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I think Kara was ... (Spoilers)

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    I know this is the eternal topic of every BSG forum. I just finished watching it for the 5th time and its still emotional as ever. But smth is still bothering me. What is Kara Thrace?

    I have a theory that she may be one of the lords of kobol. I mean think about it. We dont know much about them, we dont know what they are exactly, all we know they are suposed to be gods or whatever. But at the end they may have been false gods. And Kara who was a lord of kobol was reborn to correct her mistakes in the past. After all we all know that Athena was sad cuz the 1th tribe left due to thier belief in the one true god.

    Id like to hear your thoughts people, and im sorry if this was covered b4.

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    I haven't heard the idea of her being a God of Kobol before; it's an interesting thought. I thought it was strange that they left it so open-ended with her.

    When I was watching the series, I was absolutely convinced she was a Cylon, at least in part. It seemed like her father had been the missing Number 7 model, Daniel. She, being the only adult human/cylon, might have some sort of power of resurrection. I found out after watching through the series that there are others who thought similarly, but the producers came out and said that was unintended, and not the case.

    So after that, I was left without a good theory. All I've thought since then is that it's supposed to be one of those unexplained miracles, maybe due to the "one god". But that theory leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

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