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GUIDELINES, Discussion Thread Index, Chart of Survivors, Glossary-PLEASE READ

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    --Check the official Help Center and Guidelines Center threads in the Support forum for submission guidelines. The following are highlights from the official rules and some personal preferences.

    --For submissions that rely on sources other than the episode itself (such as notes and allusions), please provide the source of your information in the form of a hyperlink in the comment field. Add a hyperlink instead of pasting the entire URL. Otherwise, you will have formatting problems when you try to look at the Submission Status page on your profile.

    For more information on hyperlinks, see the "Hyperlinks and XHTML" thread on the User to User Help forum.

    If you don't provide a source, I may send you a PM (Private Message) asking for a source. If you can't provide a source but the submission appears to be correct, I may attempt to verify the assertion myself but only if I have time. To ensure that your submission is accepted, please provide sources for your submissions. Even if you are sure that a fact is true, please include a source that supports your statement.

    --If you are submitting quotes, trivia, notes or allusions, I would appreciate if you could indicate the approximate time in the episode when the scene takes place. Add this to the comments field. A brief sentence indicating that a scene takes place around the 21st minute or the 46th minute, etc., in the broadcast version is sufficient. If you are using the DVD version, indicate this in the comment.

    --Proofread your submissions before submitting them. Check your spelling and grammar, especially with summaries and recaps. I may correct minor errors and accept the submission, but if I see a sloppy submission with numerous typos, I will reject it. I will also judge recaps for quality. If a recap looks like it was written by a fifth grader, it is not going to be added to the guide.

    Check your spelling. Look up the spelling of any unfamiliar words at or

    --Do not copy text from other websites. All summaries and recaps should be original material. You can use information from other sites as the basis for summaries, but if you only change one or two words around, I will reject it as a plagiarized submission.

    --Use only XHTML for formatting submissions. BBCode does not always work in guides. If you are unfamiliar with XHTML and BBCode, you can consult the Hyperlinks and XHTML thread on the User to User Help forum.

    --Please submit all the information you have at the same time. If you have an air date and a production code, submit them together on the same form. If you have several cast members to add, submit them all at once. There are exceptions where certain bugs and glitches may prevent you from submitting everything at once. I'm aware of many of these problems. This can be handled on a case by case basis. If you have 12 or more stars or guest stars for the same episode, it is okay to break up the list and submit it in two parts.

    --Before submitting anything, check the guide to make sure it isn't already there. There's no need to submit duplicate items. Needless to say, any duplicate submissions will be rejected. When new episodes air, many people may race to submit items to the guide. Be mindful of this. Even though your submission may otherwise be perfectly acceptable, another user may have submitted it first. Expect to receive the occasional rejection in such situations. (NOTE-I will not reject a submission just so I can add it myself. That would not be ethical.)


    --Please use proper formatting for quotes. Character names should be in bold with the colon outside of the bold tags. (If you are not familiar with XHTML, please refer to the "Hyperlinks and XHTML" thread noted above.)

    Any descriptive actions should be in parentheses. The entire parenthetical statement should be inside italics tags.

    Here is an example of a properly formatted quote:

    Adama: (to the entire audience) So say we all!
    Tyrol: So say we all.

    --For longer quotes, the parenthetical phrase can precede the quote. It depends on the quote. If you have a question, you can send me a PM before submitting the quote.

    --Quotes should be memorable. A quote might provide special insight into a character. It could be humorous, or there could be some other reason. On the other hand, the quotes section is not the place for mini-transcripts. There are no set limits for quotes but a 10-paragraph excerpt would normally be far too lengthy.

    --If a quote submission consists primarily of parenthetical descriptions, then it's probably not a good candidate for the quotes section. A scene may be very dramatic onscreen but it may not work as a stand-alone text-based quote on the guide.

    --Do not use p or br tags in quote submissions. Use the Enter or Return button to add line breaks.

    --Every paragraph should end with a period, question mark, exclamation point or other punctuation mark. There should be NO extra spaces at the end of any paragraph. There should be NO extra line breaks at the end of the last paragraph. Extra spaces at the end of paragraphs can cause line breaks to disappear.


    --The trivia section should be used for actions that take place onscreen. This includes "goofs". It shouldn't include anything that would be obvious to most viewers.


    --The notes section should be used for any interesting items that take place offscreen. This can include problems with a script, the reason for an actor's absence (such as a contract dispute or illness), or a production-related problem or event. For most notes, you should provide a hyperlink in the comments field to the source you used for the submission.


    --If you decide to write a recap, be aware that I will judge the quality of the submission. I won't accept a poorly written recap that has numerous typos and grammatical errors.

    --A recap should follow the sequence of the plot as it is shown onscreen. The teaser should be described before the first act, and the first act should be described before the second act, etc.

    --Though there is no specific minimum number of words for a recap, it should be more than one or two paragraphs in length. There may be some brief recaps already in the guide. Those were added before I became editor. Any new recaps should fully describe the episode.

    --Recaps are not permanent. If you submit a decent recap, I will accept it but it may be replaced at a later date by a better one. If this is the case, you will not lose the Contribution Points for your recap.


    Though IMDb can be a useful resource, I've discovered that their BSG guide contains numerous errors, including incorrect spellings for character names. Because of these problems, I am unlikely to accept IMDb as the sole source for any submissions related to guest star appearances.

    What sources are acceptable? The official Sci Fi BSG site is the most trustworthy ( Sci Fi Wire, the news service of the Sci Fi Channel, is another good source. For reliable 3rd party sources, you'll have to do a little research and discover those on your own.

    See the Guidelines Center in the General User Support forum for more information.
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    The Terms of Service (TOS) always apply. Threads that contain a spoiler in the title will be edited to remove the spoiler but I will not delete any BSG-related threads.

    Spoiler threads are okay as long as you add something like "(spoiler)" [without the quotation marks] to the title and there are no spoilers in the title itself. It would also help to indicate whether it's a minor spoiler or a major spoiler. Then people can decide whether to venture ahead and read it.

    New spoiler feature

    The staff added a new BBCode tag that lets us add spoilers in a post while obscuring the text from users who don't want to read the spoiler.

    To create a clickable spoiler tag, use the "spoiler" BBCode tags. For more information, please review the "Hyperlinks and XHTML" thread in the User to User Help forum.

    Use the spoiler tag when posting in a thread that is not marked "spoiler." You should use it in episode discussion threads when posting a spoiler for a future episode. Use it for any spoilers that stray from the topic of the thread.

    If the thread is already marked "spoiler" and you are merely discussing the main topic of the thread, there is no need to use this new feature. For example, there is no need to use the spoiler tag in episode discussion threads for posts that are related to that episode.

    Don't discuss illegal downloading in this forum (or anywhere else on for that matter). I'm not the copyright police but such discussions are TOS violations. BSG fans are fortunate in that we have access to DVD sets, legal downloads from iTunes and free episodes at Sci Fi Pulse. (If you buy any DVD sets or iTunes videos, consider buying them through the DVDs and Downloads links at It helps to support the site.)

    Any expletives should be edited with asterisks so that the word is not readily apparent. It is not acceptable to include the 1st letter and then use the correct number of asterisks to mask the remaining letters. All letters should be replaced with asterisks in those situations. For the usual 4-letter words, they should only appear as ****. However, it is acceptable to use the phrase "the F-word" or "the B-word" according to the rules. Of course, with BSG we have the unique word "frak". This is not prohibited by so it is acceptable to use it in passing.

    Negative statements

    Though informed opinions are welcome on the forum, expressions of pure hatred are not. This applies whether the target is another user, an actor, a public figure or a character. You are free to disagree with the actions or motivations of an individual or a character, but please try to stay away from statements that merely announce your hatred of a person or character. Though the character's feelings won't get hurt, I can see where repetitive expressions of hatred for a character can be taken the wrong way by other users. Such expressions don't add anything to the forum so it's better not to include them.


    Though most people on this forum are respectful of other users, we've had a couple trolls in the past. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, a troll is a user who posts rude and insulting messages on public forums in an attempt to get attention or start arguments. They thrive on creating a stir and then watching the reactions of other users. They like to generate hostility and ill will. Here are a few tips:

    1) Never respond to a troll. Don't answer any of their challenges and never quote any part of their forum posts.
    2) Immediately use the reporting feature to notify a moderator of an offensive message. You will generally know if a message is a clear violation of the Terms of Service. Any unobscured profanity, threats or clear insults of other users should be reported right away. (However, you should not report someone merely because they disagree with your point of view.)
    3) Don't discuss a troll in public. Don't announce that you are reporting a troll. Just do it quietly and anonymously.

    The site moderators have been quick in the past to delete offensive posts. A common tactic of trolls is to post an offensive message and then delete it once people start responding. retains the edit history of every message so the moderators can see any offensive language, even if it has been "deleted" or edited by the author.

    Statements such as GINO (Galactica in Name Only) and similar phrases

    These phrases are not intended to foster intelligent discussion. They are simply an attack on the legitimacy of the show's existence and by extension, an attack on viewers of the show. At the suggestion of the site moderators, I am prohibiting the use of terms and phrases such as GINO, Galactica in Name Only, Stardoe, and other snide comments made by fans of the original series. They are only intended to evoke angry responses.

    Off-topic posts

    Please stick to the general topic of the thread in which you are posting. The occasional off-topic post is acceptable if you move back to the original topic quickly. If you want to discuss another BSG-related topic, then you should start a new thread. (Before doing that, check to see that no other recent threads cover the same topic. Look at the last 30-35 threads for similar topics. Duplicate threads may be locked.)

    Excessive quoting

    Users should not quote multiple messages unless absolutely necessary. Off-topic messages should not be quoted. If you are responding to an off-topic message, make your comment brief and then move back to the topic of the thread.

    No game threads

    Because game threads involve no real discussion and usually consist of content-free posts, they are not allowed on this forum. Other forums experienced problems in the past when there were no restrictions on game threads and other content-free threads. Those threads tend to attract users that aren't interested in having substantive discussions about the show. Other threads begin to get overrun by the same attitude that conversation isn't necessary on the forum. Eventually, users that want to talk about the show may be discouraged from posting on the forum.

    The rules state that editors may prohibit all game threads on the forums for guides they edit. An editor may allow up to 4 game threads if so desired, but I'm not going to do that.

    Thus, no game threads or "nonsense" topics will be allowed. You can always start up a thread on the Fun & Games forum.

    Poll threads

    Poll threads are only allowed when the automatic poll feature is used. The vote counter avoids the situation of having a thread with dozens or hundreds of content-free posts.

    The limit of five choices may not always allow for a complete list of alternatives but people can always add comments in their posts. It's not a perfect solution, but it's preferable to having numerous content-free posts.


    This list of guidelines will be updated from time to time.
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    with hyperlinks for easy access

    Miniseries "Rewatch" thread

    33 (1-1)
    Water (1-2)
    Bastille Day (1-3)
    Act of Contrition (1-4)
    You Can't Go Home Again (1-5)
    Litmus (1-6)
    Six Degrees of Separation (1-7)
    Flesh and Bone (1-8)
    Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down (1-9)
    The Hand of God (1-10)
    Colonial Day (1-11)
    Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1 (1-12)
    Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2 (1-13)

    Scattered (2-1)
    Valley of Darkness (2-2)
    Fragged (2-3)
    Resistance (2-4)
    The Farm (2-5)
    Home, Part 1 (2-6)
    Home, Part 2 (2-7)
    Final Cut (2-8)
    Flight of the Phoenix (2-9)
    Pegasus (2-10)
    Resurrection Ship, Part 1 (2-11)
    Resurrection Ship, Part 2 (2-12)
    Epiphanies (2-13)
    Black Market (2-14)
    Scar (2-15)
    Sacrifice (2-16)
    The Captain's Hand (2-17)
    Downloaded (2-18)
    Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1 (2-19)
    Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2 (2-20)
    Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance [Web series]

    Occupation (3-1)
    Precipice (3-2)
    Exodus, Part 1 (3-3)
    Exodus, Part 2 (3-4)
    Collaborators (3-5)
    Torn (1) (3-6)
    A Measure of Salvation (2) (3-7)
    Hero (3-8)
    Unfinished Business (3-9)
    The Passage (3-10)
    The Eye of Jupiter (1) (3-11)
    Rapture (2) (3-12)
    Taking a Break from All Your Worries (3-13)
    The Woman King (3-14)
    A Day in the Life (3-15)
    Dirty Hands (3-16)
    Maelstrom (3-17)
    The Son Also Rises (3-18)
    Crossroads, Part 1 (3-19)
    Crossroads, Part 2 (3-20)

    Razor, Parts 1 and 2 (4-0)

    He That Believeth in Me (4-1)
    Six of One (4-2)
    The Ties That Bind (4-3)
    Escape Velocity (4-4)
    The Road Less Traveled (4-5)
    Faith (4-6)
    Guess What's Coming to Dinner? (4-7)
    Sine Qua Non (4-8)
    The Hub (4-9)
    Revelations (4-10)
    Season 4.5 Webisodes: The Face of the Enemy
    Sometimes a Great Notion (4-11)
    A Disquiet Follows My Soul (4-12)
    The Oath (4-13)
    Blood on the Scales (4-14)
    No Exit (4-15)
    Deadlock (4-16)
    Someone to Watch Over Me (4-17)
    Islanded in a Stream of Stars (4-18)
    Daybreak, Part 1 (1)(4-19)
    Daybreak, Part 2 (2) and (3) (4-20, 4-21)
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    I thought it would be useful to have a list of exact character names and terms used on the show so that submissions for this guide are consistent. Use the format below for adding stars and guest stars. This list does not cover every name and it will be updated from time to time. Stars should be added using the check boxes on the submission form.

    Character names:

    William Adama
    Laura Roslin
    Lee "Apollo" Adama
    Gaius Baltar
    Number Six/Caprica Six
    Sharon Valerii/Sharon "Athena" Agathon
    Kara "Starbuck" Thrace

    Karl "Helo" Agathon
    Galen Tyrol
    Saul Tigh
    Tory Foster
    Samuel Anders
    Felix Gaeta
    Anastasia "Dee" Dualla

    Tom Zarek
    Ellen Tigh
    Cally Henderson Tyrol
    Doc Cottle

    Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson
    Diana Seelix
    Louanne "Kat" Katraine
    Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza

    Cavil/Number One
    Leoben Conoy/Number Two
    D'Anna Biers/Number Three
    Simon/Number Four
    Aaron Doral/Number Five
    Number Six
    Number Seven (???)
    Sharon Valerii/Number Eight

    Kendra Shaw
    Admiral Helena Cain

    Kacey Brynn
    Hera Agathon
    Nicholas Tyrol ("Nicky")

    Technical terms:

    Viper (the ship name) should always be capitalized.

    Cylon Raider should be capitalized (both words).

    Raptor (the ship model) should be capitalized.

    The following should not be capitalized:

    basestar or base ship
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    1st BSG poll: Favorite female character

    2nd BSG poll: Favorite male character

    Web series: Will you watch it?

    Favorite female character-secondary roles

    Favorite character

    POLL: Who is the final Cylon?
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    Though I get some interesting submissions, I am also getting some submissions that are just too sloppy for me to approve. Something that really bothers me is when contributors misspell character names in submissions. There is no excuse for this. I added a comprehensive character list in this thread. Almost all the characters are listed. If someone is missing, let me know and I'll add it. All submissions should follow the spelling as listed in that guide. The character list has been available for quite some time now. Unless a submission is particularly outstanding, I will have to consider rejecting any submissions if character names are misspelled. Consult the pinned thread if you are unsure about a character name. If the name isn't there, send me a PM before submitting.

    NOTE-For submissions other than cast lists, you don't need to include the entire name and callsign. For example, you can say Athena or Starbuck instead of Sharon "Athena" Agathon or Kara "Starbuck" Thrace.

    Speculation in notes, allusions and trivia is not acceptable. You are free to offer your opinions and speculation in the forum or in your reviews but such unsupported statements do not belong in the guide. Any non-obvious statement that does not come directly from the episode must be supported by a reliable source. I do not consider IMDb to be a reliable source for cast listings since I've spotted several errors in their BSG guide. If you think the allusion is obvious, then provide a brief explanation in your comment. However, this is not a guarantee that I will agree with you. I always read submission comments and I will consider any arguments you make.

    What does "non-obvious" mean? Well, you don't need to prove that humans breathe air or that Cylons can be resurrected. Other statements, such as references to particular films, novels, and TV shows, need to be backed up by a reliable source. The Sci Fi site is always an acceptable source. Ronald Moore's blog is located there, as is David Eick's video blog. Ronald Moore's podcast episode commentaries are available for free from the Sci Fi site or through iTunes. An official site for a producer, writer or actor is acceptable for the most part but sometimes there can be errors even there. The official site for Alisen Down, for example, spells her character's name incorrectly. The character is Barolay (NOT Barclay).

    I would also like to remind everyone that they should ALWAYS proofread their submission before clicking the Submit button. Too many people are typing up their submission on the spur of the moment and then sending it in before proofreading it. Though I don't expect every submission to be 100% perfect, simple mistakes like missing spaces, missing punctuation, misspelled character names and misspelled ship names should not be occurring with the frequency I'm running into. I will correct the occasional error but if a submission contains 10 errors, or if a one-sentence submission contains four errors, that is far too many. Those aren't specific maximums either. Ideally there should be no errors with common words. If you don't know how to spell a word, look it up. I have provided links to two helpful dictionary sites in the Submissions Guidelines. Use those. Thus, there really is no excuse for misspelled words or misspelled character names. The resources are available right in this thread.
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    The Chart of Survivors will now be located in this thread. I'll keep this list updated. I'm going to lock the other thread and unpin it. It's not a topic that generates many posts and it's taking up one of the 10 pinned-thread slots.


    Before the arrival of Pegasus, there were 47,853 survivors. The episode "Pegasus" lists 49,605 survivors. Thus, Pegasus has a crew of 1,752. Galactica had a crew of 2,708 after the initial Cylon attack. Pegasus was a newer ship with more sophisticated electronics and internal networks, thus requiring fewer crew members. The increase from "The Farm" to "Home: Part 1" is the result of Helo rejoining the fleet.

    Quote from Billy about Roslin and the number of survivors: That number means everything to her. It represents hope, represents the future.

    Episode Air date Total
    33 (1-03) 01/14/05 47,973
    Water (1-04) 01/14/05 47,973
    [45,265 civilian, 2,708 military]
    Tigh Me Up, Tie Me Down (1-11) 03/04/05 47,905

    Scattered (2-01) 07/15/05 47,875
    Valley of Darkness (2-02) 07/22/05 47,874
    Fragged (2-03) 07/29/05 47,862
    Resistance (2-04) 08/05/05 47,861
    The Farm (2-05) 08/12/05 47,857
    Home: Part 1 (2-06) 08/19/05 47,858
    Home: Part 2 (2-07) 08/26/05 47,855
    Final Cut (2-08) 09/09/05 47,853
    Flight of the Phoenix (2-09) 09/16/05 47,853
    Pegasus (2-10) 09/23/05 49,605
    Resurrection Ship: Part 1 (2-11) 01/06/06 49,604
    Resurrection Ship: Part 2 (2-12) 01/13/06 49,604
    Epiphanies (2-13) 01/20/06 49,598
    Black Market (2-14) 01/27/06 49,597
    Scar (2-15) 02/03/06 49,593
    Sacrifice (2-16) 02/10/06 49,590
    The Captain's Hand (2-17) 02/17/06 49,584
    Downloaded (2-18) 02/24/06 49,579
    Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1 (2-19) 03/03/06 49,579
    Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2 (2-20) 03/10/06 49,550
    [39,192 on New Caprica]

    Occupation (3-01.0) 10/06/06 N/A
    Precipice (3-01.5) 10/06/06 N/A
    Exodus, Part 1 (3-02) 10/13/06 N/A
    Exodus, Part 2 (3-03) 10/20/06 N/A
    Collaborators (3-04) 10/27/06 41,435
    Torn (1) (3-05) 11/03/06 41,422
    A Measure of Salvation (2) (3-06) 11/10/06 41,420
    Hero (3-07) 11/17/06 41,421
    Unfinished Business (3-08) 12/01/06 41,422
    The Passage (3-09) 12/08/06 41,420
    The Eye of Jupiter (1) (3-10) 12/15/06 41,402
    Rapture (2) (3-11) 01/21/07 41,401
    Taking a Break... (3-12) 01/28/07 41,403
    The Woman King (3-13) 02/11/07 41,401
    A Day in the Life (3-14) 02/18/07 41,398
    Dirty Hands (3-15) 02/25/07 41,400
    Maelstrom (3-16) 03/04/07 41,400
    The Son Also Rises (3-17) 03/11/07 41,399
    Crossroads, Part 1 (3-18) 03/18/07 N/A
    Crossroads, Part 2 (3-19) 03/25/07 N/A

    Razor, Part 1 (4-00) 11/24/07
    Razor, Part 2 (4-00) 11/24/07

    He That Believeth in Me (4-01) 04/04/08 39,698
    Six of One (4-02) 04/11/08 39,676
    The Ties That Bind (4-03) 04/18/08 39,676
    Escape Velocity (4-04) 04/25/08 39,675
    The Road Less Traveled (4-05) 05/02/08 39,676
    Faith (4-06) 05/09/08 39,675
    Guess What's Coming to Dinner? (4-07) 05/16/08 39,673
    Sine Qua Non (4-08) 05/30/08 39,674
    The Hub (4-09) 06/06/08 39,673
    Revelations (4-10) 06/13/08 39,665
    Sometimes a Great Notion (4-11) 01/16/09 39,650
    A Disquiet Follows My Soul (4-12) 01/23/09 39,644
    The Oath (4-13) 01/30/09 39,643 (or 39,644)
    Blood on the Scales (4-14) 02/06/09 39,603
    No Exit (4-15) 02/13/09 39,556
    Deadlock (4-16) 02/20/09 39,556
    Someone to Watch Over Me (4-17) 02/27/09 39,556
    Islanded in a Stream of Stars (4-18) 03/06/09
    Daybreak (1) (4-19) 03/13/09
    Daybreak (2) (4-20) 03/20/09
    Daybreak (3) (4-21) 03/20/09
    Edited on 02/27/2009 8:45pm
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    Note on new episodes (Season 4)

    According to the Guidelines, episodes for new shows should not be added unless 2 of the 3 following criteria are fulfilled:

    1) Episode title
    2) Episode air date
    3) Episode summary

    Even though we know that there will be 20 regular episodes plus the 2-hr. special episode in Q4 2007, no titles, air dates or summaries have been released yet. Thus, none of these episodes should be submitted to the guide at this time.

    The episodes will be added as information becomes available. If you submit an episode with a summary, remember that summaries should always be written in your own words. Do not copy and paste summaries from any other site, including the official Sci Fi site. However, you should provide a source for any summaries for unaired episodes. Add the source as a hyperlink in the comments field.

    I will also judge summaries for accuracy and quality. Summaries with multiple spelling and grammatical errors will be rejected. Misspelling a character's name will almost always result in rejection of the submission. There is a glossary in this very thread where you can check on the spelling of most of the primary and recurring characters. I'm not concerned about whether the real name or the callsign is used. If a summary or other submission is acceptable, I won't reject it just because Starbuck is used instead of Kara. There are no definite rules about whether to use the callsign or the real name so I won't reject anything solely on that basis. In such cases, I will change the name and accept the submission.
    Edited on 06/01/2008 2:10am
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    A reminder about spoilers

    As we approach the premiere of "Razor" and Season 4 in the coming weeks and months, we may see more and more spoilers on various websites. I'd like to avoid any grief regarding spoilers so I'm going to remind everyone about some general rules on this issue.

    1) Never post spoilers in the title of a thread!

    If you want to discuss a spoiler or even a potential spoiler, please use a generic title and include the word "spoiler" in parentheses. For example, if you found out that the Daggit was being resurrected for the new series, you should post something like this as the title of your thread:

    The return of a surprise character! (spoilers)

    2) Post only minor spoilers in the Season 4 news and notes thread

    The Season 4 thread is intended for general consumption. Not every fan wants to find out all the spoilers ahead of time. Thus, you should only post minor items like air dates, general items about the season and so on. Do not post news items like the following:

    Omigod! Did you hear that in episode 5 there will be a nuclear accident on Galactica and all the main characters are going to die? (Obviously this is a fake example, but you get the idea.)

    If you have the urge to post information that some might consider a major spoiler such as the death of a major character, use the spoiler tag to hide the information. Enclose the sentence or sentences in BBCode spoiler tags (the square brackets around the word "spoiler" but without the quotes). Don't forget to add the closing tag (with the forward slash mark before the word "spoiler"). Then provide a warning to other readers that a potentially major spoiler lurks in that spoiler link. Other users should be careful not to reveal the spoiler when they read it and react.

    Here's an example of the use of the spoiler tag (but don't worry -- the spoiler is another fake one):

    OK folks, I just found out about a major spoiler in Season 4. Click on the link to read:


    3) Post only spoilers that are appropriate for that particular thread

    This means that a spoiler might be improper in one thread but perfectly fine in another thread. For example, in an episode discussion thread, we are meant to discuss everything that took place in the episode. Thus, we can discuss major events, character deaths, revelations and anything else that occurred in that episode.

    However, if you post in the episode discussion thread at a later date, you should not post spoilers from later episodes. For example, if you post in the discussion thread for episode 5, you should not reveal any spoilers from episode 6, and so on. The show airs at different dates in various countries. I'd like to keep this forum friendly to users from countries around the world so be mindful of these types of spoilers.

    If someone is new to the show, they might browse here and ask a question about something that happened in Season 1. If you see such a thread, assume that the original author hasn't seen Season 2 or Season 3 or "Razor" yet. Do not post any spoilers that relate to episodes after the focus of the thread.


    If you post a spoiler in the title of a thread, I will immediately edit the title to remove the spoiler. I'll change the title into something less informative, but I'll try to keep the topic of the thread clear. I will also include the word "spoiler" in parentheses. If you don't want me doing this, then don't post spoilers in the titles of threads. However, I won't edit the message post (unless there is a serious violation of the Terms of Service).

    If you post improper spoilers in various threads, I will add the spoiler tags to make it a clickable link. I won't delete the post (unless there is a serious violation of the Terms of Service).

    There haven't been any problems with spoilers recently but I'm reading more and more stories around the Web that may reveal major plot points from "Razor" and Season 4. I want to head off any problems with spoilers so that this forum doesn't ruin "Razor" or Season 4 for any fans here.

    Thanks for your cooperation.
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    Warning: No discussion of illegal downloads or file trading is allowed

    This forum is not to be used to post about illegal downloads or file trading. It is not acceptable to notify other users of the presence of specific episodes that may be available as an illegal download. Please do not do so. Your post will be deleted and may be reported to the site moderators as a violation of the Terms of Service.

    If CNET does not act to stop users from promoting such activity, then CNET may potentially be liable for the promotion of copyright infringement. Do not post any further messages relating to illegal downloads or file trading.
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