Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 1

He That Believeth in Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2008 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

During the Cylon attack, Sam Anders has a strange encounter with a Cylon Raider. The crew of the Galactica view Starbuck's return with suspicion and doubt. Gaius Baltar takes refuge with a group of women who believe he has the power to heal others.

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  • Season 4 starts with a bang

    If you think season 3 finale was awesome, well, this goes way beyond that.

    Starbuck returns, claiming she's been to Earth, not knowing that everyone saw her blowing up in space, and she keeps saying they're going the wrong way. Baltar finds himself in the middle of a cult to his figure, which only gets him in trouble. Meanwhile, the four "new" cylons try to keep their lives going on as they were before.

    Besides all that, the space battle scenes are among the best I've ever seen on tv.

    In a nutshell: this episode is SUPERB.moreless
  • He That Believeth in Me

    He That Believeth in Me was a perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica! All I can say is Wow! This episode was amazing from start to finish with action right away, drama, scandal, and intrigue. There was also a ton of character and plot development. The space battle scenes were phenomenal and beautiful. It was cool to see the Cylon Raider scan Anders or Longshot. The President urges that the fleet continue jumping and to follow the Nebula's path while Starbuck urges they back track to find Earth after returning under mysterious circumstances. The four newly realized Cylons continue to meet and discuss themselves which was cool, while Baltar lives among his followers and has some interesting experiences. I thought it was awesome how the Six in Baltars mind appeared and how it did seem that perhaps she is sent by God. I hope the show will end how I suspect, as I've never watched the last two seasons of the show at this point in time. I love to think about the possibilities. I'd like to point out the numbers, which all relate perhaps, 12 colonies, + 13th tribe, 12 Cylons, The Cylons One God unless it is one of them then it would be the +1, and then there are the 12 Gods of the Pantheon, or 13 maybe too depending on how one breaks it down. Watching Colonel Tigh hallucinate was interesting as were many other scenes like the ending when Starbuck takes her issues up with the President directly. I look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens next as I'm on the edge of my chair with suspense!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • The storylines are just getting more and more bizarre.

    This was the episode that put it over the top for me. Too much baloney, too far fetched or near fetched for me. The finale last season was bad enough, now each week seems to contradict previous things we took for granted.

    I am sorry, it should have ended last year, it is like the Soprano's going for the one last season to wrap up all the lose ends and that turned out to be horrible.

    Their finale had people talking, and not in a good way. We felt cheated with all the wait to bad TV, the only saving grace for this show for me is that it is not on a premium channel that I have to pay extra for. This show gets a four swirly rating, it takes four flushes to get rid of all the crap they put in it.moreless
  • We continue where it all stopped..

    Oh.. the last season ending was stunning and now they continue that storyline - main surprise is Starbuck and everyone is happy to have her back.. until the moment she is arrested and more and more of her craziness stars to come out. Where she was, what happened - she does not know. All she says is that she found Earth and they are going on wrong way.. And Gaius.. he finds himself a place to hide and starts a dangerous road with those people - and finds his position getting stronger when they think he a mirical.

    And we have Roslin.. she is somehow slipping away in wrong direction too.. who knows.. but there are many exciting storylines..moreless
  • Starbuck's back, key members of the fleet find out they are cylons and anders gives a weird reaction to one of the cylon raiders, sending them headed towards their base ship.moreless

    The episode starts off where the last season left off. Starbuck returns out of nowhere during a cylon attack. She claims she has been to earth, and she can take the fleet there. Lee is speechless at first, and simply cannot believe that she's alive.

    The two vipers containing Lee and Kara then proceed to joining the fire fight with the cylons, and attempt to maintain the situation. On the galactica, Tigh hallucinates an event where he draws his gun and shoots Adama in the head. Showing that tigh is starting to change in some ways.

    In the next scene, Tyrol has a discussion with Anders. Anders is worried that what he's about to do (go out and fight the cylons) is crazy. The both of them are beginning to panic. But the both of them are trying their best to maintain their original characters, to not let past events change who they are today.

    Also, Baltar has been rescued by an anonymous woman, who seems to have to one objective to help him, and keep him in safety. The fight rages on, and the ship "Pixus" is lost, along with 600 people. But the fight continues. As anders races towards the cylon raiders, nukes are flying everywhere and mayhem is being caused all around. He makes his way towards a cylon raider, but something happens before he is able to destroy it. He makes "eye contact" with the cylon and it seems to acknowledge that it knows he is one of the final five. The raider then races back towards the base ship along with all the other raiders. In my opinion, this was a great scene, Anders had just discovered he was a cylon, and he was doubting this. But now he knows that because of what just happened, there isn't much of a chance that he's human. The fight scene was pretty great, I loved how you got to see the perspective of the viper pilot (Anders), and the visuals were pretty nice, too. Now, back to the Baltar story. He has been rescued by his "worshippers", who wish only for him to guide them. He arrives in a colorful room full of strangers.

    Starbuck finally arrives back on the Galactica, and everyone stands there in awe. Nothing explains her sudden re-appearence, and Lee is sure happy to see her alive in one piece. Tigh and Adama stand to watch this, still not believing what is happening. I still couldn't understand things at this point, and that was how things were meant to be. Whatever happened to Kara is explainable, but it's going to take more than a few tests with Cottle to find out. Adama then has Starbuck (who thinks she's been gone for only a few hours) escorted to sick bay to have some tests done, just for safety precautions in a sense. The best scenes in this episode were the ones with Starbuck, the Cylon/Galactica fight and the scenes with Baltar. This episode was one of the weaker ones, but still was considered good in my opinion. Hopefully more episodes like this are on their way. This season has started off on an "okay" note.moreless
Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace

Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer

Number Six/Caprica Six

Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos

William Adama

Jamie Bamber

Jamie Bamber

Lee "Apollo" Adama

Mary McDonnell

Mary McDonnell

Laura Roslin

Grace Park

Grace Park

Sharon Valerii/Sharon "Athena" Agathon

Ryan Robbins

Ryan Robbins

Charlie Connor

Guest Star

Keegan Connor Tracy

Keegan Connor Tracy


Guest Star

Colin Corrigan

Colin Corrigan

Marine Nowart

Guest Star

Michael Trucco

Michael Trucco

Samuel Anders

Recurring Role

Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas

Galen Tyrol

Recurring Role

Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan

Saul Tigh

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof:
      When Starbuck flies alongside Apollo in the Season 3 finale ("Crossroads, Part 2"), the side of her Viper has no nameplate on it. However, in this episode (which is the Season 4 premiere), the nameplate that reads "Kara Thrace 'Starbuck'" is visible once she lands aboard Galactica. The action in this episode takes place immediately after the events of the Season 3 finale.

    • Goof:
      In the Season 3 finale, Anders has a very noticeable limp, which is visible when he's following Chief Tyrol to the flight deck. However, in the Season 4 premiere, he has no limp at all even though the story takes place during the same day.

    • Samuel Anders reveals that he was born on Picon (or so he believes).

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Tigh: Those bastards can't program me to help them. No way.
      Tyrol: Boomer thought the same thing. And then she shot the Old Man.
      Tigh: Boomer didn't know what she was. We do. That is not gonna happen.

    • (after Paulla beats down the two attackers with a metal rod)
      Paulla: You see? Gaius, I knew God wouldn't desert you. I mean, I felt his love course through me, giving me the strength to smite them.
      Baltar: A little less smiting next time unless you want to be held up on murder charges.

    • (Tracey puts Baltar's hands on her breasts)
      Tracey: Can you feel God's presence?
      Baltar: (earnestly) You know what? I think I do.
      Tracey: So do I.
      Baltar: Do you? Do you too? We both, we both feel --

    • (Anders is worried about fighting the Cylons)
      Tyrol: Be the man you want to be until they take you down!
      Anders: Lot easier said than done, 'cause I don't know what the frak I am right now!
      Tyrol: You're Samuel T. Anders. That's all you've got to remember. Samuel T. Anders. Now get the frak in your ship!
      Athena: (overhearing Tyrol) Who else would he be?

    • Baltar: Please God, I'm asking you this one last time. Don't let this child die. Has he sinned against you? He can't have sinned against you. He's not even had a life yet. How can you take him and let me live. After all I've done? Really, if you want someone to suffer, take me.

      We both know I deserve it. I'm selfish and weak. I have failed so many people. I have killed. I'm not asking for your forgiveness. I'm just asking that you spare the life of this innocent child. Don't take him. Take me. Take me, take me, please.

    • Lee: (to Adama) Dad, what if Zak had come back to us in that Viper? If my brother had climbed out of that cockpit? Would it matter if he were a Cylon? If he always had been? When all is said and done, would that change how we really feel about him?

    • Anders: Listen to me. If you were a Cylon, then you've been one from the beginning.
      Kara: Like Boomer. I spend my entire life thinking I'm one thing -
      Anders: And then you wake up one day and discover you're another. It still doesn't change who you really are. It still doesn't change the fact that I love you, no matter what.
      Kara: You are a better person than I am, Sam, because if I found out that you were a Cylon, I would put a bullet between your eyes.

    • Caprica Six: The Five are close.
      Roslin: What?
      Caprica Six: I can feel them.

  • NOTES (5)

    • The visual effects team won a 2008 Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series. The award was granted for this episode in particular.

      Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series - "He That Believeth In Me"
      --Gary Hutzel, Visual Effects Supervisor
      --Michael Gibson, Visual Effects Producer
      --David Takemura, Visual Effects Coordinator
      --Doug Drexler, CGI Supervisor
      --Kyle Toucher, CG Artist
      --Sean Jackson, CG Artist
      --Pierre Drolet, CG Modeler
      --Aurore de Blois, Senior Compositor
      --Derek Ledbetter, Compositor

      This episode was responsible for two of the six 2008 Emmy Award nominations that Battlestar Galactica received. In addition to the visual effects award, editor Julius Ramsay earned a nomination in the category of Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series - "He That Believeth In Me".

    • For the initial UK broadcast of Season 4 on Sky One (April 15, 2008), this episode aired back-to-back with the second episode, "Six Of One." The final credits of both episodes were shown simultaneously, side by side, in split screen at the end of the broadcast.

    • There are now 39,698 survivors in the fleet, according to the number shown after the teaser. The total includes 1,701 fewer people than the previous count did. There were 41,399 survivors after the teaser in the Season 3 episode "The Son Also Rises." No survivor count was shown during the final two episodes of Season 3.

    • Katee Sackhoff read the "Previously on Battlestar Galactica" line at the beginning of this episode.

    • With this first episode of Season 4, a new intro sequence is added. The onscreen text reads "Twelve Cylon Models, Seven are known, Four live in secret, One will be revealed." As the words "Four live in secret" are shown, the faces of Chief Tyrol, Col. Tigh, Samuel Anders and Tory Foster are displayed, confirming that they are indeed Cylons.


    • Longshot

      We learn that Samuel Anders has been given the call sign of "Longshot" in this episode. It's possible that the name is an allusion to a Marvel Comics character named Longshot. The character was an artificially created humanoid life-form endowed with the power to defy probability. He was created as a slave by genetic engineers. He participated in an uprising against his masters. Eventually he escaped to Earth where he temporarily became a member of The X-Men.

    • He That Believeth In Me

      The episode title refers to a passage from the Bible (John 11:25-26):

      "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die."