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The Face of the Enemy (A 10-part online series)

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    [1]May 30, 2009
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    Hey all

    Just bought the 4th season (Part 1) of BSG and just wondering if there should be the webepisodes 'The Face of the Enemy ' some where inside on one of the discs. I hav to admit that i have not looked through all the disc yet but just reading the back of the box it mentions all the episodes + razor + razor flashbacks but nothing about these web episodes.

    So just wondering if there actually is meant to be these web episodes included in this box set.

    And if not should i expect them to be in season 4 (Part 2) box set.


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    [2]Jul 3, 2009
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    Actually, they will not. Some kind of legal issue. I'm a little ticked that they couldn't find a way around this.. after all they are releasing a complete series set. It is NOT complete without " Face of the Enemy. "
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