Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 7

Guess What's Coming to Dinner?

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 16, 2008 on Syfy

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  • It is all kicking off!

    The powerful Faith episode is followed by this "must-get-everything-to-happen-now" episode - and boy are we happy!

    The Cylons' deal (to destroy the resurrection ship in return for D'Anna and the final 5) is accepted by Roslin and Adama. Lee feels left out of the process, and tells Roslin so. The quorom get a silly speech from number 6, and don't look too happy about it, but daren't say anything. Starbuck stands around feeling guilty about potentially leading the humans into a trap. So she decides to offer her help to Roslin and her insane visions.

    Then the Cylons, true to their ilk, decide they cannot trust the humans, so decide to set the centurions on the humans "as insurance". Leoben is fantastic in all his scenes - he steals them all with his screen presence, and looks every bit the cylon built leader.

    Gaeta sings beautifully - who would have known? Anders is racked with guilt about it.

    Roslin is all-powerful and oozing it. You cannot but fear and love her at the same time. Her dictatorial style - and the ensuing messiah complex - are compelling viewing. So is her semi-acceptance that the people need to be reassured about her knowing best. Shame that she then decides to go to the base-star (apparently without Adama's permission), with Gaius and plugs in the hybird - who promptly jumps away.

    Don't think Adama is going to like that.

    Also - double whammy that number 6 is shot by Athena (that name still rankles with me). Adama *definitely* won't like that, given that she was their only lead.

    Hera simply annoys me. She is simply not cute enough for T.V. Come on - you would think that Helo and Athena would produce fracking angels. She has no lines (more or less), and so screen presence is vital. But being the BSG, this minor detail is forgivable.

    The most wonderful bits of this episode were the politics of Roslin, and the visions. Two visions made a comeback - those of Starbuck (harbinger of death) and Roslin/6/Athena (Opera house). Although Starbuck's role is ambiguous, Athena's opera house is the Battlestar (or so we think), and she kills 6 for it. However, the interesting thing is that Chief subs for Gaius and takes Hera away. Will he keep her from Athena? One doubts is, but hopes that there was deeper meaning than shown on screen.

    A compelling episode, setting things up nicely for an action-packed episode. I love how the pace is *finally* picking up in this last season. It has been torture (the bad kind) until now - at least our imaginations get to run wild between episodes now!