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The final episode

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    [1]Jun 20, 2008
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    I wanted to discuss what we are thinking could possibly happen in the final episode. Now i assumed this season, that it was going to be to find earth, however as we all know what happened in episode 10 i wonder how they will end the show? Will the cylons and the humans battle it out once and forall? Will they find a "new earth"? i mean i have no idea...TBH i think they could have ended the show on episode 10 when they found earth....

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    I think they could have ended on 'revelations' had it been needed due to the show not being brought back after the writers strike. Many plot points were tied up by that episode, though not all. I think all credit to RDM and team for managing to do that 'on the hoof', I think it shows that they have a lot of respect for the fan base, and that they care for the show, and while I am not saying it would have been a great way to end, it would at least have been an ending. In fact that last scene could have been played very differently, imagine if they had been looking over CGI green fields and rivers instead of CGI post nuclear holocaust...

    But any way, I think we are going to see in the last episode some recurring imagery around the River and the Ferry (from Faith) probably related to Roslin's death. But let's not rush to the final ep., I for one want to enjoy getting there!!

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