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Final Theories Before The beginning of the End (Spoilers Up until 'Daybreak')

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    I hope they won't do the fictional black hole time travelling to the past thing. Several weeks ago I mentioned elsewhere that there were a few scenarios that would be very disappointing to me: introduction of actual time travelling at the end [throw us for a (time) loop], revelation that everyone in the fleet was some form of cylon, or a sudden appearance of some ultra-powerful being controlling everyone's destiny. I've read some of the posts here, and there have been some creative thoughts and theories floating around that would be better than any of the scenarios I listed above.
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    Further to my alternate universe theory.

    What if the flashbacks weren't flashbacks ... what if they were alternate realities.

    Adama as a civilian, Zac still alive, Lee as a girlfriend stealing drunk, perhaps the "nice" gesture by six showed that things could pan out differently in an alternative universe.

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    Quote me: (HTML went wrong)

    I figured that since Daybreak is the beginning of the three part finale, it would make sense to put up last ditch theories this week instead of next. Anyway here are mine:

    1) I am almost certain Galactica will be used to destroy the cylon colony. I believe this because firstly galactica needs a good sendoff, but also because Hera was seen playing with the 'toy' version of Galactica and the Cylon Base Ship in which she moved it into the base ship. Also i think this will be a good end for the ole girl

    2) Adama will die. Im not sure how, maybe he will drive Galactica at the end which would be good, but im not too sure.

    3) Apollo and Kara will, in someway, get 'together', i knew some of you are like: ewww lets not think about it, or who cares? well i dont but its gonna happen.

    4) Boomer will do something good to redeem herself, possibly save Hera.

    5) They will find a home and it will be the new earth

    6) The song: watchtower, willl be somehow be a lead to the planet, or maybe the colony. I'm thinking that the song is a star map.

    7) The final scene will be the new 'earth' in the future just before the new generation of 'cylons' attacks and it happens all over again.[spoilers] I say this because i once read somewhere that the final scene involves a six dressed like the head version walking down times square (or something like that) [/spoilers]

    8.) Anders will take Galactica to the colony

    9) We all know Kara will have some major part in the end, im not really sure what though. I think the Kara will basically lead them to this 'god' or maybe to earth

    And thats it for now. What do u think will happen




    1) Well i was sorta right but i did like the whole into the sun thing.

    2) One point to me, one to RDM

    3)Oh come on! that counts (2 me/1 RDM)

    4) HA! (3 me/1 RDM)

    5) Bingo (4 me/1 RDM)

    6) And again (5 me/1 RDM) p.s nice touch with the original song at the end there...maybe he knows something we don't...

    7) Hmmm ok sorta but not quite. I still think that counts for me (6 me/1 RDM)

    8.) Ok so he didn't really (6 me/2 RDM)

    9) Well i was right about Kara leading them to earth, but not in the way i was expecting so....

    Final Score: 6 to me, 3 to RDM.... So 66% right isn't so bad. Its better than i normally do so i think thats pretty good

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    MrBovineOrdure wrote:

    I don't think Ron would make us take the leap of faith that anything would survive a black hole but...

    How about engaging the jump drive at the event horizon before you're sucked in, pulverized and turned into a combination of metal filings and chunky salsa before becoming part of the incredibly dense (and very dead) matter that is a black hole.

    I could swallow that they'd jump to an unpredictable place pretty close to the real Earth. (I tend to prefer serendipity to bad science in my sy-fy)

    Mr BO

    BTW... i know i'm a little late in saying this, but a naked singularity (spelling?) has no event horizon... thats why its 'naked' but as far as something travelling through it (not counting the fact that galactica could hardly move without breaking a bone at this stage) is a bit of a long shot even for this show, considering that most of its sci-fi points have actually made sense (ok so not resurrection...but signal range, DRADIS...kinda...the whole travelling at subliminal speeds slows down the time around you etc.)

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