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DVD Updates (2009), Soundtrack info

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    The entire series will be released in a single Blu-Ray Disc set on July 28, according to Galactica Sitrep blog.

    For the majority of you who don't own a Blu-Ray player, the standard DVD version of Season 4.5 may be released on April 21. That is also the scheduled date for the Caprica pilot DVD.

    April 21 may also be the release date for a shrink-wrapped combination set that includes the Season 4.0 set, the Season 4.5 set and the Caprica pilot DVD.

    No word on a separate Season 4 (complete) DVD set or a regular DVD version of the entire series in one set. For long-time fans who have already bought all the previous DVDs, the complete series set may not be that important.


    Fans should also expect the Season 4 soundtrack from Bear McCreary sometime this year. Bear McCreary still hasn't finalized the track selection for the Season 4 soundtrack. He is taking suggestions on his official blog. If you desperately want a specific musical cue to be included in the final mix, post a comment or two on this blog entry.

    Bear McCreary will also be composing the music for the BSG prequel series Caprica.
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    I really hope The Plan comes out before the series set is released. I'd really hate to spend that kind of money on a 'Complete' Series box set, only to have to go out and buy the the last disk a few months later.

    I've recently jumped on the Blu-Ray band wagon, and I've been looking forward to this release even before the rumours started a couple months ago. Though I can't even begin to image what kind of price tag this is going to start out with...

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    I hope They do the combo pack of S4+4.5 with the pilot. I've yet to buy S4 so it would be nice to get it all over and done with in one purchase
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