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Most Favorite/Annoying Characters

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    Gaius Baltar In fact, he is so good that I can't write any other character down, he is the best!

    Well, of course I can't go without our beloved Admiral Adama

    -Tigh (he is a legend )

    -Number 1

    -Lee Adama



    -Dr. Cottle




    -Tom Zarek (I hated this guy so much, that I wish the same fate happens to him in real life)




    -The whole frakkin' Pegasus ship


    -Gaeta (in the end and when he got against Baltar, I liked him before)

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    The only 2 characters that "annoyed" me were the ones that started out so great and ended up as antagonists. At least One and some of the other villain-12-models were decent, but certain "bad guys" are just so annoying that I hate them.


    I really liked Gaeta in the beginning, but hated how Gaeta turned out. The webisodes explain 1/2 of why he turned into a total douche, the rest of it was probably depression / trauma from the loss of his leg.

    Considering what happened to him, it's understandable why he feels the way he does. Anders (a cylon that everyone likes) shot him in the leg for following orders, which required it being amputated. In the webisodes, an Eight-model Cylon slowly kills off the crew of his Raptor to stay alive, and he kills her to save himself.

    So I can understand why he hates the Cylons and believes that integrating them into their Tech crew is such a bad idea... he no longer trusts them. And it's not even an unjustified hatred, considering how the many "individuals" within each model were so psychologically similar because they kept sharing all of their memories whenever they'd upload.

    Dualla's death might have been the final catalyst to push him over the edge. While not related to the cylons, it was probably just the final straw of their poorly conceived mission failing spectacularly (which reflects poor leadership if anything).

    But the way he was acting right towards the end, and the whole mutiny thing... way overboard. He went from a likable character to a crummy villain.


    Like Gaeta, I liked her a lot towards her beginning but hated how she turned out. By the end of the series she was a heartless witch.

    Considering what happened to her, I can understand it. She learned she was a Cylon, something she hated. Her distraction caused her to do poorly at her job which put a rift between her and Roslin (one of her closest friends). Said rift turned into a chasm when Roslin learned that Tory was sleeping with Balter, the person she hates the most in the entire universe.

    I think it was the loss of her best friend that was the turning point of her character's fall. After that she started acting very selfish, and killed Cally without much remorse.

    Again, a likable character turned into a crummy villain.

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    I really hated Gaius Baltar, in the first and second seasons he was annoying, but then in the third and fourth he became a lot worse, he was vile. I also hated Saul Tigh as well, and Lee Adama in the third and last season. Also Anders and Cally.

    My favourites had to be Starbuck, Athena, Helo, Admiral Adama, Laura Roslin and of course Dr. Cottle, I loved that he cared about his patients no matter whether human or cylon.

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