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Full Battlestar episodes now available on!

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    There had been some discussion about which download and video streaming sites were legitimate. I had mentioned a few, including,, and Amazon Unbox Videos. Now you can add to the list. Yes, our very own guide here now has FULL EPISODES of our favorites show, courtesy of (which is co-owned by NBC Universal, the corporate owner of BSG).

    To access the full-length videos, browse to the Summary page of the guide or click on the Videos tab below the banner photo. There are currently three episodes available for free viewing:

    "The Road Less Traveled" (Ep. 4-5)
    "Faith" (Ep. 4-6)
    "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?" (Ep. 4-7)

    If you miss this week's episode or you missed one of the previous episodes and your DVR malfunctioned, you can still watch the episode. You don't have to browse to any other sites either. Just stay right here on this site and this guide and catch up. It looks like only 3 episodes will be available at a time, and the episodes may not be available indefinitely, so don't wait too long before watching.

    The videos include limited commercial interruptions, meaning you won't see 20 minutes of ads during the episodes. You have the option of viewing in full-screen mode. I'd suggest that you set your monitor to the Video or Bright setting, in order to see the images and colors more clearly.

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    It's fairly disappointing that these episodes are only available for residents of the U.S. Perhaps one day these episodes will be legally available for residents in other countries, can only hope at this point.
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