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Your Best and Worst Episodes

What is your favorite episode?

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    I apologize if this has been done in the past. The search function here is a joke.

    Now that we've seen the entire series, what are your favorite episodes? There are some we can all agree on (33, Pegasus, Revelations) and others that are more polarizing (Daybreak, Collaborators, Sometimes a Great Notion). Vote in the poll and then post you favorites and your least favorites.

    My Top Episodes

    1. Daybreak Part 2

    2. Kobol's Last Gleaming Part 2

    3. The Oath

    4. Pegasus

    5. The Miniseries

    6. Exodus Part 2

    7. Sometimes a Great Notion

    8. Resurrection Ship Part 2

    9. Guess What's Coming to Dinner?

    10. 33

    11. Revelations

    12. Home Part 2

    13, Lay Down Your Burdens Part 2

    14. Maelstrom

    15. Collaborators

    16. A Measure of Salvation

    17. Crossroads Part 2

    18. Blood on the Scales

    19. Bastille Day

    20. Scattered

    Honorable Mention: Downloaded, No Exit, Occupation, Water

    My Worst Episodes

    1. Dirty Hands

    2. A Day In the Life

    3. Hero

    4. Deadlock

    5. The Woman King

    6. Black Market

    7. The Road Less Traveled

    8. Scar

    9. Escape Velocity

    10. Sine Qua Non

    Dishonorable Mention: The Captain's Hand, Final Cut, Torn

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    It's hard to pin down one specific episode but I can post a group of my favorite episodes. That list would include the following, in approximate chronological order:

    - The Miniseries
    - 33
    - Water
    - The Hand of God
    - Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2
    - Pegasus
    - Downloaded
    - Occupation
    - Exodus, Part 2
    - Collaborators
    - Dirty Hands
    - Maelstrom
    - Crossroads, Part 2
    - Razor
    - Faith
    - Revelations
    - Daybreak, Part 2

    I guess "Dirty Hands" would be the controversial one here. Many people didn't like it at all, but I really enjoyed it a lot, even though I don't share the political perspective of the writers in that story. Unlike many observers, I don't look to a work of fiction to confirm particular political, philosophical or religious beliefs. I just want the writers, directors, producers and actors to do a great job with the material and put together compelling stories and great characters in complex situations. As long as they don't get too blunt about going down a particular ideological path, I can deal with it.

    I remember that many people were also bothered by the parallels between the New Caprica episodes and the ongoing war in Iraq. It made me uncomfortable too but that's precisely why I liked those episodes. I didn't feel like I was watching some dumb sitcom. I felt like I was watching a great and intense war drama with a strong philosophical bent.

    I have to mention "Downloaded" specifically because it shows just what the producers, writers and actors accomplished with this series. Clearly, it was a low-budget, character-driven episode, which would normally be a filler, clip-show episode on many other series, especially on the Sci Fi Channel. Instead, they ended up putting together one of the best stories of the entire series. Many other producers and writers should study that episode to see what is possible for a low-budget episode slot. They shouldn't be lazy and just cobble together clips for a flashback-heavy episode. Put some thought into the process and make a great, character-based story like the BSG team did with "Downloaded".


    I can't say that there were many episodes I actively disliked. There were a couple that were slightly underwhelming but they were still better than most of what I've seen on television. (Admittedly, I don't watch that many other scripted shows besides BSG these days.) Among the episodes in this latter group are the following:

    Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
    Black Market
    Sine Qua Non

    I liked all of these episodes but I thought they were a little uneven. "Black Market" has one of the best episode soundtracks, including the title piece from the Season 2 CD. It reminds me a little of Led Zeppelin's cla$$ic work "Kashmir". The episode ended rather suddenly. If the writers had worked out a better ending, I think the episode would have received a much better reception.
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    It's been so stretched out, but I loved Pegasus and the first half of season one, thought season three was the worst of the four by a long shot, and clearly remember hating "black market" and the one with lee and the prostitute, if that's different.
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    Personally my least favorite episode was Sine Qua Non. There were several "filler" BSG episodes(eg. "Black Market") that were properly acted and had a fairly watchable story, but I personally think Sine Qua Non was below average in many aspects that Battlestar usually performed well in. For example, the editing was exceptionally bad on it and it was the only episode that I felt was too rushed. In addition, the guest character (I would not spoil it for those that havent seen it yet) felt forced and he was just there to impress certain fans. For my pick of best episode, it probably would be Exodus part 2. The moment when Galactica went down to low orbit only to jump at the last second could possibly be my favorite TV scene in any series.
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    Favorite Episodes
    1. The Miniseries
    2. Pegasus
    3. Resurrection ship parts 1 & 2
    4. Bastille Day
    5. The Oath & Blood on the Scales

    Worst Episodes
    1. Scar
    2. Razor
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    I would say those are my least favorite episodes, becouse I don't consider them to be generally bad, just not as high standard as the rest of the show, so:

    - Scar (I think it would be more interesting, if the SCAR-plotline would stretch over ca. 3 episodes)
    - Black Market (Same as above)

    Both episodes were nice, but the stories weren't strong enough to be the main plots... they should have been just background plots for something bigger...

    -Dirty Hands (It's a shame they did not follow that plot more... one episode seems out of place, a couple of those as background story for some major plotline would be much beter)

    - The Woman King (Except that Helo deserved one episode for himself, I thing that this is one of two really bad episodes)

    - Deadlock - I liked the whole soapy-ness of this episode, but that Jane Epsen, or what her name was, left some major plotlines in the wind... Baltar and the guns for his amazons... Adama looking at the ship for 45minutes. I think, that cutting this episode 2 minutes shorter and replacing this time with actual plot would be enough to make it a good episode. But as it is now it is almost as bad as "The Woman King"

    - Pegasus+Resurection Ship I and II
    - New Caprica storyline
    - 33
    - A disquiet follows my Soul + The Oath + Blood on the Scales
    - Revelations + Sometimes a Great Notion
    - actually whole Season 4.5 except Deadlock
    -... aaahhh... that is too complicated... I love the show as a complete picture, there were some minor epis... but consider my favourites list to be all episodes (minus those mentioned at the beginning)
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    I'm surprised at the dislike for Sine Qua Non. I may be in the minority, but I loved it. Romo was great, and I loved watching Adama throughout the whole thing. It was a very moving acting job. The tension and sense of loss was palpable. For me, the image of 'Husker' reading Searider Falcon in a Raptor while his fleet jump away is one of the most memorable in the whole series. Just that tiny ship, surrounded by the black of space.

    My favourite will always be the miniseries, because of the sense of discovery and newness of it all. I did really love the New Caprica storyline, especially Collaborators. Alessandro Juliani was just wonderful, and the executions were chilling. Also, Unfinished Business had such a clever interlocking structure, and wrapped together so many story threads. Home, Parts 1 & 2 were very dramatic and dealt with the reuniting of the fleet in a way that didn't feel cliched, plus there was the excellent sequence in the Tomb of Athena with the constellations. Kobol's Last Gleaming was brilliant, and featured the most horribly nailbiting cliffhanger...

    As far as episodes I didn't like, I find there are several stand-alones (Scar, The Woman King, a few others) late in seasons 2 & 3 that just felt unnecessary. I can't think of any truly bad ones at the moment. Right. I'll stop babbling now.

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