Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 1

He That Believeth in Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2008 on Syfy

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  • I *love* this show more than I love my family. But this episode was absolutely rubbish.

    Battlestar has set such high standards for itself that if not met, I get fracking angry. This one simply did not. It is irrational, but hey - that's the way it is with fans of BSG.

    Warning: this review is more of a rant. Read only if you are willing to put up with the writings of a very angry fan.

    In a nutshell:

    Starbuck returns. Lee is confused but they join the battle with the cylons nonetheless. Anders is sent up, a cylon raider scans him and instead of shooting him, the *entire* cylon fleet retreats. Starbuck claims to only remember being away for 6 hours, and to have seen Earth (her pretty pictures prove it). She cannot explain being blown up, the time lag (months), how her fighter is brand new or how it has no flight navigational history. Yet she claims to know the way to Earth. Roslin does not believe her, and maintains the fleet fly the orignial course (which is different to Starbuck). People think she is a cylon despite being scanned medically and coming up as a human. In the heat of battle, Sol has a vision of shooting Adama, but does not. He and the other 3 try on convince each other that they are still human. The annoying Indian woman does not say anything at all. Apollo thinks Starbuck is human and also refuses to return to miliraty service (thinks he can do more as part of the government). Adama is understandably pissed, but says nothing. Baltar becomes a leader of a religious cult, sleeps with one of them, sees 6 again and "heals" a sick boy by being willing to sacrifice himself for the kid's sake. Starbuck talks to Adama about changing course, is turned down, so goes and points a gun at Roslin.

    Okay - so Starbuck returns, and that is awesome. She acted as irrational as ever and believes in her plan so much she was willing to point a gun at Roslin at the end of the episode. But nothing is explained. And I humbly warn the writers now - if she is a fracking cylon, this will be by far the worst (and most easy) plot twist in the history of writing. I personally like the thought of her being a cylon-grown human (they did take her ovaries). And planting her back into the fleet would make sense if she was the only way back to Earth, and would never co-operate with the cylons (demonstrated by her insane hatred of Leoben). Dunno - but beats the hell out of the all-too-obvious "she is a cylon" theory.

    Sol Tigh has a pathetic vision of shooting Adama on the bridge. I was *so* angry that they even tried something like this on us that I almost hurt my tv. I mean, if they want to pull a stunt like that again, why the hell not have the balls and go through with it? Now *that* would be a real twist. Bottom of the barrel stuff to show that, and then pull away from it. The only plus-side to all of this is that we are guaranteed more Sol Tigh excitement.

    Baltar's entire storyline up till now simply bored me. First of all, they never explained how the bugger survived the nuclear strike (yet 6 presumably died/had never existed). Then there was the whole "oh, he let in cylons through the back door" thing, followed by his seeing 6 everywhere, the constant flip-flopping, his rapid political rise, the colonies, the stint on board a battlestar and then his return and the (awesome) trial. But the question has been banged in so many times that if he *is* a cylon, it had better be a fracking good reveal. Personally, I cannot see how the writers could ever pull it off - even if they weren't the baboons who wrote this episode. Deviations of the future aside, Baltar is now a religious leader (of complete morons). This is only mildly interesting, with possibilities to become something rather powerful later on (competing with Roslin and Starbuck on the insanity meters will be cool). Ignoring the sleeping with the follower episode, Gaius moved into exciting new territory - that of taking responsibility of his crimes and a willingness to sacrifice himself for another for the first time in his life. Also, it was good to see 6 back to her usual mind games, twisting human followers via Baltar to the Cylon "one God" religion.

    Apollo refused to go back to being a pilot (thinks he can do more in the government), and brought up the Zack-as-a-cylon issue. Personally, if they did not immediately throw him out of an airlock, it would be ridiculous.

    This season is meant to be better than all the others. And if the pace and writing quality does not pick up pretty damn soon, people are going to be *mad*. That said, BSG has given me so much, I guess that they deserve the grace period of one (relatively) awful episode. Praying to the cylon one true god for better tidings!