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Discussion - "Unfinished Business" (spoilers) (12/1/06 episode)

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    I thought of it as a filler episode in that it filled in some gaps in the timeline.  It explained a story arc in a fourth-dimensional sense by explaining a little the one year gap in "Lay Down Your Burdens".  It explained how Lee became bitter with Starbuck (and still with Dualla) right before the Cylon occupation.  It gave us more of the relationship dynamic between Tigh and his (now late) wife.  It also gave us a sense of how people were optimistic about New Caprica.
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    123home123 wrote:
    I think a lot of people are upset by the boxing theme in this episode.
    I agree that this is one reason the show is rated lower than some; I have also heard this episode referred to as the adultery episode -- some of my friends are fans of hard sci fi and get annoyed at what they perceive as too much soap opera, furthermore, some fans of the political aspects of the show get annoyed at the "family values" issues.  All this just reinforces my view that this show is an excellent drama that transcends the sci-fi genre. 
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