Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 1

He That Believeth in Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2008 on Syfy

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  • It is a Great episode. Brings me back to my love for BSG. The only thing that i didnt think was so good, was that the episode was too simple. It did not include as much BSG-lore as i love. But a very good episode none the less.

    The Season start of BSG4 was well made. It did not bring as much BSG-lore as i had hoped. But it did bring me back to my love for BSG.


    Kara is back, as we all knew would happen. All suspects her, except Lee and Adama, plus the undercover-cylons. That leads to all the intriques that one could suspect. But what was cool was the small details that atleast did come into this show. Example Kara´s description of what she think is earth, whith its yellow moon, man my heart was active. That was a great scene. Other than that, there was nothing out of the ordinary. The cylons conspire. All suspect Kara, no one suspects the actual cylons. Just like all the great plays of the past. I love it. Then there is Baltar. Baltar escapes to his few followers. But he then becomes a Prophet. A prophet that preaches one God: monoteoism. Unlike the Human Colonies Polytheoism. That was one of the coolest thing in this episode. The BSG-lore that i love. I woould like to see more of that in future BSG episodes. And talking about the BSG-lore:


    In future episodes i do hope they will go more into the lore of BSG. The BSG-makers ofcourse have to explain the 13th colony and so on. But i also hope and expect they will go into the great question: WHY! Why do the Cylons hunt humans. Why are there 12 models of Cylons. Why do Humans believe in 12 Gods. Why do Cylons believe in one God! These are questions im sure will be answered in the rest of the Series. But here is a further theory on the further BSG-lore: we where told that there was 12 colonies, and that the 13th tribe was a myth. But then the 13th tribes was a reality! The why not 13 Gods or 13 cylons? Maybe the Cylons are the Gods! And that the 13th Cylon is the Imperious Leader, and maybe the leader of the Gods: Zeus! That could be a cool twist. And who are the God(s) then? Are they Gods or are they just an ancient and advanced race of Aliens, who seem as Gods to simple humans and cylons. Like what Glen Larson did in the original BSG. When the Galactica crew followed the scriptures they found Kobol, a map to earth, signs of the 13th tribe and the eye of Jupiter. If they could do all this by following the scriptures, if all this was true, then why are the Gods in BSG not true? That could be a cool twist. At any rate i really hope that we will get answers in the end of the series. The first episode delivered what we could expect, but not much more. It did bring a very cool story, and brought me back rambling about BSG again. So: IT´S BACK!!