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Does anyone laugh at this show?

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    Does anyone laugh at this show like I do? Just a lot of the things that happen in the show seem to me like its either written by idiots, or for idiots. I am not trying to criticize anyone who likes the show nor say that the show is all garbage; but so much of it seems so ridiculous that I laugh at most episodes.

    The reason I am bringing this up is because I want to see if other agree or if I am the only one that feels this way. There are too many scenes or sub-plots that so are ridiculous that it ruins the show for me.

    I just watched an episode in which the Chief's wife walked into an airlock with a child. I just don't understand why? Really, she wouldn't alert someone that her husband was a cylon? Or maybe ask him about it? No, she just walks out to an airlock and does what? What was she gonna do? Then she hands her child off to a cylon. Seriously, sleep medication would know you out, not knock you stupid. And while we are on the topic of cylons, why would Baltar not tell anyone on the ship that he knew there were 7 or so cylons on the ship when Boomer told him? In the first episode, when they had to jump every 33 minutes, why was the whole ship up for 7 straight days? Ships, as common sense would dictate, would have a sleeping rotation for all crew. A ship has to operate 24 hours a day in peace and war, and has enough crews to do so, why is this one the exception? Why were no pilots killed after flying high stress combat missions 7 days straight with no sleep? I don't expect people to know that crew rest of 8 hours is required for every crew day (12 hours of flying), but would you drive a car on the free-way after not sleeping for 7 days? I thought not.

    Just so many ridiculous situations that I don't care to list them, and not trying to slam a decent story, but too many laughable moments makes this show so hard too take serious. Does anyone feel this way too, or is it just me and I should not watch any sci-fi shows?

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    I suppose you've watched all episodes, but I guess you're not thinking of it from the right view. I'm a very criticizing person, and I don't tend to get hang on cheap stunts or some everyone-is-watching-and-so-are-you shows. I can say fully hearted that BSG is a very realistic and dramatic show, although isn't perfect, yet rarely flawed.

    I'll begin with the last issue; Battlestar Galactica is fleeing from the Cylones, which manage to relocate it every 33 minutes.
    Battlestar Galactica is an undermanned, underpowered ship. They did have sleep rotations, and they clearly said so. The problem is they had so much work to do, so many repairs, unceasing pressure and little hope.
    Of course they had pilots killed, although I don't remember if they had shown it or just hinted.

    Baltar is way too afraid for his own skin to come up directly, that is why in the miniseries he gives Adama the note of "There are 12 cylon models."
    After watching 4 seasons you should know by now how fragile Baltar's sanity is. He has a 'ghost' of his Cylon-lover following him, telling him what to do, scheming for him, and just about knows everything.
    Baltar holds himself responsible for the attack on the colonies, and even though he denies it, it eats him from the inside. You can't expect much from a coward.

    Kelly, Chief's wife, was obviously shown as crazy in that episode. She even went to therapy. When she found out her husband is a Cylon, her only thought was that she couldn't let him have the baby. She regarded her own life as nothing, so suicide was an obvious route.
    But like you said, walking in the airlock with your baby is still very extreme. That's why she was so easily persuaded by a cylon to save her baby. Her mental situattion was overall messed up, and after all she still loved her husband; just didn't know what to do anymore.
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    Great explanations all were exact as to the op it sounds like you either weren't paying attention or haven't watched the show in a while and don't remember the events. There's nothing to laugh at all the points you raised were explained perfectly so I'd advise you watch the show from miniseries to now to get better aquainted with the mythology.
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    I think it's just you, davespil. Time Magazine just named BSG the 8th-best series on all of television, not just sci-fi series so obviously there are some discerning people who enjoy the show. The American Film Institute has named BSG to its year-end 10-best TV shows list more than once. The series won a Peabody Award. Kind of hard to see how all of the people associated with those organizations would find so much to praise in something that you think is so ridiculous.

    Is BSG perfect? No, but no TV show or movie is. But it sure is pretty close when you view it as a dramatic series. You seem to have watched just a couple episodes here and there and then complain that it doesn't make sense. Well, if you read only the odd-numbered pages of a book, that book won't make much sense either.

    I'm not going to bother with a point-by-point rebuttal because I don't think it's necessary, and it would just be a waste of my time. But I'll address a couple. You mention that Baltar did not tell anyone about the other Cylon models. You obviously missed a very big part of the Miniseries. This is a major plot point and one that was covered in quite some detail in the Miniseries. Suffice it to say that anyone who actually watched the Miniseries would not be wondering why Baltar isn't telling anyone about the other Cylons. He has very good reasons for keeping his mouth shut. Well, at least good reasons in his own mind. Baltar has shown himself to be an incredibly selfish, egotistical, and squirrelly character, so this thinking fits perfectly with his character. Self-preservation is a very basic element of the human character. What is so laughable about a character concealing the truth to save his own skin? That isn't realistic? And it would be more realistic for Baltar to start blabbing about everything he knows, even though this could possibly get him executed?

    As for the comments about the sleep, well, I don't even know how to respond. Again, that was a major plot point in that episode, one that was very clearly explained. If you are laughing at that, it means you didn't even bother to watch most of the episode. I think you scanned through the DVD or streaming video and only watched a couple scenes here and there. The reason why they weren't sleeping was because they could not, not without fear of losing their lives. Watch the episode again, only this time without a preconceived attitude that "oh boy, this stuff stinks" before you have even watched a single scene.

    It's not that you shouldn't watch sci-fi shows. It's that you need to watch an episode from the beginning of the episode and pay attention to at least the basic plot points. This is no different from any other type of TV show or movie. If you only watch half of Scene 2 of the first act and then skip to the middle of the episode, of course it isn't going to make any sense. This applies whether we're talking about BSG, other sci-fi, a comedy, a drama, a documentary or whatever. The plot details I mentioned were not some obscure storylines. They were pretty basic to the episodes and laid out from the very beginning.
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    SO SAY WE ALL!!!!

    BSG is one of the few shows I actually look forward too, if your looking for fluff or wham and bam kinda of sci-fi then there are other choices out there for you. BSG makes you think, feel, laugh, cry, angry, confused all at the same time. The characters seem more like real people than most shows on tv that have "types" of characters instead of real people with real emotions and problems. BSG isn't perfect, but as for me it is the best show on TV ever made, even better than Farscape(gasp!) or Trek (double gasp!!) I can't believe I just typed that, but it's true.

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    No Davspil, no laughing here. I was skeptical when I heard they were reimagining the series because I loved it when I was a kid. In my opinion they have not only scifi tv but dramatic tv to a new level. No happy ending every episode, there is real loss and danger for the characters. I prefer BSG with it's edge and way of keeping us guessing to anything else on now.
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