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Theory & Speculation of Earth/Caprica

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    [1]Jan 31, 2009
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    Ok, my theory is a little out there, but could happen...

    What if Cylons were the original people of Earth. THey created with (with science/dna/etc) humans. The humans revolted and killed the cylons. Some cylons made there way to Capria 2000 years ago. Some of them being the 5 we know of along with 7 or 8 others. They were known as Zeus, Appollo, and other god names. The Cylons decided to re-create humans again (only 7 of the cylons decided this), the other 5 (whom we know) was against it. So the Gods (cylons) created humans once again. The humans evolved and created Cylons, which then the cylons revolted and killed the humans on Caprica. (and there the cycle is, happens before happens again)...

    Your thoughts and theories regarding this or other possibilities?

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    [2]Feb 4, 2009
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    Could be. It seems to be a solid theroy.

    One thing that you said that I think we will end up finding out is that I think that the humans were the ones who destroyed the Cylons on Earth in the first place. Then the remaining humans will have to deal with the fact that they too are capable of the genocide that they are so horrified that the Cylons tried to accomplish on them. Kind of a we are no better than they are reckoning. BSG is very good at these complex parallels.

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    [3]Feb 4, 2009
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    I've considered something slightly different and posted elsewhere: that there are NO humans. Period.The Colonials - as with Tigh et al - are in fact all Cylons - and this will be the outcome of Daybreak. The "Humans" are in fact Cylons of another generation, one some 2,000 years old; the cataclysmic events on Kobol caused their racial memory / heritage to be lost. Thus, one group left Kobol (due to an earlier "Cylon war"?) to establish the 12 colonies, while one group went off on their own and established Earth, where their own Cylon Centurians *may* have wiped them out. NOW, we have them repeating history - they have created their own sub-species, war has erupted, etc., and now....we have one group attempting to settle new worlds (as in the legend of the "12 colonies", while one will eventually set off on its own (Cabot and his people) - thus repeating the cycle started eons ago. If you look at it in this way, Leoben's mantra of "all this has happened before, all this will happen again" makes perfect sense. It's as though they are stuck in a feedback loop, doomed to repeat the same 2000 years of programming over and over. The next generation will be seeded on wherever Galactica & the base star end up... probably colonizing a planet (the new "Kobol") together and forming new "tribes". Their descendants mix & distill the "genes" of old & new generation Cylons who go on to eventually create a new race of Cylons and the loop starts again. Cabot and HIS people meanwhile go off as I've stated, establish a world of their own (the next iteration of "Earth"), and are eventually wiped out by their own Centurians (which are now capable of killing them thanks to Six's act earlier in Season 4). And so the cycle repeats, albeit with slight variations, perhaps. This would also explain Thrace's "reincarnation" (to a point), and also explain how Baltar survived the nuclear blast on Caprica seen during the mini-series - as a Cylon, he was "automatically" uploaded by the "new Cylon" technology to the Resurrection ship & downloaded into a new body. Given the system didn't expect this, he was (for reasons unknown) then deposited back on Caprica as a "mistake".

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    [4]Feb 6, 2009
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    There's currently a lot of real world debate about genetic augmentation and "designer babies" etc. A lot of the people who are against these ideas are religious fanatics who argue that we're playing god.

    Ok, so what if the old cylons on Earth were originally human, but speciated due to this genetic augmentation? Those who didn't want to participate in such modifications (i.e. regular humans, likely religious fanatics) might have been shipped off to the Kobol colony, like they did with convicts and Australia. Maybe some of these people were fundamentalists, and they set off nukes on Earth in retaliation.

    At least that would explain why religion is such a dominant theme in the BSG universe, especially if the Kobol colony was predominantly convicts and religious fanatics. In this case, I would have to agree that the greek gods on Kobol were probably thier cylons gaurds and administrators.

    I think there's a quote that goes "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". To a regular human in an under-developed colony like Kobol (after a few generations of isolation from Earth), a genetically augmented cylon with wifi implants, super strength and seeming immortality would certainly seem godly.

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