Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 1

He That Believeth in Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Starbuck's back, key members of the fleet find out they are cylons and anders gives a weird reaction to one of the cylon raiders, sending them headed towards their base ship.

    The episode starts off where the last season left off. Starbuck returns out of nowhere during a cylon attack. She claims she has been to earth, and she can take the fleet there. Lee is speechless at first, and simply cannot believe that she's alive.

    The two vipers containing Lee and Kara then proceed to joining the fire fight with the cylons, and attempt to maintain the situation. On the galactica, Tigh hallucinates an event where he draws his gun and shoots Adama in the head. Showing that tigh is starting to change in some ways.

    In the next scene, Tyrol has a discussion with Anders. Anders is worried that what he's about to do (go out and fight the cylons) is crazy. The both of them are beginning to panic. But the both of them are trying their best to maintain their original characters, to not let past events change who they are today.

    Also, Baltar has been rescued by an anonymous woman, who seems to have to one objective to help him, and keep him in safety. The fight rages on, and the ship "Pixus" is lost, along with 600 people. But the fight continues. As anders races towards the cylon raiders, nukes are flying everywhere and mayhem is being caused all around. He makes his way towards a cylon raider, but something happens before he is able to destroy it. He makes "eye contact" with the cylon and it seems to acknowledge that it knows he is one of the final five. The raider then races back towards the base ship along with all the other raiders. In my opinion, this was a great scene, Anders had just discovered he was a cylon, and he was doubting this. But now he knows that because of what just happened, there isn't much of a chance that he's human. The fight scene was pretty great, I loved how you got to see the perspective of the viper pilot (Anders), and the visuals were pretty nice, too. Now, back to the Baltar story. He has been rescued by his "worshippers", who wish only for him to guide them. He arrives in a colorful room full of strangers.

    Starbuck finally arrives back on the Galactica, and everyone stands there in awe. Nothing explains her sudden re-appearence, and Lee is sure happy to see her alive in one piece. Tigh and Adama stand to watch this, still not believing what is happening. I still couldn't understand things at this point, and that was how things were meant to be. Whatever happened to Kara is explainable, but it's going to take more than a few tests with Cottle to find out. Adama then has Starbuck (who thinks she's been gone for only a few hours) escorted to sick bay to have some tests done, just for safety precautions in a sense. The best scenes in this episode were the ones with Starbuck, the Cylon/Galactica fight and the scenes with Baltar. This episode was one of the weaker ones, but still was considered good in my opinion. Hopefully more episodes like this are on their way. This season has started off on an "okay" note.