kat because she's one of the few that has actually gotten a scene where someone puts up her picture. Kara's picture got a scene too, but that's obviously down now. Although it would have been a little cool to do a sweep of the picture wall where we see other pictures that we recognize.
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