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    [1]Mar 9, 2009
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    It has been a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. But, like all good things, it will soon be over. I've had an absolute ball watching the show, coming here, and discussing the finer points of Colonial Lore with all you guys.

    I'm sure we'll all be back once or twice before the book is finally closed on this fantastic show, and probably a few times after, but I wanted to start this thread to show my appreciation, and to let everyne else do the same, if they want.

    So I'd just like to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone who has posted their thoughts, speculations, theories, and insights on what has been, for me anyway, the greatest show so far. It's been an great pleasure having these discussions, arguments and debates, and some of the ideas raised here have definitely enhanced the enjoyment I've gotten from watching and rewatching the series.

    So thanks to everyone, and especially 123home123, for keeping us all in line and keeping the forums ticking over.

    It's a bitter sweet feeling, but I'm looking forward to seeing Starbuck "lead them to their end"

    Slan, is beannacht diobh, mo chairde.


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    I was a fan of the original. I remember the day it premiered.. Sunday, Sept 17, 1978 at 8.00 PM. That series had no conclusion to it, and I remember being very unhappy with Ron Moores vision from the beginning.. because it wasn't a continuation. So, I was very leery while watching the Mini-series, but I left an open mind. Ron Moore wrote several of my favorite Star Trek: Next generation scripts.. Inluding the kick ass "Best of Both Worlds", thank you ladies and gentlemen.

    I felt I was richly rewarded for the mindset. The Mini-series was long, was very slow through a lot of it, but it took it's time to lay out the world... the scenario.. and mostly, the people. Which is what made it all better when the turbo-start "33" kicked in the series. You cared about the people who were going through this stuff.

    You guys remember the first time you saw the Wall of Rememberance .. not too long after 9/11?

    It's been a great 6 years . Maybe some people think there were a lot of filler shows, but I think they had the right balance of story classes in each season, overall. But let's face it.. honestly, how often do you come across a show like this, whoose writing quality ( on the whole), has been pretty damned consistant? Not many these days, I'll tell you that.

    The characters have all gone through so much. I almost cry everytime I see Dee in an old episode. But the journeys, the twists and turns.. where they were and where they are. How many have suffered and died?

    Felix, poor Felix. Try watching the miniseries now, and not shaking your head when you see him on the screen.

    That in mind, guys.. I have an idea for the forum for our post show blues. When you get a chance, drop by my new thread (Reflections), and please tell me what ya think.

    I'm very sad it's ending. But it's right. Now we have a giant three part payoff for all the questions. What a great show .

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