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Next season first episode! what will happen?

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    There are several things that i can see as possiblities for the begining of season 3 (not all them will end in the first episode though and some of them might happen in conjunction)

    1.)I can see the fleet reorganizing and some of the ships either being abbandoned or stashed some where to bring pegasus asnd galactica up to full crews

    2.) The fleet will keep on going towards earth in hope of finding help of some sort particualarly millitary units.
    On this one i could see it leading into some particuallary intresting episodes espically if they choose to have them find earth and it be in its current or near future state
    (granted this is unlikly but possible, rember in the orginal they pick up the transimissions about the apollo landings towards the end of the seresis)

    3.)A team is sent back to assinate Baltar, using one of the cylon iff devices that they foud, think simular to the attack on the base star in orbit of cobal, this team could also have orders to bring back people like col tigh (SP?) and starbuck maybee even rosylen

    4.)Those left on new caprica kill baltar, and attack the cylons in some manner prehaps stealing a heavy radier some of them going to rejoin the fleet

    5.) The colonies are somehow involved in the begining of the season, explanation of why the clyons left

    6.) They cylons find out the baby is still alive

    as i come up with more ideas i'll add them
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    wedgeantilles54 wrote:
    A team is sent back to assinate Baltar

    Like you said, it's certainly a possibility, but wouldn't it make more sense for them to somehow take him prisoner? Maybe interrogate him, see what he knows... Of course, with the old Pegasus crew members still around, and people all pissed about the surrender, this could all end up being a bit horrifying...
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