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Roslin, Leoben, Tyrol, D'Anna: The Glossary

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    Though there are a lot of interesting discussions and posts on the forum, there's also a lot of confusion about the proper spelling of the character names. Don't forget that there is a Glossary of most of the major character names located in the GUIDELINES thread, which is pinned near the top of the forum index (click on link). That thread also contains a chart of survivors in the fleet, a hyperlinked index of all episode discussion threads, general forum guidelines and submission guidelines.

    Here are the character names contained in that Glossary post:

    Admiral William "Husker" Adama
    President Laura Roslin
    Lee "Apollo" Adama
    Gaius Baltar
    Number Six - Caprica Six, Shelley Godfrey, Gina Inviere, Natalie
    Sharon Valerii - Sharon "Athena" Agathon/Sharon "Boomer" Valerii
    Kara "Starbuck" Thrace

    Karl "Helo" Agathon
    Galen Tyrol
    Saul Tigh
    Tory Foster
    Samuel Anders
    Felix Gaeta
    Anastasia "Dee" Dualla

    Tom Zarek
    Ellen Tigh
    Cally Henderson Tyrol
    Doc Cottle

    Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson
    Diana Seelix
    Louanne "Kat" Katraine
    Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza

    Cavil/Number One
    Leoben Conoy/Number Two
    D'Anna Biers/Number Three
    Simon/Number Four
    Aaron Doral/Number Five
    Number Six
    Number Seven (identity unknown)
    Sharon Valerii/Number Eight ("Boomer")

    Kendra Shaw
    Admiral Helena Cain

    Kacey Brynn
    Hera Agathon
    Nicholas Tyrol ("Nicky")

    Technical terms:

    Viper (the ship name) should always be capitalized.

    Cylon Raider should be capitalized (both words).

    Raptor (the ship model) should be capitalized.

    The following should not be capitalized:

    basestar or base ship
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