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When Bill Met Saul...

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    Has anybody else seen the deleted scenes for the episodes "Scattered", and " Valley of Darkness "... which show Adama and Tigh's first meeting, as well as snippets from the first year or so of their friendship?

    Awesome... facinating stuff. Cut not only for time, but for what Ron and Dave thought was interference with the basic storyline... it features some of the two actor's best work. Saul is yet to be married to Ellen, and stationed on a freighter, outside the Colonial fleet. While on liberty, he gets into a brutal fight with a taunting shipmate.. and Bill comes in, holding the entire bar at bay with a shotgun... (very Clint, by the way).. and keeps Saul from killing the guy, and Saul's life in the process.

    As the two drink in private back on the ship... they trade war stories.. horrifing ones. Time after time, Bill narrowly keeps Saul from throwing his life, and career away with his drinking and fighting. Soon, Bill is accepted back into the Colonial fleet, as he swore he would do, leaving Saul alone, and self-destructive again. In a drunk haze, he is about to burn up all his metals when two gaurds arrive to escort him away. He's been re-instated as well, compliments of Major Adama.

    Now, one could very well argue that these events are not cannon, because of their removal from the aired versions. However.. ever so brief snippets from most of these scenes WERE included in the episodes, albiet mostly cut down to mere flashes of diolouge... so they must have happened. If they are considered part of BSG history.. then Cavil was indeed a monster, as well as a hell of a re-programer. Saul's war stories are chilling to the point that one can almost smell the blood , and the haunted, lost look when he tells the tales, almost makes you cry.

    If any of you have the sets, there are real treasures on the deleted scenes menues such as this.

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