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    Hey all

    I am in the middle of watching the BSG series for the 1st time but i am watching it chronicallogically. This is working out quiet nicely, so i have finished watching (in order) Razor flashbacks, miniseries, season 1, season 2 (up to 2.17 The Captaints hand) and Razor.

    And as i just finished watching Razor, i thought it was a good movie and the end of the movie was interesting with the XO and the old guy's conversation. But i cant help in wondering, if i had watched Razor when i was up to season 4, like you guys did when u where watching it on tv, would it have made an impact on the show's storyline.

    For me it didn't really, but i think i appriateded more watching it from where i did rather then waiting till the start of season 4. Becuse i imagine that a whole lot more things are coming (huge events) before i end up getting round to season 4, and to me it just feels stupid that the story will take a back step at that stage and tell tell us some more about pegusas and admrial kain.

    And mayb it was a good thing that they showed us that movie when they did (start of seaon 4), i dont know seeing i am really still at the end of season 2. But to me it just feels like a waste.

    Well those are my thoughts anyway.


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