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Who won't make it to the Promise Land (spoilers)

Who will make it to the Promise Land?

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    scififan12921 wrote:
    Great episode. I agree with an earlier post-Cavil is coming back and going to use Hera as a bargaining chip. I don't think it's coincidence that Ellen says she's the hope for a new future. I also don't think that Roslin is going to make it to the new home, wherever it may be. She was having noticable difficulty with coordination when Sonja was requesting Boomer for trial and the collapse at the end. I'm starting to lean towards the fleet finding a new home but very few of the characters that we've all followed get a happy ending-they pay the price to protect humanity. It's just dark enough to fit.

    I agree that very few of the main characters will make it to the promise land. I hate the idea because I have grown to love these characters. So with that said who do you think wont make it and why?

    I love the chief but I think he dies by his own hands b/c of what he did. Laura and the ship are both in their final moments of life. Cavil has to go b/c he is so against the cylons and humans living together in peace. I think Apolo is the future leader so he will live. William "Husker" Adama will live and take on the suffeirng for the new world so the rest of them can move forward.

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    I don't think Roslin is going to make it, which bums me out, she's one of my favorites. Unless there's a miracle for her I think she loses the battle with her cancer.

    I agree with you, Tyrol is going to come to an end soon. They've hinted at suicide for him before but Nicky is what stopped him, no such worries now since he's not the real father.

    I also think in the end Cavil will die. In order for any kind of peace to last he needs to be out of the picture.

    I actually am beginning to think either Tigh or Adama will die-using the Galactica to save the fleet one last time. I'm just not sure which one.

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