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I really want to like this show, but..

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    Well let me tell you that I have started watching the series, and seen episode 1 and episode 2, not watching the pilot small series.

    Some of the characters bothered me so much that I stopped watching the series immediately:

    Sharon "Boomer" Valeriifinds that 6 bombs are missing (one being in her bag) but she does nothing but talking to her buddy so she can clear out her name in her mind. I have never seen such stupid selfishness in any show. I thought she was supposed to be a ranking military officer, not a 13 year old freaking out on her first period. Lets see whats more logical... Keeping the intelligence of 5 bombs being hidden by an unknown force in a ship you are flying in to yourself because people might think you stole them and planted them, or directly talking to your commanding officer about it as soon as finding it. Those bombs could have killed thousands but 'writers' put them near a water tank that supposedly has nearly all supplies of the human kind. Sure, lets not split the stock incase of such terror attacks, not like 'something' is attacking them every 33 minutes.

    Another character that bothered me isLaura Roslin. I know how democracy is loved every part of this universe but it is highly improbable in a chaotic time like that to have a 'President' that asks illogical questions every moment. Such as her asking about finding a water supply, and asking probability of finding it with a demand. I know presenting someone as 'people' person is lovely but I am sure the personnel there is perfectly capable of making decisions without the bothering of a 'president'. It is sad but true, in chaotic times, we like putting the 'cruel' people on charge so they can make the 'right' but killer choices for us. Same as todays military, or Roman senate putting a dictator in charge.

    Another part that bothered me is the technology they are using, which is far from us. The technology for that kind of speed and jump is only possible with even leaping through time as such speeds does change the course of time they belong to. Anyways with that kind of technology they still seem to have very primitive equipment in the ship. This is 2010, even I have better technology in my house than they have.

    Also it is really stupid to think the machines would use missiles rather than using Rays that travels in light speed. Them running from missiles but not the source is stupid. In such technology they would have been 'ray'ed to death once they were in the distance of such technology. The guns and bombs they are using are pathetic as well.

    Anyways as I have said, I really wanted to like the show but only two episodes made me mad to stop watching it. Is there a part where they actually explain any of these eccentric ways of the writers? If so please do explain, I would start watching it again. No offense intended for people that are following the show. Sometimes you just like the show no matter what logic it has but in my case didn't work our yet.

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    Well, you gradually begin to accept that some things ARE the way they are and learn to ignore them. This is science fiction after all, and the very thought about rebellious cyborgs and battleships in space take a leap of faith. I would advise you rent the mini-series that began the current BSG saga to get a feel for the background. The concept introduces the notion that advanced technology is a bad thing when you are facing cyborgs who are capable of taking over computers. Your house being more advanced may be a detriment to your safety considering that the Cyborgs can access the many microchips found throughout your house. The Gallatica goes "old school" for a reason; its survival depends on it.

    There is a reason that Boomer is afraid to come forth; she suspects that there is something different about her. Perhaps she can't come forth. There are some indications to believe that she wants to make the attempt to come forth, but is resistant for some reason.

    President Roslin was a school teacher, and school teachers are notorious for asking questions. She realizes that she is out of her depth, but she begins to develop a remarkable strength that makes the character one of the stars of the series.

    There are episodes, like "33", "Pegasus", and the two parter, "Resurrection Ships, Part 1 & 2" which will make your jaw drop. BSG, is a gripping saga with hardly ANY dull moments. Not many series can say that. There is a reason it is very controversial. It explores issues that some of us wish will be swept under the rug. I think you should give it another shot, but from the very beginning.

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    First.. and foremost... 1. You cannot expect to understand the show, much less the characters WITHOUT watching the Mini-series that starts things off. It is essential! If you had known the revolation about Boomer at the end of the Mini-series... you wouldn't have any questions as to why she acted the way she acted. A mystery, yes.. and an intriging one.. but no questions like you have. 2. It's your dime, and therefore entirely up to you , of course.. but it seems to me you're being much to critical to "want to like the show".. especially when you don't want to take the time to watch the intro Mini-series. Can't do anything about the missles.. it is what it is.. sorry. But my advice would be to wipe your mind ( not litteraly ), watch the Mini-series, then the first two again, then if you want.. continue on. It's a hell of a ride, I'll say that much. Your opinion is your opinion.. but if you're gonna judge it like that, I would base it on a season at least.. not after watching the first two hour longs, without watching the beginning, C'mon. Up to you, man. Good luck.
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    If you watch the Miniseries first, then you'll find that "33" is an outstanding episode, really a milestone in science-fiction and televised drama in general.

    What you did was watch Part 3 and 4 of a 4-part story and skipped over Part 1 and 2. All of your questions should be answered by watching the Miniseries.

    Battlestar Galactica first aired on the Sci Fi Channel (now Syfy) as a two-part miniseries in late 2003. The first season did not air until early 2005. (The early episodes aired in the UK in late 2004.)

    Some things you should realize about the approach of the show: BSG took a very hard and unvarnished look at some touchy subjects (nuclear holocaust, paranoia in a society under siege, the hunt for enemy spies in a democratic society, the limits of interrogation in wartime, the conflicts between morality and military necessity in war, post-traumatic stress disorder, how far a society should go to ensure its survival, and so on).

    The characters have many rough edges, which makes sense given the circumstances they are in (on the run after their civilization was annihilated). The writers took on controversial subjects and some very politically charged topics.

    The producers also wanted to be more realistic about the technology. Though ray guns and photon torpedoes may be commonplace in the science-fiction genre, no one has created a reliable system based on those technologies in the real world. If the producers were going for a hard, realistic military story and atmosphere, it makes perfect sense that they are not going to rely on the old sci-fi staples of laser beams and light torpedoes. (The show does include the Faster-than-Light, or FTL, technology, a rare fantastical element to the series.)

    If you are truly willing to give this series a fair shake, then you should watch the Miniseries and only then, go back to the Season 1 episodes. You really need to consider the Miniseries as the first "episodes" of the series.
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    dude, i made the same mistake you did. I watched the first two episodes before watching the miniseries, and found myself confused and not rally enjoying it.

    I then watched the miniseries and, well, I basically finished the entire first season over the next 2 days, having it take up much of my free time.

    Trust me, give the miniseries a watch and then go for it again. You won't regret it
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    I have to agree with the other posts, to skip the beginning and only watch 2 episodes is lyk watching the middle 30 minutes of a movie. Ur not going to understand it and many things will irritate u as a result. I too was disappointed with the lack of technology u expect from a scifi show but if u continue to watch u will see it really does work. BSG is a great show and u can't judge it from 2 epidoes watched out of order. I hope u give it a chance and start from the beginning, watch the mini series then a good few episodes. I think u'll be suprised how many of ur concerns will be explained and hopefully u'll begin to love it.
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    gotta watch the mini series I wouldnt even call it a miniseries I would call it an extended pilot episode, but it has to be watched. Not to mention it is on of the top 5 best episodes of the show if not it might be the best.

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