Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 1

He That Believeth in Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2008 on Syfy

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  • "If this hour of intensity is any indicator of what to expect from the final season, well, we're in for a hell of a ride!"

    And so, after 12 gruelling months of enduring lacklustre TV, the best new series to grace our screens in some time comes back with a vengeance! With so much hype to live up to, as well as a strong promotional campaign whetting our taste buds with each passing day, "He That Believeth in Me" had quite the proverbial shoe to fill -- colossal size, you might say.

    "Crossroads, Part 2" left us with a jaw-dropping final moment as Kara arrives in the nick of time announcing that she's found earth and will show Adama the way -- quite the kick to the teeth, considering we'd seen miss Thrace shatter into smithereens. Bless.

    So how does this premiere hold up? To be truthful, we've had better from the show. But that's as much a compliment as it is a somewhat negative remark - it's like comparing one form of brilliance to another. The only significant change, which is only but a continuation of bleak, is that "He That…" is decidedly darker than your usual premiere, or typical episode from this gritty series. Everyone has an agenda now, whether it may be for the greater good or their own survival, there's no such an animal as an alliance anymore. Not that this show was renowned as the friendliest of shows character-wise, but now, more than ever, it's everyone for themselves.

    The four of the final five, obviously, have their own shenanigans to deal with. And even with such a burden hanging over them with which they must share, they're so distant from one another - with Tigh contemplating suicide, we have Anders subtly opening up to the idea of his Cylon heritage - he's slowly, but surely embracing the fact he is a toaster, and it should make for some interesting developments in the coming weeks.

    Tigh's little daydream was powerfully played, what a shocker! Instinctively I imagined it to be a faker, but the scene played out a little longer than I anticipated, and how it mirrored Boomer's attack in season one, I eventually gave in and muttered "Holy Frak!". What a pre-title event. It was like a frakking movie! The space battle easily ranks as one of the best from the series, and it's hilarious, because that one space battle single-handedly upstaged every Star Wars battle from episode 1-3 put together. On a TV budget no less. Outstanding!

    Oh, yeah…I was going on about alliances. Or, lack thereof.

    With Kara back onboard (Yippee!), tension is even higher, as the mind is called upon to take on the heart of several crew members. I loved Lee's little speech to his father and how he nobly declined his father's offer to fly again. Actually, since everyone is in speculation mode, this could very well be a tell-tale sign of some hidden connection to the cylons -- it's not feasible for Lee to be the 5th, but then again, why not -- his old man doesn't necessarily have to be a Cylon, I think Sharon and Callie proved this.

    I'm going off the rail on main points I said I'd addressed, but there's just so much in this episode. Speculation over whether Roslin is the 5th Cylon…well, not only is she as cold as ice in this episode, but she also confronts Caprica 6 about the 5 instead of Athena (who we know she can rely on). Roslin knows something is up with Caprica, it would make sense for her to ask her about the final five, to suss out what's her deal and see if she knew who was the 5th agent, IF Roslin was indeed the finalist herself and was doing some detective work. Yagetme?

    So how come the cylons retreated then? Is it known to most now that the 4 are onboard and in place? If so… how come Athena cannot sense them and six can? Hmm. Hmm, I say!

    Baltar's escapades started out a little worryingly but managed to get progressively better as the plot got juicier. Clearly some higher being IS working the mojo. Yes, you'd be right to call into question if this series will be paving the path for Christianity -- but then again, it may not be that simple. Theorists who have an inkling that everyone will arrive on earth 2,000 years ago, well, they have more to go on here in the form of a hilariously well played moment, where an almost Jesus-like Baltar prays with his follower questioning whether it's part of his one-God faith. My theology isn't up to scratch, so Ill save the rambling for another day, but this development, especially, will prove to add an interesting curve to the final season.

    Overall, a stunning episode from the show. Fans got their pay-off with this one, and if this hour of intensity is any indicator of what to expect from the final season, well, we're in for a hell of a ride! Lovely cliff-hanger, too.

    Bring on next week!