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Grace Park to star in "Hawaii Five-O" remake

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    Everyone's favorite confused Viper pilot/secret Cylon (at least the actor who played her) will be heading to Hawaii to star in the new "Hawaii Five-O" series. Grace will play Kona Kalakua, the niece of Chin Ho Kelly. One website is reporting that she was seen filming an action sequence while clad in a bikini on the beach. Given the setting of the series, that's not unusual.

    Interesting that she will be playing another character in a remake of a TV series where the character was originally a man. In the original "Hawaii Five-O" series, the character was named Kono Kalakaua. He was played by a very large Hawaiian man who went by the name of Zulu. (Not making this up.)

    I'm not sure what to think of this new series but the Hawaiian setting is always a plus, especially when the producers don't have to pretend that it's not really Hawaii (i.e., "Lost"). I'll give it a shot since I remember watching the original "Hawaii Five-O" series. I have some of the DVD sets too though I haven't watched most of them yet.

    Katee Sackhoff is a member of the cast for a new ABC show titled "Boston's Finest" about police officers in Boston. Ronald Moore said that he had been inspired by shows like the former ABC series "NYPD Blue" (also about police officers, and detectives) when he created the style and approach of "Battlestar Galactica".

    Good to see that the BSG alumni are not getting type-cast into typical sci-fi roles (though Katee Sackhoff did film that Sci Fi Channel original movie with Don "The Dragon" Wilson). Though neither "Hawaii Five-O" or "Boston's Finest" are sci-fi shows, maybe if these police/detective shows are successful, they will get more people interested in the careers of Grace and Katee and lead them to the BSG DVDs and "Caprica".
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