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"Saul stay with the fleet"

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    Daxx00004 wrote:
    ISpeakTheTruth wrote:
    OK I think after watching the newest episode I'm almost 100% that Liam downloaded into Anders. The foreshadowing in the episode was just too much, and it all came from Tigh when he went to see Anders by himself. Tigh: "The little guy was looking right at me." God could it be any clearer? And take not that Ander's eyes were open when the episode started and from what we know Tigh was the last person to see him then... Ander's eyes are closed afterwards. Like he had seen the person he was looking for?
    When he said "the little guy was looking right at me" I thought he was talking about viewing the body of his son not seeing Sam. I still don't understand what would be the point of an unborn infant downloading into an adult. He would be an adult with a baby's mind. Unless you are assuming that a mature mind was in Liam when he died.

    I agree that he was talking about the baby. It would make no sense to have the baby's mind in an adullt. Actually that has already been done on the Mork and Mindy show.

    During the show No Exit when the Dr was drilling Sam's head Sam saids ".......The colony never forgets. The mind is its own place.... and a Hell of Heaven" I can hear what he saids between, "The mind is its own place" and "and a Hell of Heaven",because The Dr. and Starbuck are talking. Did anyone else get it. It sounds to me like Sam is rebooting.

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    I've actually been thinking about the whole Liam/Anders idea and also what the first Hybrid said about Ellen.

    "And the fifth still in shadow will claw towards the light hungry for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering."

    So it sounds clear that the terrible suffering was Liam dying and that she's going to seek a way to fix it. We know that Ellen was the brains behind ressurection tech. We also know that the place where the FF downloaded after earth was destroyed will be visited again (Probably as the opera house) and if Liam is in Anders then I think Ellen will bring back ressurection long enough for Liam to download into a new baby body. The end result giving Anders his mind back and bringing Ellen her redemption.

    The fact that the writers made Ellen the main knowledge behind ressurection has to be important... and I don't see the writers creating Liam for the soul purpose of dying. Also keeping in mind that Anders said that there would be a miricale if Tigh stayed with the fleet and that is honestly the only thing I could think of that would constitute a miricale.

    This is also a way for Caprica to have the child without taking up time of going through child birth and everything while she's doing her part in the opera house with Baltar, Athena and the gang.
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    Raven-22 wrote:

    The mind is its own place.... and a Hell of Heaven"

    Didn't notice that first time. It's a quote from John Milton, Paradise Lost (Book 1, I think).

    "For the mind is it's own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven"

    Reminds me of another quote from that.

    "This infernal pit shall never hold Celestial spirits in bondage, nor the abyss, long under darkness cover"

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