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Discussion - "Colonial Day" (U.S. air date 3/18/05)

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    Episode guide for "Colonial Day"

    The Quorum of Twelve is reinstated on Colonial Day, the anniversary of the signing of the Articles of Colonization. Tom Zarek, seen by many as a terrorist and by others as a "freedom fighter," wins a seat on the Quorum as the representative of Sagittaron. He insists that a vote be held to name a new vice president. After Baltar seconds the motion, the election is on. To Roslin's disgust, Zarek is nominated as a candidate.

    Roslin puts up a candidate of her own, someone without much charisma. Eventually she replaces him with Gaius Baltar. Meanwhile, an assassin is preparing to take down an important figure on Cloud Nine, probably President Roslin.

    On Occupied Caprica, Helo discovers that Sharon is a human-form Cylon.


    An tense look at the political intrigue on the fleet. Even though the humans are on the run and facing complete extinction, they still can't organize themselves in a peaceful manner.

    Without revealing any spoilers from later episodes and seasons, I will say that it's interesting to see the political alliances in this episode and compare them to what happens much later on, especially at the end of Season 2 and into the early part of Season 3. Keep in mind that new fans might be reading this thread. They may not have seen later seasons so try to avoid spoilers from the later episodes.


    My apologies for the delay in putting up this discussion thread. I was a little distracted with the Independence Day holiday, the problems with the new submission system on the site, and (real-life) work. I'll try to post new Rewatch threads about once a week in the future.
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    This was one of the more political episodes, but it was still good

    the one thing that is interesting is they never really reveal who killed valance (at least i think that was the guys name).

    The episode leave us with two likely suspects Ellen tigh and Tom Zarack, personally i think that both of them had a hand in it in some way, proably along with someone else who actually did the killing, but who that is we will never know.

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