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Discussion - "Home, Part 2" (U.S. air date 8/26/05) (spoilers)

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    Adama travels to Kobol personally to reconcile with Lee and Roslin as they search for the Tomb of Athena. Meanwhile, Tom Zarek and Meier attempt to sow fear in the ranks of the Colonial government by staging a murder.


    NOTE: I'm posting this discussion thread for the Season 2 episode "Home, Part 2" just to complete the discussion thread index. We have threads for all of the other episodes of the series except for a few in the middle of Season 2. Remember that you can find any of these episode discussion threads at any time simply by referring to the hyperlinked index. The index contains links to all discussion threads. It's located in the 3rd post of the main GUIDELINES thread, which is pinned near the top of the main forum index.

    We had a discussion thread for this episode (I believe) way back in August 2005, which I may have started up. came online in June 2005, early enough for the start of Season 2 (which began on July 15, 2005). At the time, had an automated thread deletion feature. Threads that remained inactive for more than 30 days were automatically deleted by the system. (A thread was considered inactive if no one had posted in it for more than 30 days.)

    All of the discussion threads for the early episodes of Season 2 were automatically deleted once discussion died down. The only thread to survive from Season 2.0 was the thread devoted to the "Pegasus" episode, undoubtedly because of the controversial nature of that story. The automated deletion feature was removed at some point in early 2006. That's why the original discussion threads for Season 2.5 survived.

    I created new threads for some of the Season 2.0 episodes last year (2007) during the long hiatus between Season 3 and Season 4. I also started up threads for all of the Season 1 episodes. We never had any threads for those episodes because they aired before came into existence.

    So the bottom line is that this thread is only here to make the list of threads complete. You can comment on the episode if you want, but remember not to post any spoilers from episodes after "Home, Part 2" in this thread.
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