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Question for fellow goers...

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    [1]Feb 6, 2010
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    Ok so basically I'm wondering if I should start watching this show. I have never seen an episode, or anything from the original series. I also know that the show is over but fully available on DVD. The reason I am asking this is to find out if it is worth making room in my already cluttered viewing schedule for this series, and if I do, do I have to check out the original 1978 series as well? Or are they related at all? I am interested in getting into a new (to me) series, but I just want to make sure it's something quite well written, and rediculously interesting and gripping. Any information would be much appreciated.
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    [2]Feb 6, 2010
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    I would say its well worth watching if you are into Sci Fi, most sci fi include comedy but BSG is completely humor free and its great. You dont have to watch the original its just fun to watch it and see how they changed stuff. Do remember if you want to watch it fully there is allot of miniseries and stuff that also aired. I have a post up about all that have aired and trying to figure out in what order to watch the entire series including the movies and webisodes and miniseries.
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    [3]Mar 9, 2010
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    If you're a fan of SciFi orgreat drama, I wholeheartedly recomment BSG. Watching the original series from the 70's really isn't neccesary to understand the plot, but as the previous poster stated, it is fun to see how things change from the original to the new re-imaged series.

    Be warned, if you like it, you'll probably become completely addicted.Once I started watching, I couldn't stop and would have to force myself away from the computer/TV.

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    [4]May 29, 2010
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    i agree, watch it. seriously! it's definitely worth it. tho i wouldn't say it's completely humour free. it does have it's moments, mostly dark humour tho.

    definitely my favourite show of all time ever.

    i wouldn't really recommend watching all off the original series, maybe the 1st few episodes after you've finished the 2003 version. if for no other reason, just to see what differences there is to the story.
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