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Share your favorite memories throughout the series

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    [1]Jan 6, 2011
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    I watched a series finale yesterday and I really miss the show. And since I don't live in USA and I am late, because I started watching the show a month ago... I have nobody to talk to about this series.

    So, how about we share our favorite moments of the entire series here. Bringing up the memories a little bit.

    There are a lot of amazing moments but I love all the scenes Baltar is in. I specifically adored the final scenes of series finale... when they show the empty earth, with just animals and nature... and then it makes you think... that many time ago... people with problems and all... and you think it's history, considering where you are now... the whole resurrection and such... really, it makes you think, such an amazing show. If the resurrection would exist, it would be really interesting... you know, in one life, you are married to one person, and in the next one, you snap their neck. I am aware many people disliked the finale because of the religious aspect. Well, show was religious from the beginning so I don't see the point? Anyway, I LOVED the ending with religious aspect. When Baltar says to Six he knows about gardening... really beautiful scene. And in the end, where Bill Adama is talking to himself... such an emotional scene... he is one of the most amazing actors. I were to make a movie, he would be my first choice. Well, he and Gaius.Laughing

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    I don't know if it's my favorite, but the one I remember the most...

    It's towards the end of the series, and Helen has returned with all of her memories. All of the Final Five have re-united for the first time in Anders' hospital room. A Six and an Eight are present and their eyes are wide like a kid visiting Santa for Christmas. It's a big moment.

    The Five start having a serious discussion about whether they and the Cylon rebels should stay with the fleet or go their own way. The pros, cons, etc.

    Then someone mentions that a Six is pregnant with Sal's child and the conversation goes to heck. Sal and Helen start arguing like the old married couple that they are, the expression on Six and Eight's faces become less honored and more uncomfortable, and it turns into a big domestric scene.

    Meanwhile the Chief is quietly asking "So, umm, are we staying or..." but can't get a word in.

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